How to Stretch the Piriformis Muscle? Seated Stretch for Sciatic Pain Relief

Welcome to Stability before Srength. My name is Oscar and today I will show your Piriformis muscle in a seated position to help relieve static nerve pain We are going to start this stretch by
sitting down in a chair or comfortable seat. you’re going to cross one knee over the other. Make sure this is a comfortable position
by keeping your ankle bone away from your knee cap and you’re going to slowly lean forward while
keeping your chest lifted. You should feel a stretch deep in your glut area. You are going to hold the stretch for fifteen- thirty seconds, then switch sides and repeat on the other leg. For a deeper stretch, use your hand to
gently push against the bent knee away from you and remember to keep your chest up as
you slowly lean forward. You can perform this seated stretch almost anywhere. even in the airplane, especially if you
have to sit through a twelve hour flight. Take a mental note on where you feel the
stretch and compare it with your other side. Chances are that your tightest side is your dominant side, meaning that it’s tighter and therefore requires more time to stretch most people who suffer from sciatic pain or piriformis pain usually have office jobs that requires them to sit for long
hours since you put most of you weight on your
hips while you’re seated, the muscle becomes tighter and tighter. That tight
muscle is known as your Piriformis muscle. which runs parallel to the sciatic nerve as the muscle gets tighter, it pinches the sciatic nerve and causes you to experience uncomfortable and at times
unbearable pain that can often radiate down your leg It can take as little as a few days to
a few weeks to notice a significant difference Performing stretches and building your glut medius and minimus muscles can help you overcome sciatic
nerve pain. As part of your exercise program perform
stretches and exercises for Piriformis syndrome to help you recover from sciatic nerve pain. Thanks for watching. I hope this video
tutorial is helpful and informative. Have a great day! who cooked food

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