How to actually fix (most) Costochondritis and Tietze’s Syndrome Chest Pain – Part (1)

How to actually fix (most) Costochondritis and Tietze’s Syndrome Chest Pain – Part (1)

Introduction with Steve August, Physiotherapist.

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  1. classic1984 Post author

    My costochondritis definitely seems triggered by 'high inflammation' junk foods. How unusual is this? Good to know it's just muscle imbalance..

  2. Sam Cooper Post author

    Hi Steve. I have been using backpod for about 4 weeks now.. admittedly not every day but it seems to have improved my condition slightly. I am down to one pillow now. However I am getting a lot of soreness in my shoulder joints. They just ache and are really tender to touch. Could this be related to Costo? Or is it something different altogether do you think? Thanks

  3. Chongyang Zhang Post author

    Hi Steve, I just ordered the back pod on Amazon and it's coming in a few days.

    I have been experiencing chest pain in the sternum and mostly left side of ribs. Sometimes, if I hunch my back for too long, I will be able to crack a few bones on the sternum. BUT sometimes, no matter how much I arch my back I just can't get some of the sternum joint to crack, as a result, it will usually leave a huge pressure and pain for the next few days. DO YOU THINK the issue I have described can be considered as Costochondritis? I really hope this Back Pod will do magically things to cure my issue.

    I used to do powerlifting and I used to squat every other day with weights that are way above my body weight. Hence, I think I triggered the ribs to be misplaced and locked in a wrong place in the spine permanently.

    I have a question, while using the back pod daily and doing those stretching exercises you have recommended, do you think it is okay for me to continue going to the gym and to lift weights? Doing exercises such as push ups and pull ups and plank? (not including dips and bench press cause I saw one of your comments saying it is not good).

  4. Kathy Kapsner Post author

    Very interesting! I don’t have pain, but I do have restricted breathing and my ribs “pop out”, and I’m quite tight between the shoulder blades and spine due to open heart surgery. Of course my issue is has much more to do with scar tissue, very old scar tissue as I had the surgery 50 years ago. I am a flutist and do not have enough breath support to play my phrasing the way I would like. Maybe the green devise you showed could loosen me up. Have you ever worked with open heart patients before?

  5. Madagascar Multimedia Post author

    Thank you sir for sharing your knowledge and helping out people all over the world. That is very generous and kind of yourself. Cheers from Madagascar

  6. Rogier A. Post author

    Hi Steve,

    I have been reading some comments below this video and I can relate with many people in the comment section. Because you seem to reply to everyone, I too hope that you can give me some advice.

    I had been weight lifting for about 10 months when at a particular training session in the begging of december 2017, I start feeling a weird pain in the right side of my chest during a chest workout. I tried cool packs for a month and was hoping to get back to the gym in January, because I love working out. However, everyday I still felt the pain in the right side of my chest: I did not feel the pain from the minute I woke up throughout the whole day, but until now I feel it in random movements with my torso. For example, twisting my upper body to grab my glass of water, or laying in my bed resting on my arms and twisting my upper body/head to look at the television, are moments that I feel a sharp pain.

    In January I visited my GP and she excluded any heart issues and give me the advise to rest even more. So, that's what I did and the injury did not seem to go away so I decided to see a physical therapist, 2 months after the first pain happened. My physical therapist advised me to keep working out, very slowly on a low weight, in order to keep my upper body moving. His main advise was mobility in the back, through mobility exercises and working out (gently) in the gym. The mobility exercises were for example laying on a rolled up towel with my shoulders on the ground, a lot of twisting with my torso, stretching my pec, laying on a foam roller, which cracks my back.
    For a while, it seemed to get better. I slowly started to add weight to exercises and the pain seemed to be almost gone. However, one month ago (5 months after the initial pain), I twisted my body to grab my glass of water and it was back – not as bad as the beginning but definitely a very big leap back in the process.

    Thereafter I saw my GP again who is going to sent me to another doctor next week, because my current GP does not know what it is: it could be a very light muscle tear of my chest/ or damage of the cartilage of my sternum, or something else.

