Huge Back Crack Adjustment for Headache Relief From Your Towson Chiropractor

Huge Back Crack Adjustment for Headache Relief From Your Towson Chiropractor

Good morning everybody it’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein,
hope everybody had a great weekend. I’m here with Moe. Moe has been coming in off and on. You came in a couple times back in April,
we fixed you up, and then you kind of come in when you need us right? Correct. How long has your headache been going on for? About four days now. So we’ve got for a headache and we’re going
to show you how to adjust him for headaches. So slip your gasses off for me. How do you feel right now? I’m alright, just a headache, other than that
I’m good. On a scale of one to ten, one to three is
mild, four to six moderate, seven eight ten worst pain your life, what would you say. About six or seven. Okay on your back for me. So Moe’s at the level right now where he just
comes in when he feels like he needs to come in. So we haven’t seen Moe since October 4th,
so it’s been about a month since he’s been in, and you were in for a headache last time
right? We adjusted you, the headache felt great,
and work, life, stress, he comes in, he gets another headache. We come in and we treat him, we adjust him,
and he feels great. Let’s go over on that other table, adjust
your mid back okay? You know… You’re gonna follow us? That was it. That was it. Alright Moe, now how do you feel? Starting to lighten up. Ya, so there you go, he went from a 7 on his
headache, one adjustment, and he’s already down to a, what would you say? About three or four. Ya three or four, just right now, so it’s
going to go down to a zero by the time he leaves the office. So if you guys are dealing with headaches
if you have any had any questions, leave a comment to this video and we’ll see everybody
next time. Thanks for watching.

7 comments on “Huge Back Crack Adjustment for Headache Relief From Your Towson Chiropractor

  1. Bobby Post author

    hey, please dont use that stability whatever feature on youtube upload, it distorts the picture more than it helps. keep em comin!

  2. Richard Wurm Post author

    The background distortion almost gave me some vertigo! Glad you keep putting these up Dr. B. I've been seeing one of our local Chiropractors here for migraine treatment and with the tissue work she does on my neck plus the adjustment it always feels great when I leave. Severity and frequency has also decreased.

  3. Meredith McGrath Post author

    Hi Dr. Blake! Do you think that chiropractor adjustments would help ease migraine pain, including visual auras and back of the head/neck pain? Thank you in advance for your advice!

  4. Mrs. Roper Post author

    How could you smile if your headache has been going on for 4 days? It must have not been that bad compared to mine.

  5. M L Post author

    I suffer migranes like 3-5 a week and i live in a different state love to have you as my chiropractor i been to some before not that helpful and i am not doing botox injections can you give me some health tips at least i suffer low thyriod and high blood pressure trying to find a new doctor where i can see if my thyriod that is huge and my nodules aren't cancer. I am 41 a mom of 5 boys ? ? ? ? ages. 20 yrs 17 16 6 and almost 5 yrs


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