How to Stop a Cough with Acupressure

How to Stop a Cough with Acupressure

How to Stop a Cough with Acupressure. The next time you’re hacking up a lung, try
stopping it with the ancient Chinese healing art acupressure. You will need Two hands and friend (optional). If you feel pain when using acupressure, stop
immediately. Pregnant women should not use acupressure. Step 1. Using the index and middle fingers on each
hand, press the two spots located on either side of the notch at the base of the throat,
in the hollow just below the collarbone. This strengthens the respiratory system. Keep the pressure up for one to three minutes
with this exercise and the following ones. Step 2. Reach behind you to press the acupressure
points known as the Vital Diaphragm, located about an inch below the highest point of each
shoulder blade, toward the center of your back. Have someone else press points on your back
if you can’t reach. Step 3. Tilt your head down and, using the first two
fingers on each hand, put pressure on the points a bit above and on either side of the
vertabra that protrudes at the top of the spine when your head is leaning forward. This manipulates the point known as Ding Chuan,
which relieves wheezing. Step 4. For a dry cough, try pressing the point called
Heaven Rushing Out: It’s located in the large hollow at the base of your throat, below
your Adam’s apple, if you’re a man. Did you know Chronic coughing that is the
result of emotional problems is called psychogenic coughing, and mostly occurs in children.

100 comments on “How to Stop a Cough with Acupressure

  1. mitjatti Post author

    Wow thanks!! It worked… After this i just coughed 4 times in a row and now fixed!! 🙂

  2. Ruthieqt Tuazon Post author

    omg! i just tried it now! and it worked on my 7 yr old son! but before this, 3 hrs ago i gave him his prescribed meds (antibiotics and cough meds), i also used Vicks VapoRub on his chest, throat, back and soles of his feet. But his nonstop cough is still there. He was crying and throwing up already due to fatigue of coughing. And as a desperate mom, i looked something on google and youtube on how to calm the cough. Tried this for 3 mins (the back method pressure) and it worked!!!

  3. Molly Rhoades Post author

    i needed this because i keep coughing my throat hurts and i have reactive airways so i cant do the deep breath exercises bc its hard to breathe rn

  4. prakash r Post author

    at midnight 1:00 clock i caught by sivere cough i do like this half of caugh get cure with in fracturer of minutes

  5. jhon maclain Post author

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  6. Muffinq Post author

    Well it dident wrk and tbh I'm not surprised. But it worked slightly. I feel a tiny lot better now. Thanks! New sub. Liked

  7. Kilroy 3000 Post author

    I could hardly reach the spots because my shoulders are so tight and knotted from coughing for day's. I must've reached them good enough though because my cough has way subsided. I've coughed a couple times since but not the uncontrolled hacking like before. I'm so grateful!!

  8. •Marshy• •TheWolf• Post author

    Coughs at least it ain't hurting my throut omg I forgot how to spell now ._.

  9. TONGAN GANGSTA Post author

    This actually worked 😂 I honestly thought this was a joke! So glad I gave it a try 👏👏 huge thumbs up 👍. Thank you!

  10. Hamlet the Puppet Post author

    It’s a placebo treatment. If he said hop on one foot grab your loins and yell Oprah half of you would say it worked.

  11. bang103 tunedin Post author

    I know these work because it has worked for me everything. Just wonderful to have it all in one concise informative video. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Abdulaziz Sobh Post author

    How are cough treatments done at home:

  13. Leilani brooking Post author

    Does everything he said and wow it works

    The dislike button because now I have a dry cough that is worse and more painful thanks 1 minute later eats a tea spoon of honey and feels kinda better and less times coughing you should try it

  14. Ambika Rahul Post author

    Surprisingly it worked… Thank you… I cudnt sleep. and googled dis at 3 am… And wow…. Gud nit.. Thanks again, ☺️

  15. Thomas Haile Post author

    Very good my man. I started burping and it relieve pressure. I stopped coughing for some time. I will continue this method. The clinic prescribed me some antibiotics for acute bronchitis but the pills were not helpful yet. 👍

  16. grabenoui Post author

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  17. łtzSąňddąr Płaýz Post author

    I don’t know if your reading this but I just wanted to thank you this works amazing! And I appreciate your help!


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