    I feel like the treatment I am having right now by the doctor and physical therapist is not helping me and therefore I am doing my own research and I think I might have costo- but I am not sure. Some other notes: occasionally I get pain in my back, but that only happens a few days every 4 weeks or something. Also, when I have been sitting in a particular way for a few minutes, and than when I stand up or open my chest, I feel my chest cracking at exactly the place it hurts (right side of chest, where the cartilage connects to the sternum). This happens at least 5 times to me a day. At last, I feel the pain at random movements, like twisting my body, and not throughout the whole day. This means that some days it might not be very present whereas on other days, I feel it.
    I do not know for sure if I have costo, because some of the complaints I hear is that people have problems with sneezing, coughing, deep breaths or feeling an immens pain throughout the day. For me, this is not the day, I do not have problems with deep breaths as I practice this a lot and I am not in pain the whole day, only when I have been sitting for a while, and then my chest cracks, and during working out, etc . (as described above).

    My question for you is do you know whether this is costochondritis? I feel like I am in the middle of a very long diagnosis by doctors and they simply do not know what it is or how to treat it. I love working out and I have been feeling very down due to the lack of progress. I am afraid of really adding weight to exercises as I feel this is not helping and because the injury is not gone yet. Also, whenever I gently train my chest, I feel it during and after my workout on the right side, where the pain is. I know that when I have costo, the backpod might help but I just wanna be sure before I order it from all the way the Netherlands. Buying the back pod is not a problem for me, I just want to be sure that someone knows what is going on with me :(. The doubt I had so far for buying the back pod is that I read many people have felt fast improvements within weeks, but I am not in severe pain as these people: my pain is very random, sharp, and mostly the cracking chest and always 'pulling' upper back, which are for me indicators for the fact that something is really wrong.

    I would really, really appreciate your response.


  7. Madhu A Post author

    Hi Steve, from last 4months i'm having chest pain exactly on the left side where the costal cartilage rib joins the sternum.When i touch that place i can feel two of my rib cage joints (4,5)on left side and one rib join (5) on the right side too kinda swollen or inflamed (piercing outside). I stopped doing gym as of now, but day by day i feel like the inflammation getting increased as i can tell by touching the place exactly cartilage and sternum joints. Pain is not too much in middle of the chest, some times i'm facing breathing problem and rib cage pain. I just wanted to know are these the symptoms of costochondritis? Please help me out.

  8. Mouhcine El Bada Post author

    Dear Steve,
    I am going to order the backpod right away because I believe this is the most spot on solution I have read about so far. I have a costo since a year now, and besides the sternum pain (that has decreased a lot thanks to weekly Pyshio manipulation sessions for 6 months), I also have a pain that occurs on my left rib cage when I run, I believe this is due to vibrations and shocks from the feet, as it doesn't occur in other cardio activities (swimming or cyckling).
    Do you believe this 2nd issue is also due to the costo? And can also be fixed using the backpod?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  9. Simon Thomas Post author

    Thanks, Steve. Very informative video. I have been suffering with dyspnea and a difficulty filling my lungs for the last 2 years. Despite countless medical tests, the cause remains a mystery. Lungs, heart etc all clear. However, just recently my physiotherapist told me I have Tietze's syndrome because I am sore on palpation. However, the only time I get chest pain is when I sit upright after sitting hunched forward for about 10 minutes or more…it feels like a heart attack for about 30 seconds and then dissipates.Would you agree that it could be a case of Tietze's/Costo? I am desperate to get to the bottom of what is causing my breathing difficulty, it's ruining my life. I have already bought a backpod and am giving it a go anyway!Many thanks.

  10. Samantha Arquero Post author

    Hey Steve

    I have had Costo for more than 2 years. It always gets worse than the pain just minimises. I have tried everything like heat packs, steroid, ibuprofen and paracetamol. My last stop is the back pod. I am a 17 year old girl and it is really stopping my life in its tracks. Hopefully the backpod works. If there anything else you would suggest.

    Samantha 🙂

  11. Jessica Meyer Post author

    My doctor believes I have this but I can’t pinpoint any real injury that could have caused it. I have slight scoliosis and have been under a lot of stress. Can that be cause? My breastbone pops a lot and I even have pain into my left breast and down my left arm and even along my bottom ribs along my back and left side, as well as up into the left side of my neck. My chiropractor does provide relief and lessens the popping but this is the second and worst flare up I’ve had in 4 months!

