How to improve your breathing if you have a deviated septum

How to improve your breathing if you have a deviated septum

– Hello, my friend. Do you feel like you have a
pressure cooker in your nose? Does your breathing feel
shallow and uncomfortable? Then you may have deviated septum. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Petar has also asked for
a natural method for this. With practice, you are
going to breathe better and feel much more comfortable. Let’s get started. With both fingers, massage
your side of the nose downward. One, two, three, four. Massage strong enough so
that you feel the friction. Four, five, push it in and out, One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. At the bottom of your
nose, and push it up, one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. Push it downward, one, two, three, four, you will need to push firmly until you feel the tension, four, five. Right finger on your right nostrils, left finger pushed into
your left nostrils, one, two, three, four, please follow my pace. Two, three, four, five. Left finger on your left nostrils, right finger pushed into
your right nostrils, one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. Right finger on your right nostrils, left finger and push
it downward, one, two, three, four, you will
need to massage strongly to get beyond the surface, five. Left finger on your left nostrils, right finger, one, two, three, four, go for it as much as you can, three, four, five, with both fingers, push it in, and out, one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. Push it in and breathe
out, one, (hisses air) two, three, four, don’t be shy. Blow your nose as hard as you can. Three, four, five. Push it in and hold it for five second, one, two, three, four, five, and drop your hands down.

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  1. Kat Holiday Post author

    This is great! I have a deviated septum and causes breathing and sinus issues sometimes, but have not had $10,000 for a rhinoplasty ? I’m going to try it. It might also fix the bump on one side ? Thank you?

  2. Tailosdenmark Post author

    Do you know a method for Sjögrens syndrome. Or dry sinuses and mouth/throat?
    I have this and it's effecting my sense of smell and taste quite badly.
    Thank you for your videos.

  3. Ange Browne Post author

    I went to read your reply in full on the video for dvt, and it has come up private video? Yet it was ok earlier.

  4. PES PLANET Gmaing Post author

    Thanks men doctors don’t know a☝️ thing they only prescribe you a dam medicine and that didn’t even helps me I told everything and all they say is I don’t know yeah allah I lost a left ear

  5. PES PLANET Gmaing Post author

    Hey men can you make a video of how to beat weaknesses and all was waking up shoulders heavy left ear whooshing sounds and dry eyes ? is so uncomfortable and difficult am 17.

  6. Sejong Post author

    Austin, please, here's a related question for you, I have nasal polyps but they block both nostrils 100%, so I cant do your nasal polyps video at all, would taking prednisone to shrink them a bit allowing some air flow during your program make it work? Thank you.

  7. KATIE HEWITT Post author

    Waiting to hear results of my CT scan today I had surgery years ago for a nasal fracture and deviated septum but I get a lot of sinus infections and they are trying to find out what is causing the infections I hope to god I don’t need more surgery

  8. KATIE HEWITT Post author

    They are checking pallups and scar tissue and to make sure the deviation is not happening again I had an angry person beat me in the face and head and it broke my nose years ago and for years I walked around with a deviated septum and got really really sick from the sinus infections

  9. KATIE HEWITT Post author

    So I’m looking forward to getting the results to the CT scan and finally getting the sinus issues fixed for good I’m sick and tired of antibiotics and sick and tired of being sick and tired I’ll try this though even if my septum is not deviated it may help clear out the fluid and infection this week I’ll know the results of the scan

  10. chinookvalley Post author

    This was EXTREMELY difficult for me to do! Hard to catch a breath or exhale! Was I the only one who had a hard time breathing during this? I am looking at surgery for a Deviated Septum in Dec of this year. Thank you so very much for this info. I will let you know how the exercises work. I've had surgeries before, and it is the last thing any of us should ever do. Our bodies can and do heal – sometimes we have to do the work, but surgery sux.

  11. Alyssa Mae Cuales Post author

    Can you make a video, of get rid of stubborn "bobbly chin". Far from double chin, because I don't have one. I have a skinny neck. But I have a small lump and wrinkled chin down to my lower lip. It's so sloppy in my face. Please make a video for this, It don't have any solution than to dermal fillers. And I want to say thank you for the wonderful videos I watch in your channel you are amazing martial artist. ?

  12. VDLS Post author

    This works. I did it last year when I was feeling terrible. I felt like my head was going to explode before I did this.

  13. Churail Ccc Post author

    make a video about hips and waist fat.. i do tummy massage as u told it is good. but now i have flater tummy and fatty hips and waist which look awkward.

  14. surya prakash Post author

    Hi sir ,15 days before i drunk heavy alcohol ,,after tht i stopped drinking ,,i feel hangover for 15 days ,always memory loss ,drouzziness ,,i fear it may be wet brain ,,,kindly help me

  15. PES PLANET Gmaing Post author

    Hey Austin I got one more question I have burning dry eyes and left ear heaviness and noises in the ear and Sniffs in the nose ? like it’s close could you pls help me with that

  16. PES PLANET Gmaing Post author

    I complain some much about my left ear ? and a doctor said his left ear is weak something like that I need help men and help me I took my medicine but I still feel lose of sensitive in my left side of the ear and I also have lost of stronge smelling in the nose it feels soo bad and I go to school everday is soo tiredness may the almighty also make it ease for more even

  17. Krassi 3000 Post author

    This is totally amazing! I have super problems with my nose and after doing this.. Wow!!! I can breath trough both sides!!! This will be my daily routine now.. THANKS!!!!!

  18. PES PLANET Gmaing Post author

    Sire do you know how to get rid of allergies with out medication or change of environment I am in Louisville Kentucky.

  19. Patty Cake Post author

    I broke my nose as a child on school bleachers, so thank you and who ever requested this. I have to go blow my nose now and clean up. Why will i not learn to blow it before your vidioes. Ha ha.

  20. Esmay Palce Post author

    Thank you so much sir for this new video. I will do this also like the video for clogged ears. God bless you more sir.?♥️

  21. reverse_mirzy Post author

    I have thease patches on my lips because of biting do you know how to fix please I have been bulied by the kids in my school

  22. Karan Jagota Post author

    Your videos are really good . Can you make a video about reducing chubby cheeks and getting a good visible jawline with massage .

  23. kp World Post author

    Austin i just unblocked my nose by following your sinus video. Took me 6 times to do and one hour to feel good. Thank you.

  24. Zoi Comeau Post author

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me they think I have scapular dyskinesia please reply if you have any suggestions that would help me????????❤

  25. Getae 59 Post author

    Hello Austin! I want to tank you so much for this! Because this is what i needed! Very nice and thankyou

  26. Nibhay Singh Devda Post author

    Respected Sir Regards
    I have been sick for about 5 years
    Just like the nose gets water from the nose as soon as it gets up in the morning, sometimes it also comes along and the top part of the eyes remain sore, itching in the eyes, which is not able to bear the smoke, it is suffocating and breathing. After that, there is a lot of soreness in the throat, as if anything greasy thing is eaten, ghee milk, curd, it settles in the throat, the throat gets dry and the head gas and the burning sensation in the chest, please be pleased to tell any good medicine.

  27. Ganesh B.Y. Post author

    I am really thankful for you Austin GOH, I am trying it and will review the results in 3 weeks. Lots of love from India


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