How To Get Rid Of A COLD FAST!! (Remedies That Actually WORK!!)

How To Get Rid Of A COLD FAST!! (Remedies That Actually WORK!!)

When your head is pounding like a jackhammer,
your nose is running like Niagara Falls and even your favorite foods start to taste like
cardboard, you’d do almost anything to get rid of your cold. Before you resort to pouring yourself a tall
glass of bleach to get rid of your symptoms, there are some better (clear throat) non-crazy
ways to cure your cold. 1. Get Some Sleep. The body can do miraculous things when we
let it rest. We often catch a cold when we’re feeling
run down, or even exhausted. Sometimes, just getting some extra rest is
all you need to help the immune system do its dirty work or cleaning our nasty viruses
and foreign bacteria from the body. Just one day of extra rest can boost the immune
system. 2. Hydrate. Water taken generously even when you are not
ill helps the body to flush toxins out, and it is even more important to stay hydrated
when you are sick. If you add some lemon and honey to your water
and warm it, this can also help to loosen phlegm and reduce congestion. 3. Rely on nature’s herbal helpers like ginger,
garlic, oregano oil, astragalus root, olive leaf and calendula. These are natural anti-virals which support
the body as adaptogens. Add some turmeric and organic coconut oil
– natural antibacterials to your diet – and your cold hasn’t got a chance. Follow these simple cold remedies and you
won’t need to flush your nose and throat like a cleaning lady wielding a toilet brush
and caustic chemical cleaners. No desperate acts required! If you liked this video, please share it with
your friends and family. You can also comment below and tell us a few
healthy habits you follow. For more information like this, please subscribe
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100 comments on “How To Get Rid Of A COLD FAST!! (Remedies That Actually WORK!!)

  1. CloudFalconPlayz ! Post author

    Well, it’s kinda hard to sleep when you can’t blow a hurricane out of your nose, and all the .. we’ll just call it snot.. and all the snot is In your throat so you can’t breathe

  2. Viktor the victor Post author

    If I didn't get sick as soon as someone breathes, my struggles with school would be nonexistent

  3. Miheira Post author

    Tip boil water in a kettle add frozen pineapple then squeeze a few drops of lime in a cup with the hot water also if you don’t like it just shoot it like a shot

  4. mili hensgen Post author

    I am sick right now i went to school and drank 2, 1 litre bottles, its the next day now and im almost better, THANK YOU SO MUCH

  5. Golden ASMR Post author

    For some weird reason, when I have a cold, I can breathe through one nostril fine, while the other nostril is so stuffed up I cant breathe…

  6. Aarav Rahtole Post author

    one side of my face is Amazingly Good and other side, the nostril is Waterfall the eyes is like i am having a breakup filled with tear.

  7. vsco spongebob sksksk Post author

    Guys you don't know how depressed ive been with this blocked nose and sore throat..I CAN'T TASTE FOOD OR ANYTHING! I HATE MY NOSEEE AND MY BOOGERS!!

  8. shadow5x100 Forces Post author

    if you add honey and lemon water those it take away summer cold And Cold ?

  9. Un Tip Oarecare Post author

    me: uses last tissue
    brain: oh you wiped up your nose? let me just make you sneeze uncontrolably

  10. Mandy Romero Post author

    This snoring remedy “Pοzοtο mawa” (Google it)works just like a success! I was surprised how after just 2 days of the program (doing just 4 exercises) loud snoring has ended. Since I do not snore any longer I forget to apply it every single day. Sometimes I forgot to perform the physical exercise that is why now I am searching for any ways not to miss any of it. .

  11. Roblox Dash StudiosTM Post author

    Everytime I stand up, I can breathe (Kinda), when I sit, I can't really breathe, And when I lay down I can't breathe anything FROM MY NOSE

  12. DaRandom Flora Post author

    Is it just me or does water and milk make me want to throw up and some apple juice is the only thing I can drink :/

  13. Hi I’m Julia Post author

    “Before you resort to pouring yourself a tall glass of bleach to get rid of your symptoms-”

    Me: Throws my tall glass of bleach What bleach?!