  12. Kasandra Perez Post author

    I have this pain in the left side of my chest above my breast, by my armpit and toward my chest. I am afraid but I don’t understand why it hurts

  13. TheFeminineWoman Post author

    Hi there Steve! Thanks a lot for this wonderful video. In your practice, have you seen/heard of people getting costo from practising BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)? Because this is the second time I've encountered costo (where I have to take 4-6 weeks off from training because of pain). It is from training jiu jitsu, where I have people (sometimes much heavier people) on top of me putting as much pressure as they can on me (it's part of the sport), and I'm a small frame (5 foot 3, 53-54kgs). i wonder if the back pod would help me eventually get back into the sport without any pain? (the pain is in my sternum and left breastbone). Thanks again for such a wonderful, generous video. – Renee.

  14. Alberto Muñoz Post author

    Hi Steve how are you? Hey at the beginning of last year I was in contact with you because I develope costochondritis and got the backpod also I went to a ostheopat and after two months all the pain was gone. The thing is this week I started feeling the pain again and I decided to use the backpod again but I used it without pillows, and the chest pain is almost gone but in I have some pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades, is this related to using the backpod without the pillows a the beginning? Thanks

  15. GonzaCRC Post author

    Hi doctor,

    I just purchased the BackPod. It is coming in about 20 days and I can't wait to use it.

    I am 19 and it has been 1 and a 1/2 years since I've been struggling with pain that radiates to my upper/middle back, between shoulders, scapula, neck and chest. What I do to slightly release the tension in my back is to retract the scapula and do shrugs. When I do this, either my spine or something in my chest pops.
    The only one thing I have been diagnosed is scoliosis, where the curvature is on the vertebraes right behind my sternum, but is not severe.. then they tell me scoliosis can't be fixed and give me Ibuprofen, which doesn't help..
    Also, when I get checked, my back is always full of knots..

    Now about me,
    The wierdest symptom I have is not being able to look down.. more like: I cannot touch my chest with my chin because of a sudden sharp and very pain in the exact same areas mentioned. When I say "I cannot touch" is literally that.. it's like my body has lost that function.. I don't know if my head stops going down because of the inmense pain or what.. (it's really frustrating).
    First, could you tell me if this looking down symptom can be related to costo? Because I have searched everywhere on the internet and it seems that I am the only one in the world with this (if someone else reads this and is experiencing the same, please answer 🙁 )
    Now, I am a computer science student who spends a lot of time sitting and in the other hand I practice powerlifting, which basically is lifting heavyweights in movements like squat, deadlift and bench press.. last year, I focused to much on the squat and I think I overpassed my limits, and actually, that's when the pain started (it's getting worse know even after leaving the gym 2 months ago)

    So, in summary:
    -Can you answer my first question on the "not being able to look down" please?
    -I lifted very heavy weights over my back and pulling from the floor (squat and deadlift)
    -Despite of my being aware of keeping good posture, I spent a lot of time sitting

    I just wanted to know your opinion (as no one in my country seems to know about this condition) and if these habits could have been the cause of my costo

    Blesses to you doctor, and I hope this device and God will help me!

  16. Matt Eberhart Post author

    Hi Steve,
    I'm a 29 year old male and I've been dealing with Costo for about 1.5 years now. I injured myself doing dips and I went down too far and tore up my sternum a bit. I think I heard a pop. I continued to lift for another 2 weeks after because I didn't know the pain I was feeling, but it got worse. The pain is where the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ribs meet the sternum. Sneezing and coughing would make my sternum pop in the morning. I stopped lifting and saw a PT and at the time there was visible rib raising inflammation. After that died down a month later I continued to struggle even after doing exercises. Applying heat to the area and stretching seemed to help it a bit so that sneezing and coughing didn't hurt anymore throughout the day, but it just wasn't getting any better. Two PTs, a couple doctors, MRI and Xray, 2 chiros, and an acupuncturist later and I'm still struggling. I've tried it all. Cortizone shots, stretching, anti inflammatories, sleeping with pillows on my side at first and then trying to retrain myself to sleep on my back, focusing on diaphragm breathing and posture. I'm pretty desperate at this point. I should mention that I have a desk job and I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, even at home. I have stand up desks at work and at home to try and combat this but in the end it is a ton of sitting. If I were to diagnose myself I think the sitting and the sleeping are the largest culprits in preventing healing. Recently I have bought the backpod and I wanted to ask how long can it take for the pod to start working? I put it between my shoulder blades and spine and lie there on it for a minute or two and switch sides. I can do it without any pillows and it doesn't feel super uncomfortable and I don't really experience much pain from it. Should I do it in the morning and in the evening? Any advice would be lovely at this point. I want to dance and lift weights and be pain free again! Thanks so much.

