How to Treat a Stiff Back | Upper and Lower Back Pain Relief

How to Treat a Stiff Back | Upper and Lower Back Pain Relief

So, you’ve got some back pain from working in that office all day in that sort of hunched over position I’m Jean and today I’m going to show you a stretch to relieve some of that pain and tension So, starting off you’re going to be lying on your
side with your palms and arms stretched out in front. Inhaling to begin as you exhale, you’re going to reach that top
arm up, and let your gaze follow your hand as
you open up that chest Once you’re in the stretch, you’ll inhale and feel a
nice stretch here in your pecs and your ribs and exhale, coming all the way back. This stretch in particular is more for your upper spine. I’m going to show show you one for your low back. Lying on your back with your knees and ankles glued together again you’re going to inhale to start and
as you exhale let those knees drop to the side and again feeling a nice stretch here at your
side inhale when you’re in the stretch and exhale coming all the way back You’ll do each of these exercises five times
on each side twice a day. I hope this helps your stiff back.

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