How to Stretch Your Lats (BEST STRETCH EVER!)

How to Stretch Your Lats (BEST STRETCH EVER!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. If you get Shoulder pain or discomfort when
you’re lifting weights you might be dealing with a tight Posterior capsule. Today I’m going to show you, first of all
what the Posterior Capsule is, secondly a way for you to test on your very
own self without needing anybody to determine whether or not yours is tight and thirdly if it is, I’m going to give you a
stretch that you can do to help fix that. Now as far as the Posterior Capsule, it is
a capsule structure that will contribute and tighten over time to lead to this forward
or rounded Shoulder posture. The way it does that is usually because of
what’s going on with the muscles behind your Shoulder. So we know the Rotator Cuff muscles here,
the Supraspinatus, the Infraspinatus and teres minor, they all come around here, they wrap around and attach to the side of
your upper arm here and they control it’s movement. Now we know that, the rotation of it, we know
that if these muscles get tight they kind of will do this, they’ll sort of stay down, tight and together,
taper down and almost push this forward. Well over time that leads to this kind of
chronic tightening and shortening of that Posterior Capsule, it’s a little bit deeper right inside here,
that again holds the upper arm in place. That’s a bad story though, that’s a bad situation. Because as I said, any time you’re in this
position and you go to start lifting weights up over head or even Bench Pressing, you’re causing a greater opportunity to start
pinching some structures in here. Because you just don’t have the room anymore
to lift your arm up. Again, I’ve asked you to do this a lot of
times, try to roll your arm in and then lift your arm as high as you can. you’ll actually
get a block. So I want to show you now how to determine
whether or not your Posterior Capsule is even tight in the first place, which a lot of you will find that it is, and
then we can figure out a way to fix that. Ok, so to figure out whether your Posterior
Capsule is tight, you’re going to want to do this stretch. Get on the ground here and you want to Internally
Rotate your arm as far as you can. Right, not just turn your wrist here or pronate
your forearm but literally Internally Rotate your arm as far as you can. Now put it up here at 90 degrees, take your
other hand and hold your Lat in place. In other words try to keep your Shoulder Blade
flat to the ground, ok, because you’ll see why in one second. As I push down and I have my arm internally
rotated as far as I can, now I’m just going to try to reach across my body as much as
I can. And I’ll see that, can I get this outside
portion of my elbow to cross my chest, the midline of my chest. So if I’m looking right here, this is my target. Again I keep my hand in here in place, all
the way internally rotated and I’m trying to move across. Now for me, I can automatically feel a lot
of tightness right through the back portion here of my shoulder, right here the back of
my shoulder. So what I want to do is again, try to do that. You see if I allowed my Scapula to come up
off the ground here, then I could go way over. That’s not testing your Posterior Capsule
guys, because we know that the your Shoulder Blade is attached to your Shoulder, so we want to make sure that we don’t just
let that happen. We’re looking for the isolated flexibility
of the Posterior Capsule. So if you could do this and you can’t get
it across the midline of your body, then you’re going to want to try to do the stretch I’m
going to show you now. If you can, you don’t necessarily have to
do this. What you might want to check is the tightness
of your Lats. Because we know that the Lats are going to
affect how high and how freely you can raise your arm up over your head. So you might want to check Lat tightness. I often find that Lats are really commonly
tight and it may not be necessarily your Posterior Capsule. So check that out if that’s something that
you’re dealing with. But for the rest of you, let’s go on to the
third part of this and I’m actually going to show you the stretch. Ok so the name of the stretch is called the
Sleeper Stretch. It’s actually pretty easy to perform on yourself. There’s a few things you want to do to get
yourself set up right. First you want to get 90 degree bend here
at your elbow. Then you want to get your arm below 90 degrees,
just a little bit, about 70 degrees abducted so away from your side. This will be 90 degrees away from my side,
I’m going to go about 70 degrees. Now really important, you want to lay here,
you can put something under your head to support your head here, I just didn’t bring something
with me at the moment. But what you want to do is allow your body
to pull your Shoulder Blade back, ok, so intra retraction, I’ll show you in a second here. This is what it looks like here as you can
see my back now doing that. So I can actually pin the side of my Shoulder
Blade, the outside border of my Shoulder Blade down into the floor. For the same reason, like I said in testing
the stretch, you don’t want to have that become part of the equation here. If you’re going to isolate the Posterior Capsule,
you want to make sure you’re not allowing the Shoulder Blade to move. So the Shoulder Blade stays pinned here into
the floor, then we take our hand, the opposite hand, we actually hold underneath our elbow
here, to make sure it stays in position. Get them
leaned into the floor here so that my Shoulder Blade can’t move, and now all I do is I push down here through
my elbow. So I’m causing internal rotation here of my
left Shoulder. Now I don’t crank on it really hard, I don’t
try to lift myself up because again now we’re allowing the Shoulder Blade to move. I literally just kind of let my elbow gently
push down into my forearm and I can feel that again, right in here through the back of my
Posterior Capsule. Ok, now what we want to do is ultimately see
if we can get to the point where we can touch the floor. Because you should have about 70 degrees of
internal rotation. But I’m far from it, I mean I can reach my
fingers down as far as I can, I can’t get it there. But it just means, I have to work on my Shoulder
Capsule flexibility a little bit and mobility. Ok, so that’s all you do. You try to hold
onto this stretch for about 30 seconds maybe 3 times, do it a few times a week, and you’ll gradually start to see that your
internal rotation will improve via the capsular mobility being improved, not just stretching out the Rotator Cuff but
actually working on the adaptations that have been caused by the fact that your Rotator
Cuff has been too tight all along. Guys remember, when you’re trying to train
like an Athlete here, you’ve got to cover all the issues. It’s not just about flexibility, it could
be your mobility. It’s not just about your mobility, it could
be about your strength. It could be about tightness in areas that
you’re not even considering. So you want to make sure you have all your
bases covered. I try to help you guys do that here on this
channel. And of course, I try to walk you through it
all in our ATHLEANX Training Program. If you haven’t already joined Team ATHLEAN,
and you want to get a step by step program to start training like an Athlete, then head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and get
our ATHLEANX Training System. If you found this helpful make sure you leave
your comments and thumbs up below and whatever else you want to see guys let me know I will be sure and happy to help you in our
upcoming videos. Alright, I’ll see you guys again soon. Bye!

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