  17. Susheel Didel Post author

    Hi steve. My wife has costrocondrihit pain since 2012. And day by day pain is increasing. Nowadays she even can't sleep easily can't work can't control over pain. The pain stays 24*7 in her chest, back even whole left side. Did everything to her, met many doctors, took injection in ribs, MIR every possible thing we had done. But the pain is too much. Please help if you can do. And please make subtitles for your videos as I'm an Indian, can't understand your language. Please reply. Thanks

  18. Leandra Post author

    Thank you for this eye opening video. I suffer from Tietze/costo-sternal syndrome since over 3 years. Only the physiotherapist in the pain clinic had known what I really have and how it must be treated. But unfortunately he was no doctor and I should keep it for myself what he told me. Every doctor I see gives me another diagnose (last time: fibromyalgia) and I'm so frustrated. Most of the time I hear from doctors "it's all in your head, psychologic, we cannot help you, our medicine is placebo for you".

    Tietze = swelling dimished since I stopped allowing them to push onto my breastbone and ribs. Thankfully I have ONE doctor that supports me. He gave me low dose cortison what allows me to do the excercise with the backpod. Without the cortisone I'm permanently in tears and can't function, sleep, walk, move. A bad doctor said recently to me that I wouldn't have any inflammation and the cortisone would make me painfree because of its euphoric effect and I would have Fibromyalgia. He prescribed me Amitryptilin 25mg, but it helped nothing, besides it made me sleepy the first days (not anymore, build up tolerance I guess).

    Tomorrow should the backpod be delivered. I really hope that my costo can be healed. I'm only 36 years old. All started when I did 3 years ago a 21-days-kettlebell-challenge (intervall training) and the 12kg kettlebell was too heavy for me obviously. I had to stop, but continued with floor excercises. But in the most doctors opinion this couldn't be the root of my costo but I know it's true. Kettlebell swings with a 12kg weight for a female beginner is very risky… I better would have done this with 5 or 6 kg.

    One question I have: I'm about to translate your 2 "How to fix"-Videos into German (subtitles). Is it ok when I upload your videos with imprinted German subtitles and mention the link to your source videos? Or would you offer the possibility for translation in the settings of your youtube channel? It is also possible with amara:

  19. 6i0_ 10p35 Post author

    Yes hi wanted to ask because its been 4 to 5 months since i stop working out due to some pain on the 2nd center right and left rib and by the way im 16 years old i was wonder how can i fix this problem i cant really do any kind of actively lating by the way thank you for some info on this video

  20. Emma Bale Post author

    This is great thank you. My daughter is now 17 and has struggled with chest pain for at least 3 years. Doctors said that it could be costo but also maybe a psychological pain from anxiety. She has had lots of investigations, xrays, ecg etc and was told to take pain killers including naproxen. She's currently taking cbd oil 5%. But at the weekend she has a big flare up putting her out for at least 5 hours.

  21. Amani Suleiman Post author

    I am in Jordan (Middle east) and your website does not ship to Jordan, i am desperate to have this instrument. any advice?

  22. Kendry Rojas Post author

    Omg! In need help,I dont understanded english at all and I Just understanded somethings and im confuse, I fell that wir This video I will be cure. Please somebody that speak spanish

  23. Nicholas Roberts Post author

    Great stuff.
    Confirms my understanding from recent researches
    You've described in a few minutes what it would have probably taken the British NHS at least nine months of repeated testing to discover (Budgets and practitioner interest withstanding).
    I'm now on my second bout of Costo in a year.

