How To Know The Difference Between Anxiety and Stress

Hey Its�Ben, How are you doing? Hope you’re
having an awesome day. Today is super important because�I�want to show you the difference
for talk specifically, both the difference between anxiety and stress , and where they
sit and what people relationship to that is. So, one of the most important things to know
in regards to this is that most people look and they want to so move�and off course
there is definitely difference between anxiety and stress but the truth is there is not a
massive difference between the two , and�I�really get in that the other thing is really important
to know there is that virtually everybody in this world either experiences anxiety.
Not regularly but they experience anxiety or they have experience anxiety one time and
other important to know you have serious challenges with anxiety don’t worry about it is very
very common.�In fact,�with that said , virtually everybody in world experienced anxiety, at
one time another, the best way to understand peoples relationship to stress to anxiety
is with this chart here. So over here on this side have no stress to
other no experience of stress at all then we have little bit stress here we have some
high stress up here and what happen as stress becomes a chronic thing something that happening
all of the time. It starts to move people into the experience of anxiety from anxiety
of course. Anxiety on high would be a panic attack .So; someone is experiencing a panic
attack it is the farthest end of this scale you can possibly imagine regards to anxiety.
It is the highest level of anxiety you could possible experience. �As opposed to most
of the time, maybe you’ve never experienced panic attack before you certainly do experience
high anxiety you were just feeling�huhhh,��you’re just feeling like your body is just�completely�vibrating,�
you’re just not sure what to do with yourself you’re just�huhhh�feeling that feeling
that is totally different from panic attack. A panic attack is right that place where you,
�your heart is beating almost steady in your chest you feeling your both�exploded�or
die at any particular moment and you just�concerns�what happening inside your body that act is a panic
attack. of course,�we bring it down a couple of auction stress is that thing we feels when
there is a too much going on a little bit of over worm a little bit too much going on
our life we feels like we can�necessarily�handle everything that is happening for us�off
course�we go back from their there really isn’t stress so, we all experience time of
life , when there is no stress at all may be its bring where you are on vacations may
be is just in your�childhood,�may be when you’re reading a book or relaxing or first
thing in morning late at night whenever it is for you we all experience time fights�her�no
stress whatever. There is no pull on us or, just challenge
or nothing to over warm us there is nothing to feel us to not enough to handle, whats
going on, and off course we all experienced the feeling stress. Stress is something that
things get little bit warming or too much going on we feels we can handle it but may
be not and then off course stress become up more chronic experience it goes over to anxiety
so what happen is that not so much stress is not just happens you know all the time
, all the time , all the time constantly and then turn into anxiety and every body is experience
of this flowchart that say is completely different . Now according to [inaudible], I�am�not
saying, just you experienced anxiety you going to experienced panic attack that is not a
case at all you may ever experience anxiety or high stress but important to know is the
fact that this is sensationally the way we have good understanding about what anxiety
or stress are is that stress on high is anxiety , anxiety on high is panic attack so, as we
start to move specific stress from our lives we tend to pick some less anxiety, so it means
you go and remove all the stresses from your lives no , not necessary but what I�m saying
is this is that is something in your life is likely stressing your little bit your other
things are so may it�s a good idea step back take a break from those things or least
to able to have specific coping techniques to allow you to feel more powerful and be
able to handle those things in your lives that stress you out. Things that make you
little bit kind of borderline anxious. The other thing is important to know here is that
anxiety and stress are feelings that we feel. Is that internal experience not an external
experience so of course,�raises the questions: What is the big difference between anxiety
and stress? The biggest difference is our own experience of the stress , of the anxiety
meaning this if you are some that has ability to handle the great deal of stress is not
seriously problem for you , you feel the stress just like�huhh,�okay, I�can handle this�I�can
get these thing done, it’s over warming but i am able to cope up, �I am able to make
it happen, �I am able to get through little chunk of stress here, Anxiety on the other
hand something that is more chronic is something that is higher is a little bit stronger and
it creates specific thought pattern in our mind and have tendency to loop in circles
where is with stress that doesn’t necessarily happen. In the anxiety, we have the tendency
to loop around inside our own mind and in regards of their thoughts that make us feel
stuck or trapped or really feel for or really challenge over warmed or totally be well done
or we feel of great deal of guilt or resent or shame so, always, sudden from experiencing
stress or anxiety , anxiety is little bit more intense , and from the intensity of anxiety
moving along it brings you to panic attacks , panic attacks on the other hand are something
that we all feel that we simply cannot cope with.
Years and years and years ago when�I�first moved from�Calgary,�I had a roommate,�Ahhh�I�have
never seen anybody deal with stress the way this guy did. He was the manager of really
big hotel downtown and it was quite impressive, he was coming home in his suit and tie, strip
down his clothes. Not that I watched, we won�t talk about that, but he strips down from his
suit and tie, he put on his running shoes, pair of shorts, and everyday he would go for
a run. When he got back, you know we make dinner and�chat�about the day. What was
interesting there�was,�I have never seen anyone deal with stress the way this guy did
for him, it never turned into anxiety, it never turned it into anything that was too
much he never turned anything that was just a chronic difficult thing, because he did
that things here in regards to stress that kept it within the realm of stress.
As suppose something that is turned into anxiety so if�you’re�someone struggling with anxiety
one of the thing that can�I�tell you,�I�certainly found that it was�really�helpful�for
me is exercise. Now�I am�sure you heard from many different people but exercise is
a massive shifter, a massive changer in regards to anxiety and the reason why is because it
just as whole lot of things to your body. First thing is it oxygenates�the body, secondly,
it�detoxifies�the body and helps to move�a lot�of stuff that we not�necessarily�need.
The third thing that it does it helps the�reorganize your�electrolyte�system in body, meaning
that if you�drink a lot of�water and you�have a lot of�salt sometimes, you get all kind
of blooty not feeling very good when you exercise. It has the�tendency�to get rid of the
salt you don’t need and get rid of the�toxins�again that you don’t need and help to re organize
your fluids in places we need them too. As opposed to having them sit in places�subcutaneously�just
underneath the skin or within the fat we want to store within our muscles and all the places
that suppose to be. The other way�it’s really�helpful, it�is
from the�energetic�stand point, so it just not give you more energy,�which in
a lot�of cases those people who experiencing anxiety and saying look,��I�don’t want
more energy�I�want to be able to calm down�, well, exercise help you calm down
as well. The reason why is because it opens up all the energy channel in your body. Now
if may be the word energy, channel is little bit�fru�fru�and little bit out there
for just think and terms of ancient Chinese medicine where they speak in�terms of the�acupuncture�meridian�system
that runs to your body, maybe that is little bit too out there, but�that’s�ok. The
important thing�is�that when you are exercise it changes the energy flow of your body to
make you feel�dramatically�better. So,�I�hope today is�helpful�let me
know if�I�help out in any way please do share with this your friends help people who
are struggling with the anxiety share this video with them�I�really appreciated�i
am�sure they would too. hope you have an�awesome�day�I�will talk to you soon See�yaa!.

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