How to Get Rid of Migraine Naturally Without Medication

At Atlas Spinal Care, we are happy to keep
you up to date on exciting advances in the world of Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Recently, the results of a pilot research
study on the use of atlas vertebra realignment to reduce migraine headache symptoms has been
published in the prestigious medical journal BioMed Research International. The research
paper was co-authored by Dr. D. Gordon Hasick and Dr. H. Charles Woodfield III, two highly
revered doctors in the NUCCA organization. The study indicated that the National Upper
Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) protocol may be beneficial for people who
suffer with migraines. The study focused on 11 subjects who were diagnosed with migraine
by a medical neurologist. Atlas subluxation (misalignment of C1) was detected in each
of them and the goal of the NUCCA intervention was to correct the position of the atlas vertebra
to remove any mechanical obstruction present from the atlas subluxation. The NUCCA chiropractic
care was provided for 8 weeks. Results indicated a significant reduction in headache days although
it was indicated that a future study with controls is needed to confirm the observations. “While future research is needed to substantiate
these initial findings, looking at the underlying physiology of migraine with cutting edge imaging
while providing a low risk and effective treatment for migraine is exciting,” said co-author
Dr. H. Charles Woodfield III, Director of Research for the Upper
Cervical Research Foundation in Minneapolis, MN. Interestingly, nearly all of the migraine
sufferers reported a past injury to their head and neck, like concussion or whiplash.
Dr. Tymothy L. Flory, head and neck specialist in Southern California and board certified
NUCCA instructor was quoted for the news release saying, “In this research study we measured
significant improvement in quality of life reported by the migraine sufferers, and we
are beginning to shed light on the physiological mechanism of what causes migraine headaches.” At Atlas Spinal Care, our focus is on restoring
head and neck function, an approach we find to be effective in bringing relief to migraine
sufferers. In so doing, our team of doctors aims to help patients feel better and live
bigger. While our clinic has always stood behind the effectiveness of the NUCCA Chiropractic
procedure, the fact that this study has indicated further proof enables us to push it forward
with even more confidence. We also hope that it will encourage more doctors to specialize
in the craniocervical junction, so that more people across the country can find relief
from their migraines. Research Results Released On NUCCA For Natural Migraine Headache Relief

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