    You're right, it catches you unexpectedly when you move and takes your breath away, the way an M.I. does. I've had an M.I. and subsequently B cell Lymphoma of the intestine, so that anything painful or twitchy in the central chest area (Particularly round the Thymus) sets me off on a double whammy of paranoia. Fortunately, all recent cardio and cancer tests show be A OK, or as well as can be expected.

    My Costo started, 2 years post Chemotherapy, with a skin rash , on the upper right rib – a bit like shingles. It was painful to touch for a couple of days and then disappeared. A week later it manifested over the central chest area – again, two days and it was gone. A week later I wake up one morning with raging conjunctivitus in the left-eye only. Lasted an hour, then no more for a year. Now, a year later, its back in the central chest. Again, naturally, with my recent history, its straight into paranoia mode, and I'm thinking lymphatic cancer metasises.

    However, my researches have identified a possible viral/bacterial element to Costo , which have been exacerebated by the decimation of my immune system by the Chemo . Also, i know from official sources that my chemo has further damaged a pre-existing degradation of the spinal disc cartlidge.

    After much experimentation, I used to find that the most effective, and speedy treatment of previous spinal and neck degradation was achieved by taking one Diazepam (Valium).The full-effect of Its muscle relaxing properties came into play within 20 minutes of taking one, after which I was able to exercise the spine and relieve the pressure. Far quicker and long-lasting for me than TENS or physio .

    I tried this the first time I got he Costo last year and it seem to work.

    I wonder whether the repeat visitation this year is purely defective spinal mechanics or whether there's a repeat of the virus/bacterial thing which I had last year or something else more sinster.

    Back to the GP again.

  24. Evan Nelson Post author

    Hey Steve,
    I had a scare a month or so ago when I woke up to pain in the left side of my chest that kinda slowly crept up to my shoulder. First thought was ITS A HEART ATTACK but I’m 26 (which doesn’t mean it’s impossible but also not very rational). So I got up and kinda worried but it faded a little over the next couple hours so I slept. I figured because I over worked doing chest at gym it was just a minor injury or stress from the weight lifting. It continued for a week so I went to doctors panicking that it was my heart but Doctor checked heart and he said that nothing was wrong with heart and all the blood work came back great. He said I probably over lifted at gym with weights and the pain I feel is inflammation so he put me on Ibuprofen and I went home. I stayed away from weights for a week and took ibuprofen and it seemed to help mostly but then I went back to gym recently and I think I re aggravated it because it’s been bugging me again. Do you think it’s costochondritis? I’m saving up to get the pod now but do you think I should use heating pad on chest for now as well to help combat it? I’ve been going to gym but only doing cardio to avoid making it worse. Would love your input on it please. P.S. Along with it happening right after heavy gym lifting I also was having heavy stress and anxiety around that time so I’ve heard that can contribute as well. Sometimes shortness of breath too or heart racing (could be the anxiety).

  25. Zandie Price Post author

    Hi Steve, I just bought your back pod and waiting for it to deliver. I'm praying that it works as I haven't been able to exercise for many months now due to the pain and it has really been a depressing time. I'm just curious as to how you think I got my injury really. I always used to swim quite a bit but for a couple of weeks I took it to an extreme level and was swimming each and every day to the point of exhaustion (stupid I know). After one session I started to feel the pain on the left side of my chest. It was there for a while so I did go to hospital to get my heart checked but they said everything was fine. I'm sure i have costo but why would swimming cause this? I am praying your device works.

