How to instantly stop a Migraine!

How to instantly stop a Migraine!

So you want to know how to instantly get
rid of a migraine? Great state tuned, but first a disclaimer. Welcome back guys I’m Michael I’m a massage therapists in Team Beachbody Coach. So we’re going to talk about migraines and a trick that I use in order to
instantly get rid of my migraines. Now it’s just for educational purposes and telling you about what I do. I am not
suggesting that you do it there are plenty of reasons why you
wouldn’t want to do especially if you have a neurological condition so always with anything consult a
physician before you try anything… not
recommending you try this but it works for me and a lot of people that have told me that
they’ve tried it. What a migraine is, we’re going to have to go into that first, is basically the blood vessels in
your head go with major vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation, just way too much blood going through and what happens
there is all that blood creates pressure inside
the vessels and that pressure pushes against the
walls which actually creates problems. So your brain doesn’t
feel, I know you would think “oh the brain should be able to feel things” but it doesn’t have any feeling, someone could poke it and you’re not going to feel anything. What it is, is the nociceptors inside the
vessels that causes the pain in your head that
you feel. So that’s where you get that feeling from,
but where you’re getting the symptoms from is the pressure of those vessels pushing on certain lobes and areas have your brain all around in
there. So like the blurred vision the darkness the nausea, the sensitivity to sound, all of that is from the pressure being applied to
certain areas the brain. So how do you treat that? Well a lot of
people use caffeine. Which it can cause some constrictions and that, but it also causes your muscles problems so, a way that I do is by applying ice and you’re thinking “how do you apply ice? I put ice packs on the back my head and it doesn’t help, I put it on the front of my head and it doesn’t help.” I do it differently, I apply ice internally. You’re like “How do you do that?” Well think about it. Have you had a Slurpee or Icee and you gave yourself a brain freeze? Thats internal application of ice. So I induce a brain freeze. I know you’re thinking “I’m not gonna induce a brain freeze, those things hurt!” Well yeah, about 30 to 60 seconds of a
little bit of pain from inducing a brain freeze as compared
to hours upon hours a debilitating pain and sickening feelings and just not
being able to do anything. Usually end up having to go to sleep. Well, I don’t. I induce a brain freeze and what that does is applies ice internally on the roof of your mouth. You notice when you try to put your tongue up there to warm it up? Yeah, it’s closest the thing to those vessels
that are being dilated and what ice does is it constricts
vessels because it’s trying not to lose heat in your body. So when I induce that brain freeze I get thirty-seconds of ” Ah man, why did I do this?” and then when It’s gone, I notice all my symptoms are gone. I don’t have any symptoms or pain from a migraine anymore. Yeah, it’s a relatively cheap and quick fix. Oh you know maybe a dollar. Go to the store get
yourself an Icee. The one-time I would ever condone getting an Icee at like a gas station, is
during this because migraines are nothing to mess with, or you can actually blend up ice in water. Just suck it down until you
give yourself a brain freeze. If it’s blended up well enough to where you can get it down. So that’s a nice, quick, and easy fix that I
use and it works. Not saying you should do it! But if you do, comment below and let
me know what you think. I know you’re thinking I’m crazy but you’re gonna try it. Not saying you should. But I have a feeling you probably will. So if you find the information here helpful and you like it. Go ahead and tell me that by liking the
video and maybe leaving a comment. Of whether I’m weird, or if you like it. So, have a great day and I hope you learned something!

100 comments on “How to instantly stop a Migraine!

  1. Alisha Wilson Post author

    BRO!!! NOT ONLY DID I LIKE BUT I SUBSCRIBED! AND I CLICKED THAT LITTLE BELL THING!! You are the man!!! I've been in bed since yesterday, was actually omw to the ER but I said let me try YouTube my last hope. Excedrin migraine didn't work, caffeine didnt work, water didn't work nothing worked!!!!! Except this! I can see, I'm able to type this. 3mins ago I wouldn't have been able to do this. Thank you so much man. This is amazing!!! Been suffering all my life I'm 36. Folks give this a try. Placed the ice pack on my neck for 30 secs, then the front of my forehead for 30 secs, and each temple for 30 secs. #GONE

  2. Sunny Dee Tee Post author

    I will try this next time I have a migraine. Salt works too. Last time I had a migraine I ate a meal that was too salty and noticed my migraine went away. So I thought maybe it was the salt. I googled salt and migraines and found that they are now doing studies on it because its working for a lot of sufferers.

