How To Heal The Emotional Body – Teal Swan

How To Heal The Emotional Body – Teal Swan

♪ Intro Music ♪ In truth, there is no High or Low
in this Universe but for the sake of our understanding, at the highest level of this Universe, all is integrated, all is one; at the lower levels, there are different dimensions and different facets of this Universe. The Universe is essentially un-integrated. And you are no different than
the Universe. In fact, you mirror and reflect
the Universe. At your highest level, all is integrated,
all is one. Your physical, aetheric, feeling,
thinking and spiritual bodies are all one. They’re all just Energy expressing Itself. At a lower level, these aspects of you are like different
dimensions of you. They are different expressions
of the same consciousness. They are overlaid upon one another. Today I’m going to talk to you about
the Feeling Body. The Feeling Body is what most people
call the Emotional Body. So you can use these two terms
interchangeably. Your Feeling Body is the truth of who
you are at a feeling-level. This layer of you contains the imprints of
the emotional aspect of your memories as well as your current emotional state. It is the bridge between our Physical
Selves and our Thinking Selves. The Feeling Body interprets and translates
the thoughts projected forth by both, your Consciousness and also, by your
Human Mind – into feeling-states or feeling-signatures. This is the first step that takes
place for a Being to have a first-hand Experience of a Thought. This enables the Thought to be actualized
instead of remain abstract, which in turn enables us to learn and gain awareness
better (and faster) and enables universal as well as Personal Expansion. Because of the Emotional Body, Man
is able to experience their own thoughts. The thoughts are converted into
feeling-impressions. The physical body then interprets those
feeling-impressions, as if translating the message. It converts those feeling-messages
into neuropeptides and hormones that cause the physical reactions in our
body that we call emotions. Emotions ranging from anger to fear,
to stress, to irritation, to love, compassion, hope and happiness. The Feeling Body specializes in feeling. Feeling is not only about emotion, it is about sensation and perception. Even though emotion does not exist
beyond the physical body, feelingdoesexist beyond
the physical body. An emotion is a physiological
experience of a feeling. A Feeling is a sensation-based perception and form of awareness. The Feeling Body is not an actual
tangible body like the physical body is. But it can be understood and represented through the format of an ‘actual’ body. Often you will find that the Emotional
Body represents itself symbolically to you in dream-time or in an Out-of-Body
Experience, through the context
of an actual ‘body’. With practice you won’t
need to facilitate an altered-consciousness experience,
like meditation, in order to see someone’s Emotional Body or, at least the symbolic representation
of their Emotional Body. You can switch your focus at will and see that layer of a person’s
Consciousness. Here’s an example of the first time I asked for the Emotional
Body of one of my relatives to convery itself as an
actual body-image. I had always considered myself to be more unstable and affected than
this particular relative of mine. After all he is stoic, he believes in hard work, he has a confident, independent air
about him, he has a “Gotta break some eggs to
make an omelette” attitude about life. But when his Feeling Body revealed
itself to me, it was gray-blue in color, it was hunched-over
at the shoulders, it was leaning lopsidedly to its left, its gaze was towards the floor, its movements were contained, and most shockingly of all, it was covered
(especially the left-side of its face) with large, disfiguring, raised-scars. Scars bad-enough
that it was as if they had been caused by a meat-grinder. The energy of my
relative’s Emotional Body was the energy of Suppression and deeply imprisoned Grief. Inherent within this experience is
a general tendency that you see within the Universe … that is, that when we
have a severe wound that is made to one level of our
Consciousness, the other level will compensate. For example: Somebody who is wounded on
an emotional level will compensate with their body. Someone who has a very weak or an unhealthy Emotional Body might have a very
strong and confident exterior body (‘physical’ body). Or, that same scenario – someone that has a weakened Emotional Body might display an extreme strength in their Spiritual Body – they may be able to induce out-of-body
experiences at will, they may be able to switch into a more
enlightened Perspective. But this compensation that’s done on one level or another, of a Being, creates a fractured Self. It creates a Consciousness that is in a state of Non-Integration. So whyisthe Feeling Body so important? It is the translator between the observer-based consciousness
of the Mind and first-person physical experience-based consciousness
of the Person. It is what makes us able us to experience
Thought as ‘real’. In fact, without your feelings nothing about your physical reality
would seem real. Your sense of Life, and feeling-based conclusions about Life, are contained within the Feeling Body. Your interpretations are contained within the Feeling Body. Your emotional trauma is contained within the Emotional Body. If your interpretations of Life are experienced as painful emotions, and if your sense of Life is painful, and if the feeling-based conclusions you’ve drawn about Life are painful, and if the feeling-state of your memories
