How to Improve Low Back Pain with Pelvic Tilt Exercises

– Hey, everyone! It’s Dr. Urvi with Carmel Wellness. I want to teach you some quick tips. If you’ve been dealing with low
back pain, or even sciatica, this exercise you don’t wanna miss. This is called The Pelvic Tilt. What you’re gonna wanna do is
get on the floor, or on a mat, or hard surface like I am, bend your knees, and you’re gonna try to roll your pelvis or your hips back and flatten your spine
to the floor like this, and then you’re gonna release it. You can see the gap between
my back and the floor, and then you wanna roll back and draw your bellybutton
back towards your spine while you are doing this. Now, if you’re unable to do this exercise, that could be a warning sign that the small spinal stabilizer muscles along your low back have become lazy and they’re recruiting other
muscles to do their job. Start doing these exercises
to prevent low back pain. If you’re dealing with back
pain, or even sciatica, this exercise, believe it or not, is gonna help tremendously. So with that, this is Dr.
Urvi with Carmel Wellness. Have a healthy day.

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