How to Systematize Your Reselling Business & Scale it Easier

How to Systematize Your Reselling Business & Scale it Easier

what’s going on guys so this is not
gonna be like a structured or organized video or you know high production
quality but I get this question all the time so I wanted to kind of answer it
and touch on it for you you know how do I run my reselling business how do I
keep it organized and how can you so that you can scale it now if you haven’t
watched the one video where I cover you know the two sides of my reselling
business one’s more scalable obviously and then the other one is just like
reselling cash back in coupon products check that out because it will provide
so much insight on what I’m talking about right here I’m not special I don’t
have like some warehouse I don’t I don’t run out of space I literally do it in my
basement and you can – or you can do it your garage so first and foremost is I
have a shipment right here if you can see on the table I’m about to send in a
bunch of games a couple of books I have some other books over there to add to
FBA that’s the first side of my reselling business not really that crazy
right I source products online I use ‘if lip to source books i source from bulk
deal sites i source from sites you know literally all the sites and tutorials
that i cover on this channel i literally source them myself send them in to FBA
nothing special really really easy and then you can leverage FBA you can
leverage their customer service you can leverage you know their distribution all
that stuff it’s one of the easiest ways to scale but still to this day i still
do all the fulfillment on ebay posh market Macari myself because it’s free
money right I’m getting like hundreds if not thousands of cash back products
every couple months I don’t get a thousand every month and they’re like
free products that I’m getting I’m making money on my cash back credit card
on top of that I’m also getting free products because I’m getting the cash
back I’m getting very cheap products because I’m getting coupon products
perfect example of one right here that just came today everyone drinks
I would really got that for like I think 40 cents or 50 cents or something on
jump send I want to say one of the sites in the coupon arbitrage playlist super
cheap product from the list epochal Macari Poshmark and ebay for like 20
bucks maybe drop the price and end up selling it like i don’t know maybe ten
to fifteen bucks and make it really great margin right so how do i how do i
set up my business how do I keep it in you know organized so that I know where
all my inventory is and I can do all the fulfillment and it’s not a headache
because that’s one of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning was it
was like a huge headache to kind of manage it go find products so Kia’s just
stay organized right as you can see I got all my little prior
mail boxes for free up there you know this is a light box one of the coolest
things that I found to take better product pictures if you need to I also
have something I want to show you over there when we talk about the books here
in a second got my scale my Avery labels obviously
my Google on everything that I’ve talked about on this channel my tape I need to
get more tape I got the you know the poly mailers and then I have all these
bins right and they’re all organized that’s coming off and they’re all
organized with lettering right so what I do is I’ll put something in a bin when I
get it right so I’ll go list that that drinking game right and I’ll maybe put
it in bin number C and what I do is I’ll put C in the bottom of the I’m doing
this like Tai Lopez or something I oh he always talks like this I hate that I’m
doing it but just it feels like it’s gonna keep you engaged or something but
so what I’ll do is I’ll put C at the bottom of the description if it’s on
eBay or Macari and if it’s on Poshmark they actually give you a section at the
very bottom with like seller specs right so I’ll put C in the bottom of that
description right then I know when somebody buys it I look in the
description and I think oh wow it’s in bin C and it takes me a minute to go
find it in the 220 things or 30 things that are in bin C rather than trying to
go find it throughout all my inventory right so key number one stay organized
right and as you can see I have just you know products in all these bins and it’s
only like 20 or 30 products per bin some of them you know some of them have more
some of them have less sorry if it’s dark in here I don’t have any lighting
set up I didn’t really plan on filming this I just thought like I’ve been
getting this question a lot so I might as well tackle it for you and that’s
pretty much how I do it you know I stay organized like that nod there’s another
way that you can stay organized with books if you’re fulfilling books too and
I’m gonna show you that here in a second but really I don’t you know its
structure order that many FBA things for my FBI inventory I just kind of do it
like sporadically right and I scale up that way so there’s many ways to
basically tackle this as you can see here I also have books I don’t usually
recommend people to get into books if they’re trying to make money with an FBA
type of business because finding cheap books unless you’re sourcing like a flip
and you’re sourcing like new or used books with a software that’s a great way
but if you’re going out to like retail stores or like you know garage sales or
book stores or anything like that or Church
right to get free and cheap books there’s really only one reason that you
should be doing that well there’s a couple reasons actually the first main
one is if you don’t have a lot of money to get you know to kind of spend on
stuff and you kind of want to scale up really really easily and get cheap and
free inventory all these books that I’m showing you and I’m going to show you
here more I got for free I didn’t pay for any of these books now I do pay for
books when I sourced with a flip with that software right but that’s strictly
for to sent in to FBA now I fulfill all these books that you’re seeing right
here I fulfilled them all myself because I got them for free because I’m
personally going after a maximum approval which is 2,000 sales in a six
month period on Amazon okay so the key with obviously keeping your inventory
like when you’re filling on eBay posh market Macari is you know having a
system making sure you’re structured so that you can obviously go get the item
ship it out fast you want to be organized you want to have a system in
place for any business model but especially you know online arbitrage or
reselling the key is when you’re doing that to keep them in lettered bins and
stay organized and have a structure the key here when you’re filling books or
really anything is you can keep them you it’s easier because Amazon’s gonna tell
you the date that you created the listing on Amazon right if we’re Phil
fulfilling it buy yourself a merchant fulfilled so what you can do if you see
1209 12 26 1218 right and so these are times where I scan these books in so I
know that if my book sells or any you know piece of inventory sells on Amazon
that I’m fulfilling myself I can structure it by date because I can look
at the the Amazon listing and it’ll show me when that that listing was created
then I literally find that bin with a corresponding date where I created the
listing and boom I know it’s in there just like the lettered bins so that’s
really how I do it the other thing I wanted to show you here is this thing is
really gonna help you take better Poshmark pictures as well it’s just like
a hanging little mannequin doll where you can hang clothes but also you know
lighting as well stuff like that I don’t have any lights set up currently but
usually I do when I when I start to list so I hope you got value out of this
video I know it’s not high production quality I know I didn’t really have a
structure and it doesn’t seem like it’s too prepared but it’s something I wanted
to talk about because I get it all the time and I’m not special if I can do it
you can do it I don’t warehouse I didn’t invest thousands into
setting this up it’s literally just three big shelves and you know lettered
Vince so hope you like it if you appreciate this video give it a like and
a thumbs up I guess they’re the same thing but regardless thanks guys for
watching I’ll see you in the next one