are painful, and your feelings dictate what is real
and what is not, then your Feeling Body will continue
to convey those painful messages to the body – which will be interpreted as
unpleasant emotion within the body. This leads to an unhappy life. This leads to addiction. This leads to failed relationships. Basically, this leads to the physical
reflection of those emotional states. And you can not stop reliving, and reliving, the trauma. This means you can’t ever be
in the present moment. You can’t ever be fully present with
yourself in the here and now. Because the past trauma continues to come up again and again in order to reintegrate itself. It is asking you to become Whole. This means that if I experienced an interaction with my father when I was young where I felt abandoned – I will continue to create and manifest more and more and more scenarios over the course of my life where Ifeelabandoned. If healing must occur on the emotional and feeling level
of your life, then you must address those issues on the feeling and emotional level, no other level. But here’s the catch – The minute that you decide you need
tohealsomething about your emotions, you have now made an
enemy of your emotions. You have made them not OK. You’ve decided that you need tofix
something about them. And so, you are in a state of Resistance
to them. The minute you say “I need to heal” this implies you have to change or fix
something about yourself, which means that you disapprove
of yourself. Thebestway to damage yourself
emotionally is to look at yourself, as if something
needs to change. You know how painful it is to have someone
tell you that you are not OK the way you are,
that you have to be different. This is how the Feeling Body feels when we convey that it is not OK, that It needs to be different. If we approach our Feeling Body with an attitude of “I need to fix you!”, you have just taken a serrated knife
to a wound. You have not healed anything. So what’s the alternative? The alternative it to completely embrace your emotions and your feelings, no matter how painful or uncomfortable
they may be. The alternative is to completely be
present with and to sit with your emotions. It’s to learn from them – to hear what they want you to hear, to see what they want you to see. It is to be fully present, without asking them to change. We call this the process of Integration
instead of ‘Healing’. Every day, for 20 minutes at least and
any time you have a particularly intense emotional reaction to something,
find a quiet and comfortable place to completely be with how you feel. Observe the sensations and feelings
and emotions in your body. They will intensify as you focus on them. Breath continuously without unnecessary
pauses between-breaths, breathing in and out the nose. Notice the way you feel. Your entire goal is to be with
your feelings, which is to fully be with yourself. If you like, you can repeat one sentence to your
emotions, like a mantra “I am completely here with you now”. Keep in mind that this process is not only
for negative emotional states, it’s also for positive emotional states. It just so happens that we most often suppress, and try to distance ourselves from, negative emotional states. That’s why they are un-integrated. But some people find that being with their positive emotions is in fact, more difficult than being with their negative ones. After you have been with the emotion
completely no matter how uncomfortable it is, and you feel like you want to know more
about the emotion, ask yourself three questions. The first question is: “How do I feel?” This is the opportunity
to bring the feelings to your conscious awareness, andnamewhat is
occurring within you. Two: “When did I last experience
this exact same feeling?” Without looking for the answer, allow your Being to offer-up the answer like a stream washing something
downstream to you. Three: “When did I first experience
this same feeling in my life?” Again, without looking for the answer, allow your Being to offer-up the answer, like a stream washing something
downstream to you. If nothing comes,
be patient with that. The most important thing to realize
about this process is that it will unfold
exactly as it’s meant to. The most crucial part
of doing this process is to trust the process fully, because that’s to trust Yourself to know what It needs to do
to re-integrate, which It does. Oftentimes, when we, in our feeling-state, our charged feeling-state, experience that traumatic memory, the memory happened at such a young age that we did not have our cognitive
understanding yet. Our brain was not fully formed. We were in the Emotional Self instead of
in the Mental Self, because the Mental Self begins to kick-in
around 8-years old. So if you have integrated, or are in the process of integrating, a memory that happened before age 8, then you will know that you may not get solid images in
association with a memory. You may literally only be dealing with
emotions that you have no context for. That’s OK. Trust yourself. You not need to have cognitive
understanding unless you’re meant to have cognitive
understanding. Unless having that cognitive
understanding, that logical understanding, of what is occurring within you
