HUGE BACK CRACK on Young Guy in for Low Back Pain – Vineland Chiropractor Myrtle Beach Chiropractor

Hey guys, Dr Ray Marquez here, your local chiropractor at Back Pain Relief Center. We’re here with Wayne who’s 18. So he’s a little young for low back pain, but we’re not sure why he has it, but we’re having some discomfort in his low back. No pain down the legs, so we’re on our second or third week of treatment here. I would like him to respond a little faster, but we’re kind of sticking to our guns and decompress this joint, and restore his range of motion. Get some inflamation down. Before this video, we had already did some electric stim on him and some ice, we had him on a roller bed, so now we’re going to move into the manipulation. The first thing we’re going to do is check his leg length and his right leg is a little shorter than his left leg. He might have a pelvic imbalance, so we’re just going to drop the table here. Just realigning and what I’m doing is is just pushing his lower back to its normal position. Next we’re going to use our adjusting instrument, and it helps me realign the back, breaks up any adhesions and scar tissue that might be there. It makes the adjustment go a little easier. Our industrial size massager here, just going to loosen the muscles up brings the blood flow to the surface. All to make the adjustment go a little easier. Now we’re going to do a lumbar manipulation. I’m going to put some force right here just to break up any adhesions and decompress the joint.

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