Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 152 with Violet (migraine headache)

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 152 with Violet (migraine headache)

allotment it slow it can’t harry yet been here or of little just curious did hectic so some barrett
said the it’s over there uh… there you know what we’re united when cease-fire half usually uh… yes o what would you like to put com as interested in working on means okay uh… locating troopers you talking about
still experience issues a lot of experience with my very um… what part if it’s uh… but that
was the first time exp in separatist week okay uh… if u collective mate reviews have been confidential nonsense so if some medical information to come up
here feel free to talk about it but you know just tell us who were these
experiences maybe some people is what you right now may be able to relate him unit mike i’ve been getting them probably for the ask eight years okay and that can get a memoir frequently and
sometimes i had the macabre times a week mel okay do you remember the first time duplicity
exp corporate greed one i didn’t really know what it was is
kind of a alarming because you know it seems spots in as in my decision and what not uh… masks dot in varying is didn’t you know vertigo and stuff like
that onthe is alarming think ever experienced
that before cooking has very noxious in a classic for a
couple days and right and the most recent episodes if could you also a question of those so so
experiencing script or racing actually had a headache but itll is severe is that first admit many years go uh… by any means but it was uncomfortable uh… okay well let’s go back to to where issues
that are so great you originally from and there it’s a little assure massachusetts your partner next scheduled witness cooler if he studies college uh… did break right now what do you
say the experts webdesign ul uh… what work if you don’t occupants e while at work and hair salons and i
started doing promotion so you know perfect here yes it’s there reputation uh… was um… so-so look at you that’s fine to the position which one potential armed did you know it’s like fiction they actually started working in hair
salons because it became a family business listener keys she’s a little ek this week it’s a little it aren’t and and let’s chat away recently uh… when school is closed out when i receive younger acting probably mexico are maybe some of the caribbean islands would you please uh… you know what i think what size those ruins of the
temples in mexico’s one of the coerced things that
i ever see enough it’s just it’s sir reeling it there you know that’s so beautiful uh… coldly x i don’t think i remember him a liar you that’s if you’ve been traveling i’ve been traveling reason having other lake elo over day syrah you can’t share something me a little
camping trips slice sent massive apart on that i probably would have to say maybe thank
exchanges highway it like the weight nines feud are my daughter camp sister spot that you would people army there no you know i feel like i i’m always discovering something new
myself that’s exciting to see just like little kids and jumps so house workbook tells the story are you uh… new hampshire yeah well they aren’t in southern new hampshire actually which
was in a very fire try some waterfalls that i’d never knew
existed but they seem to be kind of like a little local secrets and on they’re very relaxing places to be their
wonderful places this land and they were fun where richness articulately exact locations which is
true on lake suggestion well again they are only seek it out let and a nation from locals and where to go it’s each so your unitary arr kid let celtics like an artist their blood
to fire okay that’s cool uh… so let’s go back to toot what
would work written up what would work to do it so let’s say there which if you hatred okay howell public dot how could you describe
that arm relaxant k uh… ever better with the scarlet it’s
definitely still which should be difference it well it would hurt that’s uh… it i’d probably not stressed out we had my aunties okay uh… do you find yourself at stake dupont itself wondering if you could you get time etc uh… sometimes uh… stays that way toward you but if you look at tomorrow would you be
bloggers if you could happen quickly yeah act that does happen but armed your atlases department feels like it’s a program like the
atlanta do you find that you’ve spent more time worrying actually expert do you think you weeks more argued estas s if mortar pains probably not defund stressful yes yeah ’cause he obviously knew that i’d
like to plan things on the planner and tell having uh… you know something like that curve ball thrown at
me who seems to me like you’re tip of a
person lectured keeper commitments and very much so him dot he experience as in some way uh… cake a bio juror sets the evil w style since sometimes they act uh… field winner at you never really feel a bit
about yourself when you can’t keep their commitments and u_c_l_a_ care leading
people down around here distance it’ll be here defense persistently happens g excuse the street often system it also esi say-so and tenting so to go back to what we were told so mistake how would you do you feel uh… no would be nice to be headache free
release not worried about having headaches okay help which you aka secure more engines i think that’s if u if u dot his intentions how would you describe it hope which is big atlantic one productive but not that uh… ho what would you be coming or via g hahahaha uh… once again sin enough for a high a
kid’s thus become alarms that smile uh… and i’m actually you know stressed
helper friends terry it and i’d love to have the energy to the extending that’s great are so it’s a little bit you betsy or looking for what would you armed that any for about forty kits uh… for children victims has been
equine pit weirdest depicted always section into place that part of our standard ordinance cupid uh… so that’s right uh… sodium experience dances or yes him and what spots at no point you’d be unconscious but
then it means you would not be where what’s happening you’d still be quitter where o what’s happening how keys did not try to collect notes uh… more try to collect assistant
heart scored citron faucet so you know sometimes when people try to
policy carter tried to force the are good
triples so don’t try to make a difference uh… since hello hunter system tortured uh… speed all this time with the popular so that’s
great what she’s spoke or wheels depressed construed him but each right him all spit mothers who worries tricks way but state movement chad all what’s stupid dissipate sc some step sp he strode it’s applicant it’s he’s speech soap h it’s fine org that uh… stock stick did fun recipients vote old acts bodies all works h it’s flow since staff all st space water scripts spectra x he’s sc it’s sample x since uh… it sting spewed split road it’s or or it sts which free said trixie touch each cities xxx state twists west west how you doing it’s sps xx yes soon protesting city well it sarcd the pope old happens but network it’s what xd what difference reston rick hertzberg it’s since right despite much that stuff certificates rights above sculptural which rights some update you where just feel old itself expected lovers let’s flows it’s xd advocate knots writes maybe recruiting had c and exp expertise each field srpska talked with her purse sir that’s up on the lookout pit expt experts spent four xxx wheels would so insists even reported tunes whose sp thank you or forces p tomorrow if u if constitutes school if like defrocked who contributes wrote today it’s hard picking up a date and that’s what a
creep in speed exp could lets them picked joins optimistic work workers correct or food sticks p thanks for coming

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  1. Eddini76 Post author

    Hey Bernie as always what a great Session, I really like the dissociation and split with Body Heavier, / Mind Lighter. I put you as I just started listing Channels I recommend I DEFINITELY put this channel there. I hope you like the pm and Thanks once again 🙂


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