How To Give Yourself A Fever | Overnight Method

How To Give Yourself A Fever | Overnight Method

Greetings boys and girls. In this video, we’re going to be learning
how to give yourself a fever, because a self induced fever is just such a great idea and
you should definitely be attempting it. “Queries of the Interweb.” Having a fever means you have a raised body
temperature. So if you want to give yourself a fever, you
want to raise the temperature of your body. So let’s talk about that. You can raise the temperature of your body
using medical assistance. But let’s be honest, most of you watching
this video are probably teenagers trying to skip school. So the chances of you being able to afford
medical assistance is zero and let’s face it, your mothers’ not going to pay for medical
assistance for you to get a fever so you can fake your own sickness. Let’s stay away from the medically assisted
methods. So here’s how we’re going to raise our body
temperature. We’re going to do it together. Here’s what you’re going to do. You are going to run yourself a hot bath. Make that bath as hot as you can. Whatever your threshold for heat is… find
out what will burn you, and then just back it up a little bit. You’re going to get in that bath for about
half an hour okay. It’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable,
but it’s not going to do any physical damage to you; or at least it shouldn’t if you don’t
make it that hot. So after you’ve been soaking in the hot bath
for about half an hour, you’re going to get out. The bath is going to keep your temperature
up for about 6 to 8 hours, but there’s somethings you can do to prolong that. You’re about to go to bed, put a ton of blankets
on your bed okay, more blankets that you need. Cover yourself, keep yourself heated. Now I’m not a hundred percent sure if this
works but a lot of people on the internet are saying that if you take onions and put
them under your armpits as you sleep, that’s going to help elevate the temperature as well. It’s not scientifically proven, but a lot
of people say it works so why not give it a shot. So you’ve taken a hot bath, you’ve covered
yourself with a ton of blankets and now you’re in bed with onions under your armpits. I’m sure your parents would be very proud
of you right now. This next step is probably going to help a
lot okay. Don’t sleep. Stay up, do your insta-twitter, your snap-vine… I don’t know whatever the teenagers are doing
these days. Stay up late okay. Sleep deprivation is going to go a long way
towards making you look like you are one sick little kid the next day or sick grown-up if
you’re a grown-up doing this, in which case you need to be ashamed of yourself. By the time the sun comes up, you’re going
to be hot, you’re going to be sleepy and you’re probably going to be regretting every decision
you made up to that point. I told you a self induced fever was a great
idea. There you have it boys and girls. Now you know how to give yourself a fever. Don’t tell your mother about this video and
enjoy your sick day off, and if you have enough energy left in you, go ahead and hit that
subscribe button. Thanks for watching ya’ll, but for real this
is a very bad idea and you shouldn’t be doing it. Peace!

49 comments on “How To Give Yourself A Fever | Overnight Method

  1. Queries Of The Interweb Post author

    A Self-Induced fever, is just such a great idea #goodlifechoices. Comment below and let me know if you actually try this! Don't forget to subscribe 🙂

  2. Hey you Are cool and cute but Post author

    The only reason I want to do this is because one of my friends hurt my feelings ( I’m sensitive) and it was in school and I don’t want to go to school cause I feel like everyone is gonna talk about it and I don’t wanna be embarrassed

  3. Gabriela Roberts Post author

    After suffering from two anxiety attacks and a burnout from all this schoolwork I’m seriously gonna just burn tonight I really can’t handle it

  4. B a n Post author

    I don't wanna go to school because this is what happened today lmao (it friday btw) (IM A GIRL,, REMEMBER THAT WHILE READING!!)
    Sooooo we went to our next class which is science, this girl who sits in front of me starts talking to me (I'm not saying her name tho,,). I have been drawing basically for the rest of my life. So I do draw pretty well, she likes the doodles I did on this worksheet our teacher gave us. She says if I can teach her to draw, I say sure why not?? Then she starts drawing a naked girl,(and she drew the frickin nipples and sh*t like bish tf)) I felt a little uncomfortable but I agreed to help her, so I told her that is not how you properly draw it. I drew a girl like her, (and with the "details" if you know what I'm saying?). and told her to copy it (use the reference or whatever), she was about to but then this girl next to her took the both drawings we made (the "naked" girls). and started to show it to one of her friends. she was laughing pretty loud, everyone stopped their conversations and looked at her, the teacher noticed this and came over to take it out of her hands and asked who drew it. thats when i started panicking!!! everybody looked at me ,(everyone knew i could draw well). and the teacher noticed and asked if i drew it. i started babbling words out of my mouth? then she just yelled "just say YES or NO???" i said yes and looked away emberassed at myself, Why did i agree to do this!??!? i thought to myself? she just took it (she is a subtitute,, too lazy to mention it earlier sorry lol) then our actual teacher came back from copying papers, and she showed him what i drew. he looked at me like "wtf??" be kept staring at it for like a minute, ewww…
    so we went to our next class, nobody mentioned it luckily. thats why im hella scared to go to school on monday,, i dont want them to tell my parents!!!
    EDIT: I have such bad luck (TuT)