  3. Shannon Chambers Post author

    If you have endometriosis like me nothing helps. This does not work on everyone. Didn't work for me.

  4. MA Productions Post author

    Thank you for the help, but do you know how to treat ocular migraines? You know those migraines where you see zigzags and dots? It only happens to me once a month, but it is quite frightening when it happens.

  5. Noah Z TV Post author

    Im having a migraine right now and I cant even see and my head is bursting and Im going to throw up. Im doing this method

  6. Theblack Hammer Post author

    I think I’ve had ocular migraines like many time but never got bothered by it. It’s like black every where almost

  7. Jordyn Ashley Post author

    This did work. I have crippling migraines and the only thing that has ever worked were binaural beats. This worked providing temporary relief enough to fall asleep and not feel as if your head is going to explode. Thank you so very much for alleviating my pain even if it was for only 30 minutes that I savored. Will be sucking on some ice til I fall asleep. Good luck to all.

  8. Jade Post author

    I'm not a fan of soda but when I get a migraine, an ice cold (and I mean super cold) tall glass of Coke really helps! I don't know if it's the cold or the caffeine, or a combination of the two… But it works like a charm for me lol!!

  9. lazy Post author

    I don’t get migraines (thankfully) but I do get normal headaches for no reason a few times a day and I tried this and it works!! thank you so much for making this video!

  10. Josh Lewis Post author

    Couldn’t go out to get a slushie or anything so I grabbed some ice and held it to the roof of my mouth, took about 3-4 minutes but before I finished the ice cube my migraine was gone!

  11. Shadow Post author

    You looked like taras…. seriously lol

    Even the fact that you said "so you wanna know how to …" Makes you seem more like him

  12. 3. Splash Post author

    U dont know how much my head hurts all the time ! It feels like someone is punching my brain how can i get a brain freeze from water again?

  13. EMMA BERLINER Post author

    Thank you! Totally helped! Hard to get the total effect of brain freeze though without the slurpee, but still pretty good with lots of crushed ice and some water.

  14. kim greenlee Post author

    I have also used ice this way to constrict my vessels during migraine. It has worked for me in some cases. I just suck on ice continuously and it has worked.

  15. integridad7 Post author

    It would be great if you actually show a video of you DOING it. . There are thousands of people worldwide who can use this trick but when you speak "ICY" or other terms that are not familiar to those countries.. .. they get "Lost In translation" Again, thank you for posting this stuff.. . . My recommendation is that you actually show this stuff as most people don't capture the essence of what you are saying until they see it done. VISUAL Learners.

  16. JMD Productions Post author

    I tried soda, popsicles, and pure ice, but I couldn't triggered a brain freeze. Fuck my life

  17. Wurp Durp Post author

    Okay, I'm going to try it. It better not cause permand.dd. dsdmdssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  18. Mac San Post author

    You are my God for now.. it works instantly. I ate alot of ice cream but didn't get a brain freeze. But it worked anyway. Thank you man.

  19. Rosa Sarralde Post author

    No way it did worked you are a genius I love you
    I’ve been suffering for
    38 years I am jumping up and down ?? thanks

  20. Paula Coyle Post author

    I'll have to try it, but that brain freeze is exactly what a migraine feels like for me. So not sure how it will help. I do find that applying deep tendon pressure to the scalene muscles on the side of the pain almost always relieves the pain nearly instantly but I can't keep up the pressure. Someone else has to do it for me using a massage tool. I have two degenerating discs and no curve to my neck – usually it's neck tension/inflammation that triggers most of my migraines. Applying controlled pressure to the blood vessels in that area really does instantly relieve pain for me. Also continuing to press on the tendons and deeper muscles and nerves between my scapula and clavicle, especially the brachial plexus area. Bearing down like a woman pushing out a baby instantly relieves pain too as long as you keep up the pressure (oddly enough, it should be the opposite) but it's hard to keep that up and as soon as you stop for breath the pain returns worse. So for me it's a last ditch effort thing and usually ends up backfiring.

  21. dragonize1952 Post author

    What about spraying athletic ice spray on your head over the migraine spot? Sometimes works for me. Stings bad for maybe 10 seconds.

  22. LizQuincy Post author

    External icing has always been my favorite relief technique but it's not always practical–even with the Migraine Hat, or turbans made of scarves, lol! I'm going to have to try this! Thank you!

