How to fix Knee Pain with new Treatment Muscle Activation Techniques John Vickers Miami Beach

Hi I’m John Vickers from JV Fitness
Concepts and Skeleton Golf. This newsletter will be about the knee. If you’re experiencing any of the
following symptoms at your knee then this video will be for you and I’ve
broken those symptoms down into three categories the first category is
irritated knee symptoms. The second category is structural knee damaged symptoms. And the final category is after knee replacement symptoms Did you find your symptoms in any of
those three categories if you did now is the important part of the video because
this is where I explain it and show you exactly what’s causing your symptoms and
once you understand what’s causing your symptoms then it’s easy to fix that
problem because remember your symptoms are just that symptoms the problem is
what’s creating your symptoms The knee does two simple motions and that is it
bends and it straightens in addition it does a little bit of rotation and we’re
going to come back to rotation in a moment so in order for this need a
function properly it’s made up of your of the bone that’s on top bone that’s
below and then this bone that’s actually behind it embedded in this tendon now
when this the bends it’s cushioned because of these
structures that most of us have heard of which are called the meniscus and as you
can see those create a cushion for the bone on top to sit comfortably on the
bone on the bottom and when those meniscus are intact then your knee is
going to function properly now what creates most of the symptoms
that you may experience is when there’s excessive rotation at the knee because
remember I said the primary function of the knee was to either bend or to
straighten it can give a little bit of rotation but when a rotation count
becomes excessive then you can see how excessive rotation is going to put wear
and tear on the meniscus and after a period of
time that wear and tear is going to get to the point where it’s going to affect
the bone it’s going to affect other structures that are in this joint and
that’s when you’re going to start to have the symptoms that you saw earlier
in the video

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