emotionally is apartof you integrating and healing the Emotional Body. If you find yourself experiencing an emotionally-traumatic memory, observe the memory, and then, mentally alter the memory in a way that feels emotionally positive. This is what they call Inner-Child Work. For example: If you’re taken into a memory where
your father left you, imagine the Adult-You approaching
the Child-You, and, enabling the Child to feel better. Either become the stable parent
for your Inner Child or give the Child a reliable father figure
of their choice, or explain the entire situation
objectively to the Child, and help them to not take
the experience so personally. Altering a memory in this way actually changes the causation
of that trauma. All things you experience in your life, are in essence, an effect of the original trauma which you experienced in your childhood. When you go back in your mind, and you alter the experience in memory, you alter all of the branches that are coming off of that root. All of the symptoms, which are the surface events
that you are experiencing, will change as a result of it. You are affecting the blueprint
of your entire reality, because we live in a Universe where
Time does not exist. To demonstrate this process, I’m gonna have Blake show us how
it’s done. I’ll be leading him through the process. But, in reality, you’re going to be
leading yourself through this very same process – after you have sat with,
and been with, your emotion completely. You wanna do this whenever you have
a charged emotion. In other words, you wanna do this
whenever something in your reality upsets you. But you can also do it, in general,
as a check-in with Yourself. That’s what we’re gonna be doing with
Blake today. T: So, what I want you to do is
to close your eyes. T: and I want you to
continuously breath. T: So this is what it
should sound like. T: «breathes in and
out, to demonstrate» T: «breathes in and out, to demonstrate»
B: «follows Teal» We want no unnecessary pauses
between breaths. This allows our Consciousness to come to the present moment. Those unnecessary pauses happens only when the Consciousness
is disconnected from the present moment. When we are breathing in, that takes a bit of effort, but it takes no effort «exhales»
to release that breath. T: So tell us what you are feeling
in your body. B: Calm … a little bit of anxiety … T: Where is the anxiety? B: Kind of, like, in the center
of my body … B: Like in front of my spine … B: Up my spine … T: How do you know it’s anxiety? B: Because it feels like … unease … Teal: Did you see as he just
touched his face? Teal: What that means
is he’s trying to Teal: get rid off his attention
on that painful emotion. Teal: That’s why a lot of times Teal: when we are in meditation, Teal: we feel the
urge to scratch. Teal: That’s our body and our Being Teal: trying to distract us Teal: from being with
that painful emotion. Teal: So when you’re
doing this Process Teal: try to refrain from doing that. T: Express to us, as if you were
describing in a poem, T: what Anxiety feels like. B: Uh, it feels like static on the top
of water … T: Now I want you to internally, T: to recite to yourself, T: “I am completely here with you now”
to that feeling. B: Out loud? T: You’ll be doing it internally, mentally
when you’re doing this process. T: You could say it out loud right now,
if you want … B: “I am completely here with you
in this Process” T: Now, I want you to ask that
feeling-sensation within your body: T: “When was the last time I
experienced this?” T: “When was the last time that this
signature came to be?” B: When was the last time
or when was the first time? T: Last time. B: Over on the table over there … T: Does the emotion want you
to know anything T: about when you were
over on the table? T: Any images or … ? The answer might beNO,
it doesn’t matter. What we’re doing right now is becoming
completely present with that particular emotion. We’re getting to know it better. B: It wants me to stop drinking coffee … T: Interesting … B: Or, that it is, coffee … T: «laughs»
B: «laughs» B: Hell, I don’t know
how to tell it apart … T: That’s OK … We don’t want to take our thinking
mind into the emotions. We want the emotions to come up and meet the thinking mind,ifit wants to. T: So then I want you to ask yourself: T: “When was the first
time I ever experienced ” T: “this particular emotion?” B: “When was the first time I ever
experienced this emotion?” Keeping in mind that your,
your thinking mind will want to give you a laid-out scenario, but, don’t let your mind go looking
for that scenario. Sit with this … If you’re meant to receive images, or if you’re meant to receive any
cognitive understanding of that particular emotion,
itwillcome to you. Otherwise, you’re most likely
dealing with something you’ve experienced at
such a young age that you had no way of cognitively
understanding your experience, only emotionally understanding
your experience. B: In the crib … B: Uh, wondering if someone’s
going to come back … T: OK – so how did that come to you? T: Were you … was it
first-person perspective? T: Was it third-person perspective? B: Third-person … T: So you were watching yourself? B: Yeah … What that means, is that this particular memory was traumatic enough that the Consciousness separated from its first-person experience of it. This is theheartof Suppressed Memory. B: It was a mix – I saw both … T: That’s good – that
means that you, T: when you’re re-integrating
with first-person T: perspective, that means you’re
coming back into T: welcoming the experience. B: Totally experiencing Bulbous/Tiny right now. T: OK, well close your eyes –
