How To Cure A Hangover Quickly – Natural Hangover Remedies – Alcohol Drinking – Headache & Nausea

How To Cure A Hangover Quickly – Natural Hangover Remedies – Alcohol Drinking – Headache & Nausea

partied hard last night and had a little
too much to drink last nights fun has resulted in a pounding headache and a nauseated feeling well not to worry you are just one of the many who have woken up with a hangover a hangover is just a severe headache caused due to axcessive alcohol in addition to a headache other symptoms are dizziness
dry mouth drowsiness extreme tiredness and nausea a decrease in the body fluids
can affect the brain and the senses which means trouble concentrating being
sensitive and irritated to light and sound you may also experience sweating
flatulence anxiety and excessive hyperexcitability here are some home remedies to give you
a cure from hangover lemon in the form of lemon tea or lemon juice can be a
cure for a hangover do not add sugar if you are having lemon tea but you can add
sugar for having lemon juice the vitamin c in lemon juice effectively deals with the queasiness dizziness irritation to light and sound and muscle aches that
accompany a hangover take about half glass of water add 2
teaspoons of lime juice and add about 1 teaspoon of sugar mix this well drink the solution slowly as soon as you wake up in the morning alternatively you can have some tomato
soup or have some tomato juice with the dash of lemon juice the fructose in
tomato juice helps metabolize the alcohol in your body and gives you
faster relief raw fruits are also very effective for treating hangovers eating
an apple on an empty stomach can give you a quick relief mash a ripe banana
and put this in a blender and to this add about 1 cup of milk and 1 tablespoon
of honey and now you can drink this in the
morning always moderate alcohol consumption not just to avoid unpleasant
hangovers but for your overall health is wealth eat sensible drink sensible and
stay healthy if you enjoyed this video remember to hit the like button and
leave a comment to let me know what you feel and make sure to check out our
other videos and remember stay healthy and live a long happy life

98 comments on “How To Cure A Hangover Quickly – Natural Hangover Remedies – Alcohol Drinking – Headache & Nausea

  1. Illuminanto Deviante Post author

    Beautiful ,,wow ,,,,i could not concentrate on what she said but on her pretty face

  2. Sam Post author

    Hi, I am struggling here with a severe hangover. I drank your formula and let's just say I shat myself. Good video though

  3. Gnome Inc Post author

    Thanks for the helpful video, I squeezed 2 limes, 1 lemon, ate a can of tomato soup and I'm already feeling 100X better thanks again!

  4. Daniel Martinez Post author

    Dann i figure the milk would mess my stomach up. I feel like doo doo. Never will i drink again. Ughhhj

  5. fak u if you dont like it Post author

    shes blinking way to much and is it me or she has a lazy eye thats making me more sleepy

  6. Yuvaraj Gopalakrishnan Post author

    This thing is not good at all bcoz the tomato juice and citric acid in lime juice causes acidic medium in our body… may be its gets ok for 1 or 2 hour after getting up in the morning … but after that your abdomen will not be good.. it causes serious issues like stomach burning and serious illness… and better way is after having this drink have your breakfast as soon as possible to avoid burning and ulceration of the mucosal of the stomach

  7. ToABetterTomorrow Post author

    Drink pickle juice if you're too sick and hungover to follow the instructions of this video.

  8. tyzz boyz zzz Post author

    I drunk as more as sucking nipples last night!!!!
    I woke up with a heavy headache and I watched your video then i take apple and im alr8 now?

  9. Swiper Fox Post author

    I rarely drink. But when I do, I always take two paracetamol before going to sleep, so when I wake up…. NO HEADACHES!
    Prevent them before waking up with the f**king headaches.

  10. Young Melo Post author

    I took one drink of water and vomited out half my stomach pretty sure if I drunk any of this stuff it’d be the same result.

  11. Agnes Nagy Varjas Post author

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out home remedies for migraine try Hopandar Stop Migraine Helper (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  12. HeyDude93gt Post author

    Alcohol gives me the hiccups? She’s a hot Indian woman, I think I’ll convert now

    Please excuse my comments if they’re offensive, I’m on my way to a hangover in a few hours

  13. Christina Lucky Lewis Post author

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  14. Christoforos Georgoulas Post author

    I had a hangover the worst one, after that i cant drink alcohol anymore.When i smell alcohol even if i dont drink it i hate it.I used to down the vodka bottle without a problem pure vodka now im sick of alcohol and cant even drink a shot after that hangover

  15. Vladimir Bajanov Post author

    The brown seaweed extract, Modifilan, is a very good absorber of heavy metals and toxins. This is very helpful with hangovers, as toxins are removed quickly. Take six to ten capsules and plenty of water and don’t drink so much!

  16. dre guist Post author

    the best cure is many blowjobs from a hot teen blonde and also her asshole in your face every hour on the hour

  17. DESTINED AGF7 Post author

    I don't drink, however I drank a full bottle of potent red wine ? I still feel really I'll, thank you good video ?

  18. Sahil Javeri Post author

    The tips in the video are very helpful if you are staying in a city or shops are accessible. I stay at a place where lemon is a sort of luxury item . So if any remedies except lemon or apple will help me a lot

  19. Dead MouzeS Post author

    oh god i cant deal with this hangover headache anymore so i decided to watch this. trying my best to put up a comment without typos. ugh…

  20. Dead MouzeS Post author

    oh god i cant deal with this hangover headache anymore so i decided to watch this. trying my best to put up a comment without typos. ugh…

  21. Jefferey Nicolas Post author

    As per my experience 'ARMR' is one of the best anti-hangover drink, Just take one shots before start your drink..
    Read many benefits of ARMR and flavour also :

  22. Lister Cruz Post author

    Best and easy . Just drink half a peg ( on the rocks) of same alcohol which u drank last night. This will suddenly put a stop (3 min) to your hangover or that nasty bad feeling. Please doesn’t drink more than half a peg or u ll have reverse effect. I always do. If u have
    consumed multiple types of alcohol then drink rum as first preference, vodka as second preference and whiskey or brandy as third preference. But nothing can compare with same brand U drank last night. Drink plenty of water after hang over is gone . This will flush out all the bads out of your body . Do this and dont forget to reply to this comment.

  23. Jefferey Nicolas Post author

    This is the great video about how to cure hangover, Please read more at :

  24. susmita ghosh Post author

    now i promise that i will never drink alcohol…but i know that i will forget all these promise???

  25. Polansk1 Post author

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  26. Polansk1 Post author

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  27. Annette Kenneth Post author

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  28. The Darker Post author

    Home Remedies For Alcohol Poisoning With Symptoms –

  29. Vikash Bhagat Post author

    Today I am having hangover…
    It seems everyone in the comment section had that hangover ???


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