How To Heal A Concussion Fast (My Concussion Accident On Set and Concussion Recovery Tips)

How To Heal A Concussion Fast (My Concussion Accident On Set and Concussion Recovery Tips)

(piano music) – Have you suffered a concussion? Because I have. Watch this video to see
the treatment options I was recommended and
what I actually tried. So three years ago today, I
suffered a concussion at work. So I was just standing, doing
my job, and somebody was working up above on the ceiling
and they happened to drop a ten pound frame on my head. I was rushed to the hospital. I had stitches. So I guess you could say I
was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s still hard for me to talk about and I had to take a year off work. So stick with me as I share
with you my journey on what I went through, what recovery
options I did, and how you can get through this
process because if I can do it, so can you. Acupuncture was one of my
most recommended treatments between my family, friends,
strangers, everyone’s like “Do it! Do it! Do it!” so even though I’m a little
bit afraid of needles, I really wanted to heal this
concussion so I tried anything and everything. So I sat down, she put a
bunch of needles in my head, my neck, my hands, my chest
and within five minutes, I was getting a huge
heatwave and like violently throwing up. Some people said it was good
because it kinda gets all the bad stuff out. I personally did not enjoy it. I’m not quite sure if that
helped me in specific but I’m glad I tried it and I think
everything contributed to me getting back on the right road. BEST: Bio-energetic
synchronization technique so essentially, from what I remember three years ago, it’s a hands-on technique and
it’s covered under the realm of chiropractic medicine that’s
all about holding pressure points on the body and working
with electromagnetic energy. The point is to stimulate
an energy flow so that the nervous system can
pick up on the fact that the energy is flowing and
that will signal the brain to cause everything to relax
so it can start to heal. Physiotherapy goes without saying. I went to a specific physiotherapy
clinic that dealt with and specialized in concussions. They did a lot of exercises
like with on a paper, memory thing, walking in a
straight line, just they kinda go through their protocol. It’s just practice non-stop,
every single day and you gotta make sure you are going
to your appointments. Another thing I tried was reiki. Have you guys heard of that? Essentially, it’s just energy
healing so you lay down on one of those massage chairs while
somebody kinda puts their arms over you so there’s nothing
invasive and tries to open up those chakras and get things flowing. I think out of all the things
I’ve tried, nature therapy has been my number one. Just to be in the forest if
you can get out at any point, even if it’s in little bursts,
I know it’s hard with all the sun and the lights. Do it. You get some oxygen into your brain and it just helps move things along. Having a good relationship
with your family doctor is essential. I was going back to mine every
week, then every two weeks, then every three weeks, I was
recommended to a couple of neurologists to get
additional testing done. I had an MRI. So without that close knit
relationship, I wouldn’t have been able to try out all these
different techniques and just the goal here was to heal, of
course, but it’s the brain. It’s unpredictable and just get
as many opinions as I could. Do I think I’m 100% healed
now three years into it? No, but I would say maybe
90, 95% I do still experience the concussion symptoms. One symptom that has stayed
with me from beginning to end are the headaches/migraines. They feel like pressurized
I guess brain squeezes is the best way I could word that. So I would just be having a
regular conversation and then everything in me would just tense up. My brain just felt like it
was swelling or squeezing or somebody was like stabbing
it and then it would release after a minute. I’m sure everybody has a bit
of a different experience but that’s what stayed with
me from beginning to end. Some other things I did was
research brain healthy foods. Anything from like walnuts to broccoli. I just tried to get as much
healthy food in me as possible. Yes, that made me lose a bit of weight. That was not the intention but
I definitely think it helped get the juices going again. I tried to do a lot of puzzles
because you cannot be on the computer. You have to really
minimize your screen time. So I just tried to research
and got my family and friends to research any brain
activities, brain healthy food, and that definitely aided in my recovery. I’m a big believer in holistic health. I don’t like to take too many
pain killers so throughout my journey, I also saw a naturopath. He gave me a lot of supplements,
just kept me going on a more natural recovery path so
if you do have access to that, that is something I strongly
believe in and suggest. If I could give you guys
two little mini tips, number one is do not go back
to work before you’re ready ’cause if you have insurance
that will definitely mess it up. Number two, if you push
yourself before you’re ready, it’ll take twice as
long for you to recover. That is not a me fact. That is an actual statistic so
please take care of yourself. This is the brain we’re talking about. You only get one. It is going to be hard. It’s not going to be pleasant. So make sure you have a good
relationship with your doctor or your concussion specialist. Just have some patience. So if you know somebody
dealing with a concussion and you’re watching this
video to get some more tips and solutions to help them,
the most important thing you can do is to be there for them. I remember going through it,
sitting in a dark room for hours on hours, and it was
just difficult and painful and if it wasn’t for the support
of my friends and family, it would’ve been one
tough year to get through. If you’re healing from a
concussion and you want to know anymore details from all
the treatments I’ve tried, comment below and let’s connect. If you’ve enjoyed this video
so far and you found it helpful at all, please like it by
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14 comments on “How To Heal A Concussion Fast (My Concussion Accident On Set and Concussion Recovery Tips)

  1. Olivia Gudaniec Post author

    Have you suffered a concussion? Do you know anyone that has a concussion? Has this video inspired you or given you any new tips on the recovery process? Let me know by commenting below please and thanks!

  2. AfricaBAB Post author

    Thanks for the vulnerable share and being honest about your experience with the different techniques. The major one to me was not going back to work (or a ton of activity) before you are ready. It really makes everything take longer. I did it after knee surgery. Our society is framed around working and productivity and busyness. If at all possible, allow yourself time to heal completely so you can be at your best.

  3. Lisa Jeane Post author

    Thank you for your video! I suffered from a pretty severe concussion off and on for several months – it was scary as hell! 8 capsules of fish oil a day was my saving grace. Concussions are no joke.

  4. Samantha Ste Marie Post author

    My husband has had three concussions in the last two years!! It's definitely a struggle and everyone feels it differently. These tips are awesome!!!

  5. Rui Post author

    Great video! I suffered one almost 3 months ago… oh boy, it has been a ride. Im now starting alfernative therapies cause mainstream medicine just says: give it time. Im booked acupuncture and also gonna look for reiki. The diet i have been noticing is one of the most important stuff.. lots of antioxidants and more meals per day. I would like to connect so we could exchange more details. Thanks and good luck to everyone struggling!

  6. soul76can Post author

    Acupuncture was horrible for me as was physio. I don’t know where my concussion originated from because I was hit from the side so my head, neck, jaw and face all took a severe blow. As soon as I tried to lay on my stomach and put my face on that donut for acupuncture, I felt immense pressure in my face and head and the next day I spent in bed because I was dizzy, spaced out, nauseous, ear ringing, it was terrible. So my next session I tried sitting and same thing happened again because you have to put your face in that donut so I said forget it. I don’t care if they say the bad is coming out, when my concussion symptoms are increasing 10 fold after a session, I say no, this is not good, personally.

    Next was even a neck massage, same thing, spurred all the concussion symptoms. My neck is very temperamental.

    I am eating Keto now which has shown to be helpful in TBI. Here is an interesting study for those interested:

    It’s so hard because no one really understand unless you have been there. So explaining to people, they nod but don’t really get it. I pray every night that this will end someday. ?

    I don’t know what to try next?

  7. soul76can Post author

    I wanted to ask you a personal question about concussions if that is okay? If so, How can I DM you? Thanks.


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