we want that. Bulbous/Teeny is an experience
that you have, on a physiological level, or oftentimes when we’re dealing with
emotions that are too intense. It’s the feeling of being
very, very large and then very, very small … So he’s having a physiological reaction to the reintegration of this particular traumatic memory and emotion. B: Hey, just be here …
T: Sit with it … T: Do you see that Child? T: Now that you have been with that
emotion, T: as long you’re as not wanting to
escape from that emotion, T: it’s time for you to alter that memory. T: This is your opportunity to do T: whatever you need to do to make
that Child T: feel emotionally different … B: To? T: Or to be … T: Rather than say that – let’s say T: “To be completely with that Child’s
emotion” T: Do we need to pick the Child up? B: Yeah … T: Then, do … B: Myself, or somebody else? T: Which feels better? B: «amused , laughs» B: Uh, I think … I can’t understand
myself pickup up myself … T: Who would the Child want to
have … pick it up? T: An Angel, a Guide? … … Who? B: Sure – a Light Being … T: OK, now imagine a Light Being
going over T: and picking up that baby … T: and comforting the baby and
telling the baby that its not alone… T: Whatever words
need to be conveyed T: or emotions, T: or actions need to be conveyed T: in order to be present with that Child T: in that state of emotion – T: that’s what we want to do … B: I dunno what will make … B: I mean this … Bulbous/Teeny
is … intense … T: Then be with that emotion T: See right now, it’s so intense T: that you want to escape
from the emotion … But that’s what we do when
we smoke cigarettes, that’s what we do when
we try to exercise, that’s what we do when
we get other people to act in a way that
makes us feel better. We’re trying to escape the emotion … which doesn’t allow for integration. T: Breath … continuously
into that emotion … T: «breathes» B: It’s feeling better … B: It’s OK … T: Now can you watch the Child T: being picked up by the Light Being? T: Enable that Light Being to tell the
Child T: that its never going to be left behind. B: I’m trying to feel like,
what that would feel like – B: being ‘picked up’ But
I can’t really get there B: because I’m still in this …
other feeling … T: Well, do you feel like you need to sit T: with that emotion longer? B: Yeah. T: Then do that. T: Don’t forget to breath … The minute we stop
continuously breathing, we have gone back into time instead of bringing time forward into where we are. We are no longer in the present. B: Oh, words of affirmation ought
to make It feel better. T: Good. B: Which is weird, because
I’m usually so resistant to that. T: That’s part ofwhyyou’re
so resistant to that. B: Why? Because … ? T: No, that’s for another
day … «giggles» T: You will find out the Why of your life, T: and the Meaning of your
life, and the coincidence, T: and the coherence, I should say, T: between everything T: once you start doing this Process. T: So what I … what I …
I want you to try something … B: OK … T: This is an Intuitive-thing for me … T: I want you to try picking that baby up T: and fashioning a carrier
around that aspect T: of your Consciousness,
your Adult Consciousness T: A carrier around your body,
like a baby carrier T: Put that baby inside of the carrier T: and say – “I’m never going to
put you down” T: “You’re never going to
be in a crib again”. B: OK … T: How do you feel emotionally? B: Uhm, not sure I trusted that … T: What is it going to take for the
Child to trust that? T: Time? B: I suppose … i don’t know … T: Ask the Child … T: Even though they can’t use words,
cause they’re that young T: they can convey emotions. T: It was you,
you’ll have an internal knowing B: Uhm, ‘play’ or something … T: Then do that … This is our opportunity as adults to meet our child’s, internal child’s,
needs. This is our opportunity … to …becompletely with them in
the feeling that they feel. To enable them to feel
emotionally better. B: I’ve experienced this … B: … this Bulbous/Teeny, like,
throughout my whole life. B: More so, when I was, like …
under 10? … B: Ah, but I’ve never felt it this
intense. B: Maybe … back then, was when
I felt it most intensely, B: but right now, it’s just …
so heavy … T: That means that that feeling
is it’s own feeling-signature T: which is attached
to the other one T: which you originally
went looking for, T: and this is the one that wants
to be re-integrated now. B: OK … T: So what you wanna do T: is stay completely with
the Bulbous/Teeny … B: Yeah … T: … Itself and ask those same
questions, of It … T: “When was the last time I felt this?” T: “When was the first time I felt this?” B: Last time I felt this … B: … it’s a few months ago …
a year ago … T: Conditions? B: Oh, I don’t know …
maybe in bed distressed … B: … or stressed about the situation … T: That’s why its linked to stress.
B: Yeah … T: OK – so let’s go back … T: “When was the first time I
experienced this experience?” B: I feel like if I put a number on it,
it’s like, 2 … T: Don’t put a number on it. T: I just want you to be
with those emotions. T: You may not …
this may besoyoung, T: that you don’t have any
cognitive understanding T: of this emotion. B: Probably … T: Just go all … go back … T: When you ask yourself that question, T: instantly your Being will transport you T: to that original … emotion. B: I almost feel like I’ve never
felt like this before … T: OK, explain it, describe it … B: I … it just … uhm, I don’t know, B: my hand feels like it’s …
it’s like … a building … B: … and I’m … T: Good, continue to
