How To Fix Chest Cave In The Front Squat

How To Fix Chest Cave In The Front Squat

What’s up guys I’m Ryan VanNieuwenhuyze, also known
as The Barbell Doc, and today I’m going to talk about a common issue with front
squats and that’s dumping the bar forward. We’re going to go over two drills that
you can do to help improve your front squat position and potentially stop
dumping the bar forward on your heavier lifts. Now before I do that, if this is
your first time here and you want to learn more about dealing with injuries,
getting rid of pain, or just improving performance in the gym, make sure you
subscribe below so you don’t miss any of my future videos. So, often when people
have a problem dumping the bar forward in the front squat what they
automatically assume is that their upper back is way too weak or lacks endurance
and they just do a lot of upper back isolation work like bent over rows,
seal rows, different loaded carries thinking that those exercises, and the
strength improvements that you get from them are gonna transfer over really well to
the front squat. And while those exercises certainly can have their place
and can help the situation, what you really need to do is make sure that you
do drills that are specific to the squat. So the two drills I’m going to show you
are just two specific types of squat variations that force an upright torso
position and really work on specifically keeping that upright back and working on
that front rack position strength. So the first drill that we’re gonna do is just
a paused front squat. For the paused front squat you’re just gonna use a weight
that’s a little bit less than you typically would for your heavy front
squatting, but you’re gonna focus on maintaining an upright torso position in
the bottom of the squat. So you’re gonna load up the barbell, squat down to the
bottom, I usually recommend most people do a two to three second or two to three
count pause in the bottom, and then drive up out of the hole. For the paused
front squat I typically program three to four sets of three to five reps for
people who have a hard time keeping an upright back position or an upright
torso position in the front squat. The other drill that I really like using
with people who tend to fall forward in the squat is a front squat from the pins.
Now, starting in the pins the barbell is gonna start at the lowest point of the
lift and you’re gonna start without any pause in the bottom or any eccentric
action and you’re just gonna drive right up into the concentric portion of the
lift. I really like the front squat from pins because it starts you off in that
weakest position where most people tend to fail on this lift and that’s in the
very bottom, and it forces you to aggressively drive up from there. So just
like the paused front squat, I typically program three to four sets
of three to five reps for this exercise if people are having a problem dumping
the bar forward in the traditional front squat. Now both of these drills are more
accessory lists that you can do while still working on your regular front
squat work, and that’s just because cleaning up your bottom position through
pauses or from pins will carry over very well to your actual front squatting. So I
typically don’t just replace people’s front squats with this, but I’ll have
these two exercises be used as like an assistance or supplementary exercise
after your main front squat work. I hope that you guys like the information and
I’ll see you next time

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  1. Linda Tomlinson Post author

    I don’t front squat anymore cause I’m a wimp but now I want to try it again, maybe with the smith machine! And your biceps are popping! Just saying 🤣


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