I Lived In The Street And Got Picked Up By A Creepy Couple

I Lived In The Street And Got Picked Up By A Creepy Couple

Hi guys, my name is Sarah. What would you choose: to be a slave in your
own parent’s house or to be free, but homeless? My situation has forced me to pick the second
option… I grew up in very tough environment. My Dad used to be a successful and respectable
realtor. When my mother was alive, they had serious
issues. He restricted her freedom in every aspect. He forbid her to work, hang out with friends,
or talk to other men… He treated her like Cinderella! Mom had to keep the house tidy and comfortable,
and prepare meals. She never protested against it… I think he just broke her will. She used to be the perfect housewife, but
he still vented his anger at her almost every day. At the same time, when they went out together,
he’d act like a decent family man and gentleman. Everybody considered us as a beautiful, perfect
family. I am their only daughter. When they argued, he always threatened my
Mom saying that he would put her in a psychiatric hospital and that she would never see me again. I learned to sing and play guitar at a very
young age, because music helped me to forget about my father and hide from reality. Everybody told me I had a talent. Unfortunately, Mom couldn’t stand this stress
and pressure and she was diagnosed with cancer and died when I was 16. I was very depressed and had no-one around
to share my sorrow with. After her death, Dad got even worse. He was just unbearable! When he arrived home from work, he would yell
at me because the house wasn’t perfectly clean or because his dinner was not served in the
right manner. Or because my makeup was too bright! The smallest detail could piss him off and
he was completely unpredictable. I felt like he enjoyed the fact that I was
weak and like he was trying to make another Cinderella out of me. I was afraid to complain to my friends or
to social services, because he had connections and everybody believed in his “good guy”
reputation. If I tried to expose him, I could end up in
a psychiatric hospital. That’s for sure… He also drank way too much alcohol and, when
he did, I had to just leave the house, go to the park, and sing under my favorite tree. By that time, I had started to compose my
own songs. My father, of course, considered my music
to be a stupid hobby and refused to discuss the possibility of sending me to a performing
arts school. He told me that I had to do what HE commanded
me to do, since I lived under his roof. I was miserable and stressed out. And then one day there was a turning point. He returned from work early and heard me singing
in my room. He came upstairs, burst into my room, and
screamed at me that my stupid songs were causing his migraine. He ripped my music notes from my lap and pulled
my guitar out of my hands. He took it away and locked it in his office. He said he would give it back, one day… When I behaved well and made him happy… And then he told me to go clean the entire
house… That evening I decided to not argue with him. It was pointless. I realized that he would never change… But for me this was the last straw… When he took my guitar I just knew that it
was time to leave him for good. He had taken everything that my mother had
given to me, but I managed to save some money for my escape. At night I packed my backpack, snuck into
his office, and took back my guitar. I left a farewell note that said: “We will
be better apart…” and left. At the bus station, I bought a random ticket
to another city. My adulthood had begun…When I imagined this
day, I thought that I would be scared but I actually felt some kind of relief.” “It was hard for me to start again in a new
town. I ran out of money really fast and couldn’t
find a place to stay… Nobody wanted to hire me. I had to squat secretly in an unfinished building. At night I covered myself with newspapers
to sleep. And during the day, I performed my songs on
the streets. People would throw money in my hat and I’d
spend those earnings on food. One day I was singing very said song about
my family issues. I dedicated it to my Mom when I wrote it. And suddenly, I started crying while I was
singing. A very sweet elderly couple, Timothy and April,
were watching me from the side. They were very touched by my song. They dropped some cash into my hat and said
they really liked my song and my voice. We chatted for a little bit and then they
asked how it happened that I had ended up on the streets. I said it was a long story and they asked
me if I wanted to have dinner together. That seemed pretty innocent and I agreed. They took me to a restaurant and for the first
time in the 3 months of my homeless life, I ate well. Tim and April looked at me with compassion. I had never been surrounded by such unconditional
love and care. So I told them my story, with the all sad
and ugly details from my childhood. When April heard about my father’s behavior
she got angry and emotional, she started crying and left for the bathroom to try to get herself
together. Tim told me that they had lost their daughter
when she was 12. After her death, April can’t stand to hear
about parents who don’t appreciate their children. I felt compassion for this couple and had
this feeling that I had known those people for a very long time… When we finished our meal, they asked whether
I had a place to sleep and I said that I was sleeping in a box. Which was true! The looked at each other meaningfully and
invited me to stay in their home. The opportunity of taking a shower and sleeping
in a fresh clean bed was very tempting, so I said “yes.” So they took me to their place and it looked
much more luxurious than I expected. Tim and April prepared a room for me and it
was beautiful. I didn’t trust them 100% at that point, but
I had nothing to lose anyway. I spent the next couple of weeks at their
house. We got to know each other better and I felt
like I had found my true family. They didn’t treat me like Cinderella, they
treated me like a daughter. I enjoyed their swimming pool, healthy food,
and I could play my songs anywhere I wanted… Sometimes April was even too caring with me,
but I liked that. She bought me a new hand-painted guitar. One morning we were having breakfast together. Tim and April showed me an advertisement for
a talent contest and said I should participate with one of my songs. I was very excited and I agreed. It was just a small local contest, nothing
serious or glamorous, but for me it was a huge step, because I had never performed on
a stage before. On the day of the contest, I was very nervous. Tim and April took me to the location in their
car. Before entering the building they stopped
me and said that no matter what happened, I was a star! It was so sweet! I was very inspired by their support and it
showed in my performance. When everyone applauded after my performance
I suddenly saw Ms. Davison in the crowd — my father’s colleague! She said she was visiting her relatives and
they took her to this contest to support her little nephew. She was surprised to see me and I asked her
not to tell my dad about it. Ms. Davison was very surprised and suspicious. Apparently, my father hadn’t told her about
my escape. Or, maybe, anyone… And then we lost each other in the crowd… And by the way, I got second place and was
very proud of myself! After the contest Tim and April asked me if
they could become my new parents. We decided not to waste time on custody documents,
because my 18th birthday was coming up. And besides, my father would never have agreed
to that… I was very glad and grateful.” “And as soon as I thought that the worst of
my days were over, my father showed up! I think he traced their address from Ms. Davison’s
relatives. Tim allowed him to come in and explain why
he was there. My father began accusing them of kidnapping
his daughter! He screamed that he would never let this happen! That he would go to the police! In reality, what he really wanted was money… Tim and April were far wealthier than my father. Me and my destiny were not important to him
— he just wanted self-affirmation and money. April was shocked. She brought some tea, asked him to sit down
and to calm down. She tried to awaken his empathy. She told him that his daughter was sleeping
in a box when they found her. But, it did not soften him at all. It made him even more angry and he hinted
that they were creepy perverts who pick up homeless children for whatever reasons… All this time, I was hiding behind the door. I began secretly filming this fight on my
phone’s camera – including his blackmailing of Tim and April. When he finished his threats, I came into
the room. He looked a little confused. I showed him my phone and offered him a choice. Either he disappears from my life forever,
or I’m gonna send this video to all of his friends, his colleagues, and his clients. He tried to approach me to take away my phone,
but Tim blocked his way. My father had lost and he finally realized
that. He pushed Tim away, knocked all tea cups off
the table, and left the room. Slamming the door instead of saying goodbye. So my father disappeared and I haven’t heard
anything from him since. I turned 18 and got into a College for Music,
to develop my skills. There was no need to take education loan,
because I received a grant and the rest of the sum was covered by Tim and April in cash. They had already had a savings for their daughter’s
education. And they hadn’t touched the money for years,
because it was too painful… They told me that my future was the first
respectful reason they had found to spend the money. Now I have learned to play new musical instruments
and my teachers helped me to improve my voice. I met new friends and we formed a band! So far, we only rehearse in my garage, but
we have ambitious plans! As for that recording. I still have this video just in case, but
I don’t think I’m gonna see my father again… And I don’t miss him at all. I have a feeling that I was born into the
wrong family and now the mistake is fixed. So guys, this is it! If you liked my story, please give it a thumbs
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100 comments on “I Lived In The Street And Got Picked Up By A Creepy Couple

