How to Do McKenzie Upward Dog Exercise | Back Pain Relief

How to Do McKenzie Upward Dog Exercise | Back Pain Relief

I want to spend a couple of moments now talking
about probably the most popular exercise in the physical therapy office for treating back
problems associated with disc protrusions, and bulges, and herniations, and that’s called
the McKenzie extension in lying or sometimes called the upward dog. Now there are some differences between the
upward dog and the extension in lying. The big one being that when you’re pressing
up on your hands you’re really going to try to focus on making sure the stomach muscles
are relaxed, and come on back down, as opposed to being tightened up. A lot of times in the yoga class you’re going
to be tightening up your stomach muscles or your back muscles in order to achieve the
end range. In this case you’re going to be pressing up
on your hands and trying to keep everything very passive down there. So, it’s all the way up on your hands, and
then all the way back down flat again. And trying to keep everything relaxed in this
area. In order to do that you’re going to allow
the discs to push a little bit harder back into their spaces and you’re going to allow
the joints to settle into their neutral position. So it really helps to decrease back pain especially
early on in a rehab setting. You sometimes then will move on to more strenuous
exercises from there. And that’s called the extension in lying. So, there are a couple of different ways to
do the exercise. One way to do it is to kind of press all the
way up on your hands and then come right back down flat again, and then repeat over and
over, three, four, five, six times. Once the spine has been stretched out a bit
you can probably hold the pose a little bit longer. So, sort of press all the way up again. Good, and take a nice deep breath in and out. Correct. So, then you can sort of relax it back even
further, but you wouldn’t use that approach until you’ve already stretched it four, five,
six times in more of a repetition style.

16 comments on “How to Do McKenzie Upward Dog Exercise | Back Pain Relief

  1. archit1591 Post author

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  2. CoolSpeedsex Post author

    Is it normal to feel even a bigger pain than I usually do , when I start the first time this kind of exercises ???

  3. Eric Sampson Post author

    If the pain is felt at the top of the motion, when fully extended, this is probably fine. If the pain you speak of is in the spine in general, also probably fine. If you are trying to self treat a form of Sciatica where the pain is in the leg and THAT'S the pain you feel is worsening, this is NOT ok.Stop!

  4. CoolSpeedsex Post author

    I feel a bigger pain when fully extended and after I go back on normal position.I don't know if it's sciatica or some other affection , but I'm feeling a big pain on my lower back along the spine.
    I will try this exercises and if I don't see any result or my condition is getting worst , I will go see a specialist.
    Thank You for the reply !

  5. Claudio Hishe Post author

    You could cure your back pain entirely by change your exercise slightly – proven method

  6. Brandon Ring Post author

    This is amazing!!  I have watched this entire series on back pain relief..  I have 3 bulging discs in my t spin (T6-9).  Although most of these videos are more tailored to lower back bulging discs it has still all been extremely helpful to learn all these exercises and stretches, as well as to find the ones I should cut out of my routine. 
    I have been going in circles the past 3 months with therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractic visits not seeing any real improvement and constant set backs due to doing the wrong things.  In 2.5 days of following what you have advised in these videos, I have seen huge improvements.  
    As a result, I have been looking for a good McKenzie certified therapist I can work with here in Vegas to further my progression.
    Thank you so much Eric for sharing all this and if there is anything you recommend I could do for my particular case, anywhere else I can learn more, or if you can point me in the direction to where I can find a good qualified McKenzie certified therapist please let me know.

    Sincerely grateful!!


  7. Mike Poling Post author

    Nicely done videos, Eric.  The quality is quite good and your presentation is excellent, simple and concise.  Just thought I'd mention it from one McKenzie practitioner to another 🙂

  8. AIversonI Post author

    When I do these and extend my arms fully I have noticed my hips tend to come off the ground as I'm not as flexible as her haha…. is that a bad thing? Btw……. thanks for these great exercises/stretches.

  9. 123jolien Post author

    Thank you so much! My pain have starting ca 2 weeks ago,
    from low back pain (Ischias / Sciatica?) till my whole left leg and even ( les)
    to the left shoulder , the whole left site till my neck.

    I was not even able go from my bed properly. I have find on
    you tube all the exercise, and it is better, but I still have pain (yesterday
    it was crucial) from deep in hip down and mostly on left site end from knee
    till my foot ankle. Difficult to sleep, cannot find position…

    Walking 5 minute and then I am “KO”:).

    How long it take to go back to


    Thank you so much appreciates any advice!

    Like that somebody care…


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