    Many thanks,

  26. Mouhcine El Bada Post author

    Hi Steve,
    I have been using the pod for a few months now, and while it certainly helped a lot to reduce the pain, the issue comes back as soon as i try to go for a run or after an intense workout. I have found some exercises on a youtube video, do you recommend me to practice those using the backpod (instead of the roll and tennis balls):

    Thanks per advance for your guidance

  27. glennsftn Post author

    Hey Steve. I originally bought the Backpod for Costochondritus. I only had one episode a few years ago and the Backpod worked great. I recently used the backed to relieve chronic pain under my scapula- I guess the Trapezius or Rhomboid minor/major (whichever is between the scapula and ribcage.) I had been going to a massage therapist for years. They get the trigger points near the scapula, but can't get to the area that actually hurts- it certainly helps, but the pain comes back in a few days. I placed the Backpod just to the inside of the scapula and stretched my arms outward at all angles to really get a good stretch on those muscles. After one session the pain was mostly gone. I've treated twice more and it's completely gone. So far, it's been a month without any pain at all. Just wanted to let you know there are uses beyond Costo for the Backpod.

  28. Debbie Burgos Post author

    Hi I think I've had Costco for about 10 months now. I feel a small lump inbetween 2 rib cages at the top left side of my chest. Dr ran all these tests and lab work and nothing showed so she said it can be costochonsritis. Depending what I eat I will wake up at night like I'm having a heart attack then it eases with time. Well now I cant sleep , if I go on my belly or left side I get aired out. Most days everything on my left side is killing me from my neck down to my rib , I'm a bit skeptical about this small lump but my dr says it must be the cartilage of the rib popping out. Please any advice ? Thank you!

  29. Carlism Official Page Post author

    Great video, I’ve had this a few years, I got told I was suffering from just severe anxiety but I knew it was something physical causing the anxiety, I had all the relevant tests to rule out anything sinister and was amazed as i I thought I had a heart or lung problem but nothing, i was very fit and strong few years ago and then out of the blue had a Costco attack which set off anxiety but was only diagnosed with costochondritis recently, the pains vary sometimes I get spasms and sharp and dull pain here and there, sometimes it jams up and anxiety kicks in, I don’t freak out like I use too, but still sometimes a little scary and painful, I’ve just ordered backpod, I’m hoping it will improve coz I want to work out properly again eventually, I’m a singer and a musician and that even affects me, it’s made me quite low in mood, I constantly have a slight discomfort but now again the severe pain kicks in like spasms is that normal, would love some feedback, cheers

  30. Justin Pressley Post author

    I bought the back pod. I'll receive it tomorrow. I'll come back in a few weeks to post results. Hope it works. Also the guy in the video seems like a cool guy, he responds to most and doesnt seem rude or pushy. I like him. Lol

  31. Patrick B. Post author

    I have been suffering from costo for 8 months. I have seen the doctor and he prescribed prednisone. Today is my second day. After watching this video, I have ordered the back pod, and a posture brace. I can't wait to get the pod, do exercises, and hopefully get
    relief. Excellent video. Thank you Steve!

  32. Roslyn Bui Viet Post author

    Hi Steve, I have just discovered this video and am blown away by the possibility that I can be free of CC. Have had it for nearly 2 years now after I had "treatment" from an Osteopath who did some strong manipulations/cracking of my ribcage to help fix my chronic neck/shoulder pain. A few days later I was in so much chest pain, I went to the ER as I was worried I was having a heart attack. I was told it was CC, more than likely caused by the manipulation by the Osteo. A cardiologist ruled out heart problems. After a week or so, it went away but since then, I keep getting recurrences. Sometimes relatively mild and at other times, very painful. I do yoga regularly to help improve my posture, shoulder and neck pain and posture but the bouts of CC continue. I am very excited to try the Backpod.
    I have 3 questions: 1. Could it have been caused by the Osteo in the first place? 2. Can stress exacerbate CC due to tensing of shoulder, neck and back muscles? The CC was really painful last week after a a very stressful few days. 3. Is it normal for CC to go away and then come back?

  33. Mariel Zamora Post author

    Hello, Steve. May I ask if this is available in the Philippines? I currently have costochondritis. Thank you.

  34. Marjorie Reagan Post author

    Waking up in the middle of the night with this is the scariest thing ever thank you so much. Eating a clean and green diet from now on. I took in sugar last night and have inflammation and arthritis all over thank you thank you thank you. Did a little mild stretching which is helping actually. I can attest to the ulcer bit thing too which I discovered recently took myself off nsaids and oh boy do I feel the whole of my inflammatory disease. Worsened by severe use at one time of diet colas. I got thin but it has damaged my body. More broccoli and more bone broth soup and I will report back. Moving to care for my parents who rarely eat any green food has really affected me. No longer eating their diet.

