How to Stretch for Back Pain: Lower Body Russian Twist

How to Stretch for Back Pain: Lower Body Russian Twist

How to Stretch for Back Pain: Lower Body Russian
Twist. Ninety percent of all adults in the U.S. experience
back pain sooner or later. Regular stretching can better your chances—or
at least push sooner off until later. You will need Comfortable clothes A floor
and an exercise ball. Step 1. Lie flat on your back on the floor with your
legs straight together and your arms straight out from your sides in a ‘T’ shape,
palms up. Step 2. Keeping your legs together, raise your feet
off the ground by bending your hips and knees at 90û angles. Your calves will be parallel to the floor. Step 3. Pulling your belly button in toward your spine,
slowly rotate your lower body to the left so the outside of your left leg and hip fall
toward the floor as far as they will go without strain or pain. Step 4. Keeping your arms and upper back in contact
with the floor, hold for 10 seconds. Your leg and hip might not reach the floor
at first, but if you repeat this stretch regularly you’ll eventually make contact. Step 5. Raise your bent legs back up and then slowly
lower them to the right, repeating the stretch on your right side. Step 6. Raise your bent legs back up and repeat the
stretch three to five times on each side. Step 7. Release the stretch by raising your bent legs
back up, then lowering them straight out in front of you, one at a time. Back pain begone! Did you know The most common cause of lower
back injuries is doing activities that you’re not used to, like heavy lifting or shoveling

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  1. Vance Labrano Post author

    I do stretches every single morning at the beach, and that back pain that was shared is also some yoga moves. thank you very much for sharing that. wish you had something you could show me for my bad leg. real bad.

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