breath into that feeling … B: This is so heavy … T: “I am completely
here with you now” B: «whispers» “I am completely
here with you now” T: Ask if there’s anything this feeling
wants you to know … Keep in mind that this Process may be very long for you to do. Somebody like Blake, who’s been
in the practice of identifying their emotions,
and being with their emotions, for a great many years, will be able to facilitate this
process much quicker. So, don’t be upset with yourself if this takes you a long time to do. B: “Is there anything this feeling wants
me to know right now?” T: Or see … T: Or hear … B: I feel like I’m swimming
around in, like, B: infant-memories kinda …
maybe even birth … T: Mmm-hmmm … B: It might be birth … T: It might be in-utero … B: Yeah … B: Maybe right …
right before birth … T: Yes … B: Yeah – like coming out …
T: Mmm-hmmm B: of the womb, I guess …
B: Whoa! T: «giggles»
T: Yeah … B: I thought it was impossible to remember
something like this? T: Hell, no … T: In fact, we all remember it, we’ve
just suppressed the memory. B: Uh, yeah – it’s coming out … T: Do you believe in
Suppressed Memory yet? B: Unh … … guess so … T: «laughs» B: Yeah, it’s like the feeling of birth. B: It’s like falling out … B: It’s like I’m so heavy that I’m
falling out … or … B: … so suppressed … T: Well, when the waters break, T: that’s the first time you will
actually feel the pull of gravity. B: Yeah … T: Did that occur to you? B: Yeah, it feels like gravity … B: Feels like I’m going to fall
through the floor … T: «laughs» Yeah … B: Okay … B: Yeah, it sucks … T: «laughs» T: So how do you support this baby? B: Ah… T: Just re-experience it … go through
the birth process … B: How do I support it? B: «mumbles» T: Just be with it, you’re not ready yet,
can you feel that? T: The first, well it
wasn’t the very first, T: but one of the first times
you abandoned yourself, emotionally, T: is when you were experiencing that
and you wanted to pull back from that. T: So, right now,
in the process of re-integration T: has you going back through
that process with yourself. B: «whispers» Sure … OK … … So … T: «laughs» T: Can you … B: No, I’m just like shaking …
and heavy and … B: So now, I’m cold … T: Hmmmm … T: Classic birth experience. B: «jokingly» “It’s cold out here!” T: Do you feel like you wanna
be with those emotions, T: or would you like to change
the causation? B: What do you mean? T: Changing the causation means
to make some alteration T: to the causation of that emotion. T: How could you make that experience …
different? B: Uh, understanding? T: Yes. It’s important that
he just said that because even the act of observing and being with this, has altered it forever. T: Do you feel like you need
to do anything more T: with the memory? T: Do feel like you need
to witness the baby T: being supported and comforted and
in a space of warmth? T: What needs to happen? B: I don’t think so, actually … T: Nice … B: Yeah, just kind of
going through that, B: and maybe knowing
what it is now … B: That was really good … T: Keep … keep breathing … B: It was like a … … … relief? T: That’s because your were completely
present with yourself. T: This was one of the first times you
did not abandon yourself. Teal: Which you do, abandon yourself, Teal: any time you
want to get away from Teal: an emotion that you’re feeling, Teal: or change it, Teal: or fix it. Teal: Uh-oh, the whole Self-Help
Industry is out-the-window! T: «laughs»
B: «laughs» T: So now, with your cognitive
understanding, T: seeing as how you experienced T: that feeling we just went into T: as something that’s
happening in real time, T: because it was ‘triggered’? T: That memory – your
birth-trauma memory, T: was triggered by something
happening today T: which is nothing but
a reflection – a mirror – T: of that original experience. T: So, what experience do you find T: keeps replicating itself
throughout your life, T: as a mirror of that original
birth experience? T: Cause that is a feeling-signature
that continues, when … ? B: Stress! T: Uh-huh … and why are you in
stress right now? B: I have no idea … «laughs» T: Are you kidding me? B: What … just filming? T: We’re moving … B: Yeah, we’re moving …
away from home … T: «laughs» B: «laughs» T: That, my friend, is to be present
with yourself, completely. T: Thank you, Blake … Writing about your
experience with being with your Feeling
Body is a good idea because it will not only make
your Emotional Body feel as if you care about it, it will help you to understand
and integrate the experience you have just had. Keep this in mind as you go about your life and your day. Anytime you experience something as upsetting or uncomfortable, it is a triggered memory. You are not, in fact, living anything
new in your life. You are experiencing nothing
but reflections from your childhood. There is no exceptions to this rule. The reason that we are soreactive, we get upset, we blame the person who is coming towards us, and ‘causing’ us to feel that way – is because we are unwilling to fully be with our Emotional Body, to be with our feeling-impressions, and to reintegrate them. So don’t shoot the messenger. These experiences which cause extreme emotion to arise within us are messengers from our subconscious. They’re begging you to reintegrate your Emotional Body. They’re begging you to reintegrate and become
whole with yourself. So listen to them, and be with them, and have a good week … ♪ Outtro Music ♪ ♪ Outtro Music ♪ Subtitles by the community

