How to Cure Hemorrhoids : What Are the Best Treatment Products for Hemorrhoids?

How to Cure Hemorrhoids : What Are the Best Treatment Products for Hemorrhoids?

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on
behalf of Expert Village today, I’m going to talk to you about hemorrhoids and in particular
I’m going to talk to you about how to find ways to alleviate the pain from hemorrhoids.
Now in this clip I want to show you some several products that you can actually buy in the
local drugstore that would help to alleviate some of the pain from hemorrhoids. Now here
we have what we call hemorrhoidal pre-moistened medical, medicated wipes. Basically these
wipes have in them, soaked into them, anti-inflammatory and also antiseptic cream or solution into
the towel and they also, some of them, in particular this one, you can buy, that also
has witch hazel which is a herb and it has medicinal properties and in this way it has
been reported that witch hazel actually contracts the blood vessels. That’s also incorporated
in these wipes. What you do is, these wipes are disposable, it’s easy. After you pass
a bowel movement you want to use this to wipe the area very gently and it will also give
you some kind of lubrication. It also will clean the area so it doesn’t make the hemorrhoids
worse. Pre-moistened medicated wipes is one way to go, very easy available in the super
market. Another item which is good, if you want to not mess around with the wipes, is
to use suppositories. Suppositories are things that contain, let me take one out so you can
see it’s like little pellets, and you can insert them into the rectum area and you leave
it there and it dissolves over time usually around six or eight hours. It gradually dissolves
and it’s medicated and it has medication in them to help with the pain, pain killer medication.
It also has anti-inflammatory medication and antiseptic medication so it gets absorbed
into the tissue. Suppositories are really good when you have internal hemorrhoids. Let
me quickly draw you a diagram. If you say this is the bottom and this is the leg and
this is the anus region, say this is the colon, what you do is you insert it into here so
that it ends up here, the suppository. You just leave it there for six hours and it slowly
dissolves and it gets absorbed. All that medication gets absorbed into this area here so it helps
to alleviate some of the pain symptoms of hemorrhoids.

56 comments on “How to Cure Hemorrhoids : What Are the Best Treatment Products for Hemorrhoids?

  1. bottleracket Post author

    You keep talking about pain reduction and swelling reduction. Can the hemorrhoids ever actually go away? Disappear from using these methods?

  2. shadowsa2b Post author

    you said witch hazel would help cus it constrics mussels or blood vessels or whatever. wouldnt that create more pressure? ive heard ginseng is a good relaxant. wouldnt relaxing everythng -down there- be a good way get everythng flowing properly and working right again?

  3. Coach D. Post author

    The best cure for hemmoroids hands down is to get into a hot tub and put your butt hole right up to one of the jets and keep it there for a while, 20 minutes or so is good, then go back into the hot tub a few more times after that and your hemmoroids will shrink and the bleeding will stop. Use the hot tub every once in a while to keep the hemmoroids from coming back. I guarentee that this works.

  4. Kermit Frog Post author

    The best cure is FIBER, VEGETABLES, and getting off of your duff. If you're in your 30's age is a factor, so make sure you eat right and get up and walk around once in a while.

  5. darkskyBAO Post author

    irritating as hell, you feel like there's a shit sticking in your ass while you walk and you have a hard time washing your ass every time ya poop. hot water sit is effective but painful and uncomfortable and i did it 3 time a day together with medications and eating high fiber foods. sigh, its always a torture for me.

  6. nick arico Post author

    Ok idk if I have them or not but I'm scaredbof getting them becuz ppl said since I'm gay I'm at higher risk help

  7. unidenica Post author

    The COCO Bidet is a much better alternative to the sitz bath. Which do you think is better sitting on a bowl of overflowing water or having a gentle spray of water cleanse you with the simple push of a button. Not to mention that you will also save a lot of money from having to always buy toilet paper.

  8. zaynab C Post author

    All I'm hearing is "TO HELP WITH THE PAIN", how about to get rid of it forever? That would be a good news. This is why I dont like going to doctors, you can just get the same useless help in a CVS drug store.

  9. izzih1234 Post author


    Hey Nick, dont worry, just because your gay doesn't mean your more likely to get them, its just not true! they are mainly caused by poor diet and constipation. : )

  10. apestaartje321 Post author

    @zaynabouc Any decent doctor would have told you that theyre removable. Mind you there are no guarantees.. I had a endoscopy few weeks back, but on this particular day there was no flare up so the guy couldnt 'see them', and started talking about 'treatments' such as these, yeah thanks a bunch. So the upshot is I'll probably go back for another giant tube up the butthole, only this time I'll actually aggravate them on purpose in the hope I'll finaly be able to get rid of them. Ugh.

  11. pinangjawa Post author

    I'm currently having the external hemorhoids. It doesn't itch, but it swells to the size of a thumb, and everytime I try to wash it, it's painful as fuck. FYI I'm not used to wipe my ass with toilet paper. It's now happening for 3 days now. The first day, it swells like hell. Second day, it swells more. Third day, it shrinks, but with some bleeding (in dark red colour). I believe the hemorrhoids started to wear off. I hope by 2-3 days it will be gone. It's really a pain in the ass. 🙁

  12. Drift Ninja TV Post author

    DONT USE ANYTHING WITH STEROIDS FOr LONGER than a month! Go herbal. no surgery unless horrible, and try HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS FIRST!

  13. pinangjawa Post author

    No for time being. After I took deflon, it did shrink. But somehow it keeps coming in after a month or two.

  14. archie buban Post author

    i have hemorrhoids hmmmm internal hemmorhoids wat the best advise to remove or away this home treatment only……?thank u

  15. Paul Anderson Post author

     I had hemorrhoids before, with the help of my friend, I got an easy method to Cures them safely in short time,go to DONEPA.COM and check it out

  16. Niky Anderson Post author

    In general, the symptoms of external hemorrhoids are different than the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. There are lots of treatment ideas there but the best one I found is at DONEPA.COM

  17. Mike Stratan Post author

    Are you tired of all the creams, pills, suppositories, and ointments that NEVER fix the true root issue? Try the best cure everyone is talking about DONEPA.COM

  18. adina dinu Post author

    Already tried surgery and it's still there? Yep, I've seen it happen to more than one friend. DONEPA.COM is the solution

  19. Aeron Mckeller Post author

    Thanks a lot for your movie.
    I have battled along with critical external hemorrhoids for more than ten years till I have finally found a cure from here.
    You have to read it before thinking about surgical treatment

  20. melisa h Post author

    My internal hemorrhoids have shrunk, and I haven’t had a relapse since I start following tips. Visit and check it out! When does the tax recruit the witty knowledge? The structure convinces the range. The top transposes the song.

  21. Lorraine I. Minter Post author

    I've suffered hemmorhoids for many years, waste time to searching out the effective treatment method and finally found it. It is very simple, the key is that you must understand the factor cause your problem so you can quickly cure it

  22. Phyllis D Acosta Post author

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  23. Barbara D. Kennedy Post author

    I've deal with severe hemorrhoid for 12 years, and I have found a way to treat it forever. I have some tips that will help you eliminate the pain within 48 hours and take care of it forever in 60 days.

  24. Samara Wilson Post author

    Hi, this is really helpful video. Instruction on how to to sitz bath with epsom salt for hemorrhoids is nicely described. If anyone needs to know it theorically then can read this article:
    Personally, I can say if anyone have hemorrhoids in initial stage then this natural or home remedy helps a lot to reduce the irritation and pain both.

  25. Harley Lucero Post author

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  33. zisis stip Post author

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  34. Elizabeth N. Post author

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  38. Chrystal Murphy Post author

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