Hunter Biden continues to cause headaches for his father’s presidential campaign.

Hunter Biden continues to cause headaches for his father’s presidential campaign.

Hunter Biden continues to cause
headaches for his father’s presidential campaign he is the cause of a stream of
scandals and now he is freaking out after his biggest secret was revealed
Joe Biden wants America to believe that he didn’t use his influence over energy
policy in Ukraine to financially enrich his son Hunter who is making $50,000 a
month as a board member of the country’s top energy company hunter Biden who had
no experience in the field was given the job at bjur yzma holdings while his dad
was serving as vice president eventually yer yzma was put under investigation
only for the prosecutor investigating them to be fired and shortly after Viton
bragged about how he threatened to withhold 1 billion dollars in aid if he
wasn’t fired despite this the Biden’s contend that
nothing fishy was going on and that his position was based on his merits in an
interview with ABC News hunter Biden contends that the main piece of
experience that prepared him for the position was that he was the chairman of
the board of Amtrak well I was vice chairman of the board of Amtrak for five
years Biden said I was the chairman of the board of the UN World Food Program I
was a lawyer for Boys schiller Flexner one of the most prestigious law firms in
the world but as it turns out he didn’t seem to have many qualifications for his
position at Amtrak either Democratic Delaware Senator Tom Carper who was
pushing for hunter Biden to get the position used the fact that he had
ridden on Amtrak trains to justify his position more significantly hunter has
spent a lot of time on Amtrak trains Carper said after listing schools bitand
attended like his father representative mike castle and myself
hunter Biden has lived in Delaware while using Amtrak to commute to his job in
Washington DC his statement was so ridiculous that Rolling Stone writer
Matt Taibbi described it as a sarcastic anti recommendation hunter Biden only
made it anywhere in life due to the last name he has he even admitted this fact
during the ABC interview Biden has a long record of drug and alcohol abuse an
article in The New Yorker describes just how extreme his drug habits were they
explained one situation Biden was in where he visited a homeless encampment
in Los Angeles where he was held at gunpoint while trying to purge
crack-cocaine The New Yorker reports hunter Biden said that he needed a way
to forget and that soon after his arrival in LA he asked a homeless man in
Pershing Square where he could buy crack Hunter said that the man took him to a
nearby homeless encampment where in a narrow passageway between tents someone
put a gun to his head before realizing that he was a buyer he returned to buy
more crack a few times that week this is the man that is trying to argue that he
was qualified to hold a job in a field he has no experience in making fifty
thousand dollars a month it doesn’t take a genius to realize that
he was only there so his proximity to the vice-president could be abused for
financial gain

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