How to replace your tip’s O-rings | The Snap

How to replace your tip’s O-rings | The Snap

Welcome to The Snap! This is a segment
where we answer frequently asked questions in a very rapid fire format so
let’s get right into it On this week’s episode of snap I’m going to be discussing how to replace the high temp o-rings on your tip now why would I need to replace the high temp o-rings? It’s really simple: Over time the o-rings may break or I may lose one of them during a deep-clean. There are primarily two methods of taking care of this Now the first step simply remove your tip and your cap and remove your condenser This part I can demonstrate both of those methods Now for the primary method of replacing your high temp o-rings is simply just take your high temp o-ring and slide it
right over the top this isn’t too difficult if you have relatively good finger dexterity but if you have arthritis or larger hands it can become
quite difficult even more so with these bottom ones that’s where the real trick
comes in using your condenser as an anchor I just throw out a couple or
rings at a time onto the condenser I do not recommend doing more than two at a
time because the likelihood of them bunching up over one another increases
so now my finger slips it’s gonna stay anchored to my device and at that point
I just slide down I pull towards myself and let go right into place. It will take a little bit of time and patience to do this… but rest assured it will go on
without issue now that we’ve replaced all the high
tempo rings on our tip we just simply have to reassemble our device. Just take my condenser and my tip if I’m going too fast for this part please reference our video for under that assembly and if you are getting any of the bunching please
reference our snap video where we actually address this issue
now that we’ve resembled our device we can get back to vaping
and that has been the snap thanks for watching and be sure to check out our
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15 comments on “How to replace your tip’s O-rings | The Snap

  1. Chris Sparks Post author

    I just place my tip in a small cup with iso, up to the O rings, making sure not to cover any of the O rings with iso, just enough iso to cover the tip, but leave the O rings still attached but exposed to the open air. This way I don't have to take them off during a deep cleaning, which I have done every week I've had the device this far :), I know I will need to replace them eventually tho, and when I do, this is the video I'll be referencing 🙂

  2. speedythecat07 Post author

    Appreciate the tips and exceptional products that are worthy of their price. We need more people like you in this world. Just received my 3rd vapcap, colored M in aurom. That badboy is FLAWLESS in its beauty, simplicity and more than all of that, it’s function. Delivering the real medicine, to the masses! You guys are deserving of the high praise you receive, and then some. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  3. Watsaname1999 Post author

    Do you guys have any tips on getting the o-rings off if you just wanted to clean it? I usually use those plastic flosser/toothpick things, but it takes forever and causes some micro tears.

    Is it safe to keep the o-rings on if I am making stem milk? I was afraid of milk getting stuck underneath them and curdling or just getting nasty/gunky.


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