  23. Unknown Gaming Post author

    I’m definitely going to try it my migraines get really bad and I’m going to pray it helps thank you so much

  24. Lannie Wise Post author

    I am not looking forward to my next migraine but im going to try this & if it helps me, i just dont know how i could ever thank you enough, its crippling & horrific pain that strikes me down more times then i can count, usually the day after its gone my scalp feels bruised, I just cringe thinking about it starting. It makes for a very unhappy life at times. I pray this works & if you have other pointers, I'd be greatful !

  25. Lauren ____A Post author

    This is amazing!! Thinking outside the box, I see.. wish some doctors would do this honestly! I get hemiplegic migraines which is scary, but I actually felt somewhat of a relief at the onset of a typical migraine today! The more of those I can prevent/cease- the less likely the stroke like side affects are to occur with the hemiplegic migraines. Thank you so much!!!

  26. Nicki Lecuyer Post author

    Tried it. Numbed the pain to give me brain freeze pain. Once I let loose, migraine came right back. Never really went away, was just dominated by the brain freeze pain.

  27. natashkazz Post author

    OMG IT TOTALLY WORKS !!!!!!! Just ate a handful of frozen berries real fast, it totally works OMG iT CHANGES EVERYTHiNG !!! Thank you

  28. Bulldogs and Life With Them Post author

    Saved my sanity. Had a migraine for about 3 days. On and off and this did a trick,, I put water and ice in a nutro bullet , drank it down had about 3 brain freezes and within minutes felt the relief and cool feeling in my head . What a relief ,, thank you for the video.

  29. Kami Scales Post author

    Thank you sooooooooo much for this video!! It helped so much, it basically went away. I don't know how long it will stay away, but it's been 30 min and I'm still good after more than 8 hours of suffering. Thanks again!

  30. Ahmed Hafeel Post author

    Worked for me as well, got jet lagged and had a terrible migraine during the landing, I went home got some ice cream and induced a brain freeze moment, shortly after the initial pain it did go away and I felt much better.

  31. Garden Valley Post author

    My story with migraine pain. My 1st migraine was at age of 17, I am male. No other member of my family from my grandparents down has experienced any migraines. There has always been a surface numbing starting at the top of the right side of my head which migrates down to below my right jaw. This numbness is 2 to 4 days before I get a tiny spot of vision blanking out in my right eye & quickly becoming larger in ~10 minutes. It then morphs into a rotating closed round chain of diamonds( <>) or aura which is visually like a ~6" circle. In ~20 minutes or less I am totally blind in my right eye. I haven't never drank soft drinks with sugar or caffeine, my doctor started me on a drug spelled ~Cafagot soon after the migraines started in the mid-1960's. If I took this med at the 1st sign of any indicator of vision spot it would reduce the pain by ~20% but still devastatingly powerful. The time from an indicator of the vision issue to blindness is ~ 30 minutes. Then the vision will clear up in ~15 minutes. Immediately thereafter the stabbing pain like a big nail being driven thru my right eye rapidly ramps up with light, sound & smell hyper sensitivity. After moving away during service in the Marine Corp & then going to the University to get an Engineering degree, I lose contact with the doctor who gave me the medicine Cafagot. I realizes the medication's primary active ingredient was caffeine, so I began to experiment with immediately drinking a range of 8 to 48+ oz. of soft drinks with caffeine at the 1st visual spot. ~32 oz of caffeine laced soft drink has been the amount which provides the max 20% pain level reduction. The caffeine drink must be completed by the time, the vision aura has cleared up or no reduction in pain will occur. If at all possible, I rapidly retreat into the darkened, quiet bedroom. No other medical workup has provided any detectable reduction in the max pain level. Thankfully for the precursor numbness, the initial tiny vision spot & the pre-attack vision aura, I have been typically able to reduce the pain with caffeine even if the pain is only 20% reduced. When I finally fall asleep, the migraine pain is very fortunately gone when I woke up but a type of zoned out hangover exist for ~3 days. I feel fortunate to have the precursors of numbness, the tiny vision spot, the dynamic vision aura & the caffeine intake that provides a window to reduce the pain level. Due to a number of various situations when I have not able to get the caffeine into my system, I know a full blown migraine with no reduction in pain level is barely believable.

  32. My Annoying Neighbors Post author

    Doesn't work for me, and I honestly doubt it would work for every type of migraine. Ever had an abdominal migraine? Didn't think so. Sorry, man, but I'm not buying it.

  33. BioboostShinobi Post author

    I have noticed that when I eat a popsicle it helps reduce the pain, never thought of giving myself a brain freeze. I will have to give it a try.

  34. Jan Ashton Post author

    Thank you! My first try with Icepacks and ice in water and it has relieved my migraine enormously!