10 comments on “How to Systematize Your Reselling Business & Scale it Easier

  1. Bryan Guerra Post author

    This video looks like it was filmed by an al Qaeda prisoner LOL. I swear it was filmed on an iPhone. Regardless, I’m sure the information will be very useful to a lot of you. Hope it helps! Any questions, just ask…

  2. Chuck Urgitus Post author

    Buddy do you need some of us to come rescue you from Al-Qaeda LOL I've been told I'm there most unorganized person in the world and I must agree with them lol. I needed this video for sure! Thanks

  3. Oscar Martinez Post author

    Bryan Lopez 🤔😂 bro the message was great honestly screw the quality of the actual video this was pretty raw and good. Definitely need to be more organized myself i just have inventory lying everywhere 😂

  4. dixiegirl999 Post author

    I organize mine pretty much the same way. Only problem I have is where I live, we don't have basements. So, I have two small bedrooms which isn't much room.

  5. Ecommerce With Karim Post author

    Great to see how you’re doing it. I use prep centers only right now but great value anyways!

  6. Julian Parnell Post author

    Good system! You had issues with being able to grab the codes from uberzonclub lately? I have never been able to successfully grab one. Keep getting the ‘deal no longer available’ notification. Even tried the silicone rings which have been on the site for days and it said NLA.


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