How to strengthen neck muscles at home – stop chin poking out

How to strengthen neck muscles at home – stop chin poking out

Steve August, Bodystance New Zealand

35 comments on “How to strengthen neck muscles at home – stop chin poking out

  1. Michael Stevenson Post author

    Thank you so much for your video. I've been suffering from quite severe neck pain that is the result of both poor sleeping and working positions. Doing these exercises for the past week has really made a positive difference.

  2. Asad Ali Shah Post author

    I have a disc problem and tried many exercises to relieve the condition. However, this exercise has been the most simple of them and the most effective so far. Thank you very much Steve.

  3. NikkiM93 Post author

    I need to try these out. Thanks for the tip :D! I have favourited the video so I can look back at it if I need to.

  4. Nakidz Post author

    Thank you! I found your vid bc of your nice comment on Elliott Hulse's vid about FHP. Good stuff! Feel better already!

  5. johnny g Post author

    I cannot thank u enough! I've been able to straighten my neck for first time in how many yrs/ wish I saw this yrs ago

  6. Veronica Herrera Post author

    I have a hyper mobile neck from a whiplash ten years ago. I wonder is this will help. I have severe spasms too

  7. Rogério de Paula Aguilar Post author

    Hi, how are you. I was wathing your video and wondering if there is a
    way to make the spasm of my neck became less frequency and weaker. I
    have a condition called cervical dystonia. I treat it with medication
    and botox injections. The remedy gives me a little relief, the botox
    hadn't made anything until now. Then I started doing streches os my body
    to prevent spasms but in the neck they don't strech. I mem, the muscles
    that streches when you do normal execises for neck streches, but I
    believe than this spasm is comming for some muscle that are located
    somewhere in the neck, but inside, not the muscles we see or exercise. I
    would like to know If you have treated someone with this disease,
    especially something to reduce these spasms on my neck. Thank you.

  8. Leah Pepe Post author

    I have PCS I did some stretches and have increased headaches, fatigue, tinnitus, huge light sensitive.

  9. Abigail Wiriaatmadja Post author

    "You see people walking around and they look like a crow." Yep. That's me. ? Thank you for the video!

  10. Michael Harper Post author

    Hi, thanks for this video – I've been diagnosed with ligamentous laxity (joint hypermobility) and have suffered with lower back and neck problems for years. I've read I should be performing stability / strength exercises versus stretching as I'm already really stretchy! does this sound right?

  11. Kola Post author

    I've been getting lower jaw pain. I've been doing these exercises, 10 reps for 10 seconds each. Is there a way to minimize these pains? I'm trying hard to visualize your instructions in my head while I do them, but I still am getting these jaw pains.

  12. Amandine Charles Post author

    I've tried these exercises but I can feel some pain in the middle / top of my back ~ any advice to avoid this? I assume my position isn't quite right but I don't know how to roll my neck in without putting pressure on my spine / back. Could you help please?

  13. Peter Yates Post author

    Wow just tried this . It feels like the neck muscles at the back are so tight . Can hardly move my chin down . Will keep doing it . I managed 5 of the second exercise

  14. Video Master Post author

    Strange. I cant roll my chin as in the first exercise, but i cant lif the neck and tuck my chin down and hold for ten? is this weird?

  15. rinarage Post author

    Does this also work muscles in the side and back of the neck like scalenes and levator scapulae? Thanks!

  16. mrbrakelol Post author

    Really great video this, and important. I think most people would benefit from doing this throughout the day too especially if they work at a computer or anything with extended periods of being hunched over/leaning forward/looking down etc. which is basically EVERY profession out there. Could also do the chin tucks seated and standing ever so often I guess?

    I have a question regarding this video, does the amount of time you rest in between these sets matter?


  17. David Agbani Post author

    Yo! I can’t thank you enough. I had tried everything to make my voice sound like it’s supposed to, to no avail. I already was breathing into my belly, my testosterone levels are sky high and many other advices people gave for a better voice. After watching this video I discovered the real reason my voice sounded like I wasn’t confident(even when I had the confidence of 10 lions) was because of my neck. Just after using your exercise for a day my voice is already making girls wet and even offering to give me their numbers when I intentionally approach without asking for their contact. You truly are a life saver!

  18. Itsme Faro123 Post author

    Thank u so much Dr..I have been wanting to thank u since a long time for this..I had severe neck pain for over a much so that while sleeping my limbs would go numb..doing this exercise thrice in a day regularly for almost 3 months..feel so relieved of pain nd by God's grace ..there's no numbness too..Thank u so much ..God bless u..want to know if I should continue the same exercise or is there something more for strengthening neck muscles..I'm a mother of 4 kids ..have a hectic daily routine ..would appreciate if u can suggest similar easy nd effective exercises..rhanks


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