  35. Chad Fox Post author

    That is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard thanks for the help it was really useful as I’m only 15 and I get them quite often

  36. rachel2673au Post author

    I tried it…amazingly, it worked. I wouldn't say it's gone but, I feel a lot better. Thanks ?

  37. Skull2015 Cdm Post author

    I get 1 or 2 migraines a day with vomiting I will give ice a try thanks for the tip

  38. Soni Byrne Post author

    Mudda flipper it worked! I was initially concerned though when you mentioned putting the ice internally. I was convinced you were going to tell us to put it up our bums

  39. Teressa Post author

    Hello! I couldnt find any icees or slushies near me, so I used ice and put it in my mouth, and after it was done. I still had migranes but I can handle it easily!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  40. critterthepirate Post author

    I'm going to try this next time I get a headache for sure.i get chronic migraines and have to use sumatriptan injections.besides those what else gives me relief is I heat up a wet washcloth in the microwave for one minute and lay down,put the hot washcloth right over my eyelids forehead and my neck.that gives me the most relief.also close my eyes and move them around in circles and back and forth while the hot washcloth is over may sound weird but it helps!

  41. guram kutiju Post author

    Look i dont need a fuckin explanazion of what a migrane is my head is explodind youst tell me how to stop it

  42. RawfullyTempting - B.Kessler Post author

    Thank you. I threw bunch of ice, frozen fruit and stevia into Vitamix….and chugged fast.

    Didn’t eliminate but lessened severity greatly ….probably should have done more,..thanks you.

  43. Spartan Kid Post author

    Bro this is the truth this is the best migriane cure video i have ever seen
    You dont need to go anywhere
    You dont need to do anything complicated

  44. Liberty West Post author

    I just got referred to a physical therapist- tight neck muscles irritating. Nerve may be the cause of mine … ( I’ve gotten a mri and lots of other testing ) I was put on propanalol as a preventive med – it’s not doing much ?

  45. Joy Miller Post author

    I realized for 7 years that dehydration was the cause. I discovered it after I gave birth. I loathe drinking water but if I want to stay headache free 8 glasses a day.

  46. Annalee Sellars Post author

    +Michael Hackworth As with anyone who battles severe chronic daily migraines, I was more than skeptical of your quick fix. However I was just as desparate to try another, ' cure." I have had migraines almost twenty years. Having tried probably every pharmaceutical concoction invented. With those liver destroying drugs I've also gone through multiple sets on the x thirty two Botox injections per session with my world renowned Neurologist from Barrows Neurological Center, including the new 2018, first FDA approved preventative injectable. (Two shots every month.) As well as enduring injections behind my eyes, and any conceivable and inconceivable medieval torture treatment known to man. Last night my bff specially made milk shakes for this purpose with your video in mind. It worked immediately after the first brain freeze. I actually didn't believe relief could be this simple and easy, so I gave myself a second brain freeze within minutes of the first. I'm here to tell any nay sayers or those seeking relief, that THIS DOES WORK!!!!!!! I'm sending much gratitude to you for sharing your method. ???

  47. David Post author

    Guys there is one medical tablet called venolast. I do not know if it is in your country but if you find it it helps.

    I had this problem for 8 years and venolast helped. So maybe it will help you

  48. tbyjb Post author

    I’ve had migraines and headaches for years. I got Botox and it totally took them away. I feel normal now. It’s liberating.

  49. SuperSami(: Post author

    Currently eating a popsicle and holding it on the roof of my mouth. Not feeling a brain freeze sensation, but definitely noticing relief of the migraine! Awesome! ?

  50. MyBaby91307 Post author

    I've given myself brain freezes during migraines. I have had chronic migraines for over 10 years now. Before my migraines brain freezes were painful but tolerable but now when I get a brain freeze they are almost intolerable they hurt like a SOB. Needless to say they dont work for me though. In fact they can (but not always) make them worse. But with that being said I'm glad you found something that works for you and that you are sharing this information. Even if it helps just one person (which it looks like it has) then the information is worth sharing. I am on disability for chronic migraines and I feel as though I have lost almost everything I had before they started. People can be cruel about invisible illnesses and things they dont understand. People with migraines get told a lot of insensitive things like calling them mere headaches and telling then to take tylenol or advil migraine. Etc. Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking for new ways to treat my migraines as I'm sure many others are as well.

  51. Awesomeness Dude Post author

    Sir… I've got serious migraine.. and I usually spend time with family and friends.. at the time like this…


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