  14. OTS X QWAN Post author

    How it is when I have a cold
    Pokemon style

    A enemy his arrived
    Its is cold
    Me:*uses* sleep
    Me has fainted

  15. JoT Galatasaray Post author

    I woke up with a sore throat later I had the whole atlantic ocean come through my right nostril

  16. Unicorn 101 Post author

    I need to cure this cold by tmr. I need to make 20 rainbow cupcakes with fondant and piping tips.

  17. Kayden Post author

    both of my nostrils are plugged

    I tried to breathe through my nose:


  18. Daniel Von Harch Post author

    Who gets cold so often? I get cold that last about 2weeks to 1month like 7 times in a year. Sooo painfull

  19. varunika Maheshwaran Post author

    Well i thought it was video for getting cold and i have school tommorow so i clicked

  20. Pablo Mariani Post author

    "glass of bleach" ; ) you mean Sodium hypochlorite ? a not-so-concealed smear of MMS perhaps ? which by the way is "chlorine dioxide" XD

  21. MAndysow Post author

    For many years I have a problem with snoring and it made my sleeping program unpleasant. It has only been 7 days, but I can see a difference already after using this anti snoring solution “Pοzοtο mawa” (Google it). I truly like the guidelines and advises which can help me to do well the exercises everyday. I feel very excited about carrying on the exercises. And now I am free from snoring problem. .

  22. pola's vlogs Post author

    and u might not belive me but this is how it started. so yesterday i came back from my holidays and i noticed that at home i was missing a sock, i didnt notice straight away but a few minutes later i did, i was walking without one sock on and then walked on a cold floor, and then i started sneazing and got a runny nose :/

  23. OliviaIsNotFromSpace Post author

    I literally had a cold two weeks ago and i havs that tickle in my throat ughhhhh

  24. Isabel Alves Post author

    I dont think the people that make this video ever had a cold, because I have one right now and when people have one sleeping is the hardest thing! My nose looks like a freaking waterfall I mean ur trying to help but tell us to sleep is easy to say but us to sleep is hard.

  25. Kirsten Fisher Post author

    One of the best ways is making your self throw up so tones of sick and viruses ? will get caught in what you ate earlier and latch on to the food. So they will come out with the spew

  26. KRyPTeX G N Post author

    Omg thank you sooo!! Mutch now i can breath through my nose?? yassss i hate bying sick HATEE???

  27. Toriii_ Post author

    Me having a cold: Covering my mouth,sneezing into my arm, throwing away snotty tissue

    My brother: Coughing in the air. Sneezing in the air, leaves dirty snotty tissue everywhere

  28. Dylan B Post author

    The thing that annoys me more than anything is that I get more sleep and drink WAY more water than most of the people than I know and they NEVER get ill

  29. sarah larew Post author

    I'm sneezing and coughing and my throat hurts and burns and my nose, let's not talk about my nose, all I can say is if they ever lose Bozo, I can take his place. HELP!! 🙁

  30. Kayley Seanna Post author

    I hate colds, and I’m not talking about the stuffy nose and constant sniffling or a sore throat. I mean the fact that I always get the cold after everyone else has it. Like what the heck!

  31. IS THAT A PLANE!? Post author

    I can't breathe

  32. Neat Tea Post author

    When I'm sick, I don't sleep like 75% during the Cold because every time I wake up, my mouth and tongue get coated thick ???

  33. Jorgiena Ramas Post author

    Am I just the only one or when I’m sick I can’t even open mouth and my saliva keeps going out while I don’t spit it

    Only me? Okay

  34. M Playzz Post author

    0:22 stupid catholic school making me know parts of the bible ? (I thought of Abraham and Sarah, don’t remember the sons name but his dad almost sacrificed him to god)


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