  1. Random Topics Post author

    My dad has me and my brothers clean everytime he comes back from work.

    Note: Its nothing serious so don't call social services.

  2. chloe khudhur Post author

    Don't u think its disrespectful to call them "creepy" like why give me a reason that there a "creepy couple" prople reading this say to me if u agree plz

  3. Dragon Heart Post author

    So glad you were able to find such wonderful caring people and your asshole father is no longer in your life .
    Sorry your mother passed away , losing someone close can be painful.
    I hope you become successful in your music career.
    Would love to hear your music.

  4. lila amilia Post author

    The old married couple do not creepy……but they give you alllll thingssss……………….why do you give the title


  5. * Sugasito * Post author

    i waited for this video to turn “creepy” but all it was an amazing elderly couple wanting to help this child from an abusive father.

  6. Charlotte Doyle Post author

    Next title :

    I caught my neighbours pet giraffe cheating on my car with my dead cat who wasn’t actually dead and I got pregnant from the fumes at the gas station that this all happened at (True Story!)

  7. Die Humans Post author

    Wait 2 questions how do you know what tree is your favourite?and how don’t you loose the place it’s in? Lol I’ve got 3 actually how do you know when he’s sober and yo come back and never get caught

  8. Vuthi Thaouyen Post author

    the dad is creepy, not the couple, obviously. In case the title changes: I got away from my creepy dad and got picked up by a NICE couple

  9. LifeofAddie Post author

    Why did you call them a "creepy couple"? You were literally homeless and they took care of you as one of their own.

  10. Samdy Post author

    The couple gave the girl an opportunity to have a better future and to be who she is. This title is so disrespectful

  11. ぅ-ちゃん Post author


    Stress gave me cancer-wtaf???
    Um, you can't just send someone to a psychiatric hospital with no proof of them being mentally ill
    Also think story is so fricked up, like, IT MAKES SO SENSE!!! I hate that you just take situations that would be TRAMATIZING for people!!! For clout!! Idk why I care, but seriously

  12. galacticyandere cat Post author

    Title: I live in the street and got picked up by creepy couple
    Me:why did u call them creepy? Did they did something wrong???

  13. HT Vân Post author

    what the heck that you call your adopted parents by calling them "creepy coulpe"???your story is touchful but it's very disrepspectful to use that words

  14. Magnus Augustsson Post author


  15. Rwan Ahmed Post author

    Tim and April don’t even look like a creepy couple at all. This video really touched me and I love it because it makes me think of how a family should act like and I feel like crying cuz my family is just like this. 😅😅😅☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Subbrina Khan Sumi Post author

    What the heck is "creepy" couple?

    By the way, every one is blaming the girl for such title. It's not her fault. The animator gave such a false and disrespectful title.

  17. •ᴄʜɪᴄʜɪ Post author

    Actually happened Translator:
    A nice couple Lost Thier daughter So they were Nice to a random girl,

  18. PixieLated KITTY Post author

    Umm…a minute ago she said she loves her new parents but then she call them creepy uff i hate double faced people

  19. Zoe MacNeill Post author

    I think they named the title wrong. That's rude to say there creepy they took care of you and loved you


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