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  11. יי yuvalzak Post author

    That is so much close to internal family system
    I love you teal thank you for your amazing work.

  12. Alexandra Ledesman Post author

    12:47 If you find yourself experiencing an emotionally traumatic memory observe the memory and then mentally alter the memory in a way that feels emotionally positive. This is what they call inner child work.

  13. Bryan D Post author

    Thank you so much, I've been so sad about going back home from my study abroad trip and so I've been waking up anxious every morning during this past week. i've been slowly learning to accept what i can't control and accept my emotions, but it's a learning process. distracting myself from these emotions no longer feels good cause it's still there. at the end of the day, whether i'm with friends or alone, i am going to be with myself. i'm tired of running from me. the exercise helped me identify that i started feeling this anxiety when i first moved away from home when i was 8. i can't believe that memory is still so painful 13 years later.

  14. Lorenzo Post author

    If you don’t heal the emotional body, it’ll always be a point of attraction.

    This was a breakthrough (or shall I say, the missing piece that brought it all together) for me.

  15. Raydn Post author

    As someone who’s meditated a fair bit, although still a beginner for sure, I find that as soon as I try to focus on the emotion it starts to fade instead of intensify because I’m not focused on the negative thought anymore. Gonna keep working at this and trying to see what I can make of it but that’s been my observations thus far. Anyone else experience this?

