How To De Stress Your Lower Back Pain From Sitting At The Desk Part 2

How To De Stress Your Lower Back Pain From Sitting At The Desk Part  2

What? What is a seat bone? You may ask. Let’s
go to the chart. Your sit bone is the bone right here. Right
here at the end. This curved part here.
Now that’s the seat bone! And to find your sit bone on yourself. I
want you to stand up turn around, turn to the side…feel your butt
all the way to the bottom and feel that bone right there. That’s
your sit bone. Feel that bone..that piece of bone there all the way
to the end.. right there….right underneath there. The bun
underneath there that’s your sit bone. To sit properly you need to level your shoulder
push your chest up like such and if you push your chest like
such your lower back will automatically curve that way to that way.
Like an opposite C. And as soon as you push it that way you can actually
feel a release on your lower back because you are not putting weight on your lower back
and you are not stressing it. That’s how you are
supposed to sit. Now I’m going to show you a couple of stretches
to release the tension around the area. So slide out, sit
back, I want you to slide out little bit from your chair and when you
have a rolling chair like this, make sure you put your leg down
firm, your toes gripping the floor before you do the stretches.
Slide out a little more and the first stretch is relax your arms..
swing and swing…swing to my left and swing to my right, left,
right, left, right. to add a little stretch…hold on to the chair
like such. like here and hold on to the chair like this left, right, left, right. This loosens
up the lower part of the lower back. In order to loosen up the side of your lower
back. Let’s do the side now. Put your hand across
and hold the other hand and stretch…switch hand…..switch hand…..and
switch hand
you can feel the stretch on the side.
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