How to Fix a Sagging Mattress for Back Pain Relief

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress for Back Pain Relief

So do you feel like your bed has slowly
turned into a hammock and is now causing issues like neck or back pain? In this
quick video, I’ll help show you an unbelievably cheap way on how to fix
a saggy mattress for back pain relief. Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Rowe from SpineCare
Decompression and Chiropractic Center in St. Joseph, MI. If you’re like me, I
like to find simple inexpensive ways to help take care of things. A big problem I
see are patients not having enough support while they sleep that leads to
recurrent issues like neck, back, and sciatica pain. I usually recommend buying
a good mattress and I’ll leave you a link in the video description on how I
went over buying a mattress for back pain sufferers, so check it out. However,
if you’re not in a position to be able to get a new bed or can’t afford a new
mattress, I want to show you cheaply how to fix a saggy mattress for back pain
relief. The great part is all you need is an ordinary bath towel or a blanket. Start by taking off any sheets and bedding material you have on the bed.
Next, take the towel or blanket and fold it in half or fourths if you need more
support and place it on the bed where your hips usually lie. It’s important to
get it in this spot since your hips are the heaviest part of the body, and tend
to sag the most into the bed. Even a common towel or blanket over this spot
should help lessen the amount of sag into the bed, while also helping to
lessen the amount of irritation to the back from bad posture and alignment of
the spine. Hopefully, you should have more back and pelvic support at night and
less pain. This can be used no matter how you sleep (on your stomach, side, or back)
because it does help increase support for the heaviest part of your body, the
hips. Give it a try, and let me know how it worked for you by leaving any
comments or questions below. Also, if you have any tips of your own how to fix a
sagging mattress for back pain relief please share it below. Thanks for

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  1. eliette grimes Post author

    I've tried this in the pass before it did work for me but of course i had to change it 2 time's a week sense of course everything has to be recycle. And because it formed Between the Bed and myself so go buy the softest towels I just recycle the when I do laundry


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