  5. shadowunikat849 Post author

    You know me so well and i dont even know you… now the onyl thing standing between me and skipping middle school is my mom…

  6. MissWolfStorm 101 Post author

    Everyone here wants to just avoid going to school. Meanwhile…

    I just want a good reason not to go out with friends

  7. UwU_Girl UwU_Girl Post author

    So I’m going to try this
    Edit:I went in the shower and my head is light headed I can’t even Write normaly Oh and also it was a pain in the ass when I went to bathe
    Edit 2:I’m really tired and it’s only 7:42 PM
    It’s really hard too breathe too I’m under 2 really thicc blankets
    Edit 3:It’s 8 PM And I’m really sweaty And I’m still light headed ?
    Edit 4:I told my mom that I’m not feeling well and she took my temperature and guess what I’m going to school bc I don’t have temperature ?

  8. Saw Day Post author

    I played outside on 3:00 am through 7:00 pm I kept playing even thought my mom told me to go inside so when I came in I felt HIT next day I felt better went to school and had a very very high temperature so I went to the nurse and they told me I have to go home so I went home went to the docter and they said I had a virus p.s it's better if it's windy and cold

  9. Gacha Lucy Post author

    Idk if this is going to work, but I'm gonna try it and hopefully it works cause I'm sick and my mom won't let me stay home (I don't have a fever or anything) so uh yep
    Edit: mum said I can stay home tomorrow if I still feel bad so I'm going to do the method so I can be really sick cuz I don't think I'm gonna feel bad tomorrow but ye

  10. StinTynn Post author

    Pro tip:

    After everytime you watches on of these School Skipping videos, make sure to delete this video in History Tab on YouTube… 😀

  11. cheeseburger Post author

    What if I don't have a bathtub??? I only have a large bucket and I scoop water from it and I can barely fit in lmao

  12. Nutela Nat77 Post author

    have that year where you are sick all winter break but feeling 100 times better when its the first day back at school

  13. December Domingo Post author

    The only reason I did this is because my mom embarrassed me in front of a group of boys lmao bro I just got out the shower now I got to take a bath also I'm scared I'm gonna die by doing this lmao

  14. Itz Ramirez :D Post author

    I’m gonna try this, I have 4 heavy blankets and 3 light blankets, I also have a sweatshirt and pajamas. I’m gonna try it without the bath since it’s 1:00 A.M.

    Edit: it’s been 4 hours I have a headache and I’m VERY SWEATY AND HOT.


  15. XxTitanium xX Post author

    Or in my case 5th grader who wants to skip terry fox run day because i can use the fundrasier bc of my past

  16. Isabella Martin Post author

    Ok I’m going to try this and update y’all so I’ll take a shower at like 4 am but I will stay up and then I’ll get on a lot of layers until 6:00 and then I’ll Change before my mom comes to make sure I’m up

  17. Ya Yeet Post author

    Okay so I’m already home from school by haveing a low fever but I feel guilty so I’m doing this

    So it’s about 7:25 and I’m getting ready to start

    Now it’s 7:45 and I’m getting in

    It’s 8:15 and I’m finished (it was miserable and i got super dizzy and I couldn’t stand up)

    Now it’s 8:35 and I have sweatpants a giant sweatshirt and a blanket on. I’m doing nothing rn except for watching tv waiting for my temperature to go up

    Edit 1: it 2:00 and my temperature went up like .3 degrees and then went to 98.9 degrees. I think I’ll take another bath tonight and go to sleep and see if it’ll work for later because it’s Saturday tomorrow

    So it’s 10:15 and I just took a hot hot shower for about 20 minutes. I don’t suggest taking longer than that. Also I didn’t take a bath cause I’m too tired for that

    It’s 10:30 and I’m wearing joggers a sweatshirt sitting in my bed heater under my big blanket wearing some nice socks. I’m drinking some hot tea and I’m so hot rn

    It’s almost 11:45 and I’m tired (Ik I’m supposed to stay up later but whatever) and I hope it works cause I feel awful. Also I’m only doing this for future reference cause tomorrow it’s saturday


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