  16. LEI ITIS Post author

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  17. Monie Massey Post author

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  18. Stella S Post author

    I asked my higher self to give me an emotion I need to accept and I felt this empty, dark, terror. It looked like a black room with dark heavy energy and my body felt so heavy and tense, then I asked for the last time I felt this and nothing came to mind then I asked for the first time I felt this and for some reason the words “the first time you realized your parents are going to die someday” and I started crying and shaking. I put myself in the memory and hugged my inner child and explained that we are all one and we are all love and connected so my parents will never actually leave me, we will always be connected.
    It’s funny because I knew I needed healing in regards to fear of death, and it makes sense that my first time understanding or thinking about death was realizing my parents will die before I do. I didn’t even know that. Amazing stuff. Ask your higher self and you will receive.

  19. MMA GUY Post author

    I avoided a fight in my own home. It left me in a freeze state. I guess I must release those emotions somehow?

  20. It's what You make it Post author

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  21. warizoh Post author

    Okay, this is what happened when I did this exercise. I felt a lot of anxiety, that was why I wanted to watch this video. I said I am completely present with you now and I felt the strong anxiety. I asked myself 'when did you last feel like this?' Answer: Last time I was with a guest after they left. When was the first time I felt like this? When I was a small child and I was alone. I started to cry remembering this. I stayed with myself. Asked if I wanted to be picked up by someone. My dad. I felt myself crying in his arms and feeling relief to be seen and to have him present with me. And feeling physically safe. I reminded myself ro Keep breathing several times through this cause I felt a reflex to strain my breathing and go into my head. I asked myself as a child what it wants. Be present with myself. Saw that I continually abandoned myself any time I feel anxiety. Said to myself that I am here with you now. Then Blake and Teal talked about birth and Blake being born and how that was scary. I went through that with them and saw that separation was created within me when I was born with a C-section and I did not experience the transition into this world. I loved the feeling when Blake said he felt cold and felt gravity. I felt myself going through a real birth and I also hugged myself hard cause that was what I needed when I was born. And then to feel the warmth and feel that this world is different and it is good. And that me spirit is one with this world. And that it is safe to be here. Right now I feel gratitude for being here and for being aware in all of this. I feel that life makes sense and that I am part of this process of life. Now I just want to keep breathing . . .

  22. P B Post author

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  23. peachy at Post author

    when i was younger i was raped, and i dissociated from my body to the point where now i can’t even go back into my body when i try the process, i’m not willing to do it, it feels like death. all i see whenever i try to do the process is just him doing it to me and me not moving at all.

    and i don’t really know how to go about it. the memories i have scare me so much, i passed out like halfway though it, the pain was unbearable, the words he kept repeating, how i couldn’t even say no because i didn’t know what was going on.

    i kinda want some tips on how to deal with dissociation.. my previous therapist just told me to get over all my thoughts and i couldn’t deal with it.

  24. Creatures Pictures Post author

    I was doing the exercice and 2 childhood memories came up. In one of them, I’ve felt a fear that was absolutely not justified or that I can’t find an explanation for. How would I know if I have any repressed memories? Also why do I feel like like, as the adult observer, i have to go back to present time and I have to abandon myself in an unsafe environment, when I really want to take myself with me?

  25. Flux it Post author

    I sat there and did it along and it is intense, I felt those feelings and the thoughts associated when I first felt them once I finished I could look back and see that it no longer felt painful, I no longer feel abandoned or worried about being abandoned because for once I did not abandon myself. Thank you Teal.

  26. Run now Post author

    I was born with my umbilical cord surronding my neck and I couldnt breath I was actually purple, and it was my father who push me back "into my mom", and I feel like that might explain why I always felt rejected by him and why everytime I'm supposed to express myself I run out of breath and air cant pass and I feel rejected, judge. During the exercise you say that we need to feel the emotion, the feeling but we also have to keep breathing, but I was actually enable to breathe so how can I process it what am I suppose to do ?

  27. Katerina S Post author

    Teal, I would like to ask a queation. I did this process with a particular memory. It was horrible!!! But now I can't even remember the memory. It is gone. I have tried more times to recall it but I can't! Does it mean I have healed it?

