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  1. counterstrikenerd321 Post author

    Another way to Relieve stress is to tackle your problems and stop using small physical insignificant remedies to postpone it.

  2. الوطن. الوطن Post author

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  3. jonathan sarson Post author

    The adrenal glad reflex is not where you shown its more in alignment to the navicular bone and in zone 1. You was far too much above and to in towards the foot to be hitting the adrenals as in a Eunice Ingram foot map. The solar plexus and diagram is perfect though. I know there are many foot maps out there and wished there was one foot map as some points people learn in different countries differ so much and really makes no sense as it’s a profession that I do reflexology in a hospital setting.

  4. Naila Awais Post author

    For more effective instructions you can get it at this link https://skillsscoop.com/index.php/2019/03/20/reflexology-means-how-does-reflexology-work/


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