How to Get out of Bed with Back Pain and Sciatica

How to Get out of Bed with Back Pain and Sciatica

Is the thought of getting out of bed in
the morning a nightmare? In this video, I’ll give you some tips on how to get
out of bed with back pain and sciatica. Hi everyone, Dr. Rowe here at SpineCare
Decompression and Chiropractic Center in St. Joseph, MI. If you’ve ever suffered from lower back pain and sciatica, you know that sleeping is hard and getting out of bed is even harder. When I was in my early 20s, I
suffered a weight lifting injury and had sciatica for weeks. I want
to share with you a tip that was given to me that really helped me get out of
bed while limiting pain and discomfort. Before we start, let’s go over one very
important thing that it really helps. When we’re in a position for a long time
it’s important to loosen up the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the back before
we try to get up. That’s why it’s really important always to do stretches first.
It will help increase your flexibility and you’ll find that you’ll be able to
move easier with less pain. I made a previous video on what stretches to do
in the morning and I’ll share the link with you in the video description. So
definitely check it out and see if it helps. Ok, let’s dive right into how to get out of bed with back pain and sciatica. The first step is you’re going to lay flat on your back and slowly start to bend
the knees towards your chest while keeping your feet flat on the bed. Next,
slowly start to roll your whole body, not just twisting your legs but the whole
body, towards the side of the bed. You want to position your bent knees to be over the edge of the bed. Next, slowly start to bring both legs off the bed and
let gravity take them. Now you’re going to use the elbow (on the side that you’re
laying on) to start pushing off the bed while you use the other arm to stabilize
yourself, and also help to push. Keep pushing and lifting yourself up until
you’re completely upright. By doing this method, you’ll keep the
back straight and won’t load pressure into the lumbar discs, which is
especially important with a herniated disc or a pinched sciatic nerve. It will
also help with limiting irritation or causing any inflammation to the injured
back muscles and joints. Let me know how it worked for you by leaving any comments and questions below. Also, if you guys have any tips of your own that have
worked on how to get out of bed with back pain or sciatica, I’d really like to
hear them. Thanks for watching!

8 comments on “How to Get out of Bed with Back Pain and Sciatica

  1. DS Post author

    The only way to fix sciatica is through core exercises; lots of work , at least 20 minutes almost every day till you die. Those are god tips for people who are in the acute phase of pain. Next step: see a top physiotherapy and build s strong core even if you are 70 years old

  2. Dr.Baali Mogera Post author

    Sir ur each and every video is really very helpful.. I m suffering from slip disc ND sciatica pain… ND ur videos play magical role in my health issues… Lots of love and respect From India .

  3. Royal King Post author

    My pain is so bad I can't even lift my body out. I feel like my back went out!. I hate this damn feeling!

  4. Kristine Rodriguez Post author

    Getting to sleep at night is hard for me because of my lower back pain. I like to sleep on my side and this was throwing my hips out of position. With this particular back pain guide, "Kemzαnο Loni" (Google it) it has done the trick. No more waking up several times at night with back pain..

  5. E. M. Torres Post author

    when I put my legs down it makes it feel as my lower back is pulling from my head, and I pain shoots up.


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