50 comments on “How to Recognize Symptoms of Lyme Disease

  1. celestino65536 Post author

    1. lots of people have no rash (i.e. me)

    2. ticks carry lots of other diseases that have these symptoms, they are just as severe (lots of people get many diseases from ticks, i.e. me)

    sry, this is just a thing i've come to care a lot about because i had it and it took 8 months and 7 doctors in 3 states to even test for anything tick related

  2. emma Post author

    ok I'll need a tick bite, a small red bump and flu like symptoms? well I already have severe fatigue so where can I purchase eye inflamation?

  3. SpudQueen 3000 Post author

    I can safely say that I didn't "NEED" that tick bite or those symptomst! This video is dramatically oversimplified and badly writen. Why in the world would they make it sound as thought Lyme disease is some sort of easy project anyone can accomplish?

  4. osu67 Post author

    Yeah, I HAD all those symptoms and the doctors said I had a mental disorder. Now I have CLD. This video is about half bullshit in my opinion. Who put it out, the CDC?IDSA?

  5. Payhole Everdouche Post author

    It may help not to sleep with your fury mamalian pets. Pets have a tendency to carry ticks and other unsavory critters, but they are still much better than politicans and lawyers.

  6. StoneBoneAndFire Post author

    Is there a board outside Lyme saying welcome to Lyme, the town that brought you Lyme disease.

  7. Emily Adams Post author

    It's extremely hard to diagnose because the symptoms can show up at random (some earlier in some people, some later, some not at all) and the tests aren't accurate. You really only have 2-3 weeks at most to start treating it, so I went to the ER after I got bitten and got antibiotics just in case. Waiting around to get these long-term symptoms is horrible advise. Antibiotics for three weeks (even if it turns out to be unnecessary) is better than a lifetime of lyme disease.

  8. Bonnie Huntsinger Post author

    My kitchen floor from thirty years ago is alive and well in this video! Wow. It was and is ugly but durable!
    Lyme is more complicated than this presentation but I kind of liked the sense of humor the creator has.

  9. xena91388 Post author

    hepat=liver. itis=inflammation. hepatitis=inflammation of the liver.

    Hepatitis is a symptom and nothing more, it's not a virus or bacteria. Medical terms like "Hepatitis A & C" describe stages in an infection not the actual bacteria virus, or other condition causing it.

  10. AJ Gazaway Post author

    This video is ridiculous. First, many people don't see the tick, second, only about 60% of infected people get that rash. Third, unless you're diagnosed early, it most certainly is NOT just a few weeks to wellness. Total BS. This was obviously NOT made by or approved by anyone who knows ANYTHING about lyme disease.

  11. Wahyu Ibrahim Post author

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  12. wotan237 Post author

    do u have running nose? I got bit 7 times last week and now Im very ill, I have congestion etc

  13. Scott Schaffer Post author

    It makes it sound like Lyme disease that Disney movie that has a happy ending that I always the way it works out

  14. Jessica Hodgkins Post author

    This Video is not only full of in accurate information but it's useless and it sucks

  15. Dexter Haven Post author

    This video makes it seem like a joke. Remove ticks ASAP, put in a jar and bring to your doctor for testing. Don't wait years for symptoms to develop after the rash or bite. Gosh!

  16. Ashley GM Post author

    Wtf is this!???Before making a video full of holes… learn about it.This illness can kill ppl and wtf with the "blood test are not always necessary "OF COURSE THEY ARE!!!! Nobody should take this video seriously…

  17. Robert OLeary Post author

    bad info here. only half get the bulls eye rash. and MOST ticks have it. they are sesspools of bacteria.

  18. kardki4 Post author

    Some symptoms can be late in a year and you can still get lyme disease without the bulls eye rash. :/

  19. Jenni Post author

    This looks like a CDC video! You can have Lyme disease without a bullseye rash or a bump! Lyme Disease acts a lot like Syphilis! It can be sexually transmitted, so sometimes you don’t even need a tick bite in order to get it! Therefore this disease can be very difficult to diagnose!

  20. Maxim C. Post author

    Patrick Plum is a much better source for information on Lyme disease than this video.

    Also Dr. Richard Horowitz.
    (they have videos about Lyme disease on YouTube).

  21. Christopher allen Post author

    oil of oregano 3 times a day 20 drops per dose for 7 days must be at least 50 % carvacrol. your welcome. think, people.


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