How to Win Your Migraine Headache Social Security Disability Claim

How to Win Your Migraine Headache Social Security Disability Claim

♪ [music] ♪ – Well, to win a migraine disability case,
key is your credibility as a witness, your credibility while testifying at the
hearing before the judge and as well, your credibility when you report to your
doctor. Your complaints of frequent migraines or severe pain associated with
migraines has to be reported to your doctor whenever you see your physician. If
you are not reporting regularly to a physician about the depth, and severity,
and frequency of your migraine headaches, your credibility is called into question
at the hearing. In addition, key to credibility and winning your claim is
filling all the prescription medicine that your doctor has prescribed for you. If you
are complaining of frequent severe long-lasting migraines, and your doctor is
prescribing medication to alleviate the distress associated with migraines, you’re
going to have to prove at the hearing that you’ve filled all those prescriptions. The
easiest way is to choose one pharmacy so that when the time comes to produce those
pharmacy records, you have one pharmacy to go to rather than three or four all over
town. In addition, key as I said is credibility to winning credibility or
showing that you’re a credible witness is when your treating doctor may send you for
other tests or other specialists. For example, someone who is a specialist in
allergies. If the allergy doctor tests you, and the
results show that you are allergic to let’s say, for example, pet dander, cat
and cat hair some things of that sort, and the allergy doctor recommends that you get
rid of your pets, as traumatic as that is, if you don’t follow that recommendation,
your credibility, your claim that you have such frequent painful migraines, is called
into question when you don’t follow the doctor’s recommendations even when he says
or she says to remove pets from the home. I hope this has helped you in
understanding that if you want to win your migraine claim, you have to be persuasive
at the time of the hearing. Hi, this is Stuart Barasch and I hope you found this video helpful. If you did,
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Thank you. ♪ [music] ♪

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  1. Woohoo Post author

    And this is exactly why it would be very difficult to commit fraud to get this benefit that you paid into your entire working life. It's always regretful when people claim that SSDI is a charity, or that people are just trying to scam the system. Why in the world if I were well would I waste my valuable time going to doctors, filling prescriptions etc. to draw a level of money that equals poverty, when I could put that energy into Working! ❤


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