  28. The_HQ- Lacerta Post author

    oh it makes me so sad when Teal says, "that is the very first time you didn't abandon yourself." Just to hear someone say that knowing that abandonment is the cruelest thing that could be done to anything in the world just makes me so sad. love you teal. love you blake. You two are the best.

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  30. avocado melt Post author

    Oh my….”bulbous teeny” you said?? As a kid I used to have these recurring dreams/thoughts before falling asleep where I would see a 3-d animated-looking man against a white background stretching to an extremely skinny almost stick-like figure and then all of his limbs and body parts quickly blowing up disproportionately large like balloons and it would repeat over and over and I always wondered why I always had those dreams. It’s so weird to hear that there is an explanation for it years later.

  31. Life Death Post author

    All bases covered – do nothing if not whatever or you will most likely not, not be without joy and the sense of fulfilment we are all so reliant on and involved with when casting nature.

  32. Kim A Post author

    I love the music in the beginning of all of her videos. It sounds like a trance meditation. Can anyone tell me what the name of it is? or anything similar to it that I can find?

  33. Krystal Sadashiva Post author

    Thank you, Teal. Any time I feel the need to escape myself I'll just say I'm completely here with you now. ?

  34. stef0619 Post author

    I hope you can answer this question: how can one do the exercise you did with Blake if one has no ability to visualize? My therapist has tried to do these types of excersise but I can't "see" anything. My thoughts and memories are always in forms of words and feelings.

  35. Andy Lami Post author

    I've seen this video 100 times and I feels like it is not sticking in my mind and can't get enough of it

  36. Jessica Olmons Post author

    For 20 minutes when you’re triggered or just check in in general. Be with the emotion “ I am completely with you.” Ask yourself 3 questions: 1. How do I feel? 2. When did I last experience this exact same feeling? 3 when did I first experience the same feeling in my life? Let the answer flow to you like a stream of water not forcing to find an answer. If you are experiencing a traumatic experience, replace the feeling by altering the memory with a model or such.

  37. sunrisefun Post author

    I've been looking for a technique like this for ages but I didn't know how exactly it's done. It was so powerful. Thank you!

  38. Salvage Art Post author

    you are such a great teacher i instantly feel better when i listen to your videos. thank you so much for the work that you do

  39. cr8ive Post author

    How to know when there is a release of an blocked or painful emotion and that you're making progress…

  40. Rick Ouellette Post author

    some of this is very similar to EFT (emotional freedom technique). and this is by far my favorite video, and I have been watching your videos steady for a couple of months now. My issue was a fear of abandonment, So I would push them away 1st and I didn't get hurt. Thank you so much. Namaste

  41. Katelyn Lindberg Post author

    I just took about half an hour and did this exercise. I sobbed uncontrollably I think from relief when i changed the scenario and someone came in, scooped me up in their arms and took me away from the situation that was very traumatizing. I’ll continue to do this with my feelings. Thank you for sharing this video with us. This is a shining example of what humanity looks like. You can help people, so you do. ?

  42. Bianca Sadusky Post author

    I am grateful that you walked the path you did so you can bring this knowledge to me and others. I was just made less scared of sensations I have experienced through my life. Itś like you put a language to a wordless realm for me . I fel seen and like I've discovered and old friend in myself that knew all this all along but somehow felt that there was no place for it in this reality. #educatingme

  43. Baude Delini Post author

    I got share this I saw my self rapt in a blanket could not bread and I felt so desperate had to bread deep and open my eyes I couldn't breathe for a second!a felt good when I imagine my pretty neighbor holding me and my mom smiling,

  44. Jessica Olmons Post author

    Sit with and be with your emotion. Continually breathe.
    What you're feeling in your body? Where is it in the body?

    "I am completely here with you right now"

    When was the last time you have this feeling?
    – let the emotion come to the thinking mind

    When was the first time you experience this feeling?
    – Let the emotion or experience come up to you, not your thinking mind go looking for it

    Be with the child. Sit with it until it's ready to be picked up. Who would he/she want to be picked up? Or what action would make it feel better?

    If there's anything this emotion wants you to know?

    Keep in mind this process might be long.

    write about the experience being with emotional body


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