  35. rum02 Post author

    Hi Steve thanks for your informative video. I've had my first bout of what looks like costo. I had three our 4 days in a row of pushups, chinups, boxing as well as jogging and situps / core stuff. I felt tight but not too sore. I had a couple of nights with minimal sleep and I think I went to sleep with tightness and woke up with the pain in the chest and the back. It surfaced again at night and yeah I thought I Was having early onset heart attack. Got checked at a hospital, given some pain meds and calmed down. Do you think I should begin the massage and the digging into the upper back rib attachments immediately? Or should I try to rest and let the pain settle for a day or two. Nurofen and aspirin help. I think I'll use a topical rub to settle the inflammation instead of the nurofen. Cheers you're worth your weight in gold doc

  36. Yiyi Yiyi Post author

    How do you get a doctor to diagnose a costochondritis. I have been in going to the doctors and cardiologists for years almost 30 years on an off and not one time did any of them mention I could have this. I just always leave with them saying it is anxiety. Could you tell me how to get a proper diagnosis for this so I can then go from there.

  37. Chris NZ Post author

    This is incredibly helpful info, Steve – thank you so much for sharing. It sounds like I have Tietze Syndrome, caused by mild-medium bouts of coughing due to spring allergies and other air pollutants (I live in rural Hamilton where farmers seem to spray daily). I now have an inflamed right front/chest rib and presumably swelling of the intercostal muscles – feels like a type of 'tearing' sensation across my breast plate, also just tonight, dull pain near my shoulder blade (on the same side as the inflamed rib).

    My recent Dr's visit produced a referral for an Allergy Panel test (which I didn't know existed until AFTER that appointment – thanks Mum and Dad! NOT!), so to identify what is triggering me at home, presuming it isn't just spring allergies and farm spray, e.g. am I reacting to my dogs fur, or milk, or both!!!

    Hopefully I can eliminate the cough, thus relieve the pain in my chest/back, long enough until I see my chiro to free up my rib cage, and will order a pod as well.

    Very scary googling 'chest pain cough' and variations like that – the Big C is a hard pill to swallow that's for sure!!

    P.s – would you have any recommendations for Chiro's in Hamilton?


  38. lotus 07 Post author

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the information on costochondritis. I have watched all your videos on the subject and the backpod seems an amazing device.

    I have been having ribcage pain for 2 months now. But my pain is not in the sternum area, instead it has affected my lower ribs ( above the liver and stomach area) on both sides. I feel a lot of pain, discomfort, swelling, heaviness and burning sensation between the ribs. Especially the lower left ribs show clear swelling and stick out more than right side. It is extremely sensitive to touch and pain may take 1-2 days to calm down. I feel tighness around the lower ribs. The pain goes through to back ribs. My physical position can sometimes bring on the pain flare up suddenly. I find its worst if i lie down flat. I would describe pain as sharp and cutting especially around left rib swelling. My recent blood tests showed I was very deficient in vitamin D.
    My symptoms came on suddenly, had no injury or trauma to the area apparently. Just looking for solution to this scary condition.
    I have seen the doctor many times who think it may be costochondritis. I am still waiting for an ultrasound scan appointment as we have to wait here in the UK. Several ECGs done, all came back normal for heart function.

    I would greatly appreciate your advice on this… Cheers.

  39. Brenda Freeman Post author

    Steve I'd love your input. A month ago I noticed my 3rd left rib there was like a knot there? Then it swelled to my sternum. It has a burning sensation but doesn't hurt to breathe. It's been xrayed 2 times. And they say they cant find anything wrong with the bone. I was scared it was bone cancer. The last hospital drew labs and said my calcium level is fine. And if it was bone cancer they would be high. I do have 6 kids I lift. But please help ?

  40. Mana's Voice Post author

    Hi Steve. This is going to be a pretty long comment but I really hope you will take your time to read this. I am really at wit's end.
    I am 24 years old this year and I am currently living in Japan.

    Approximately 3 months ago, I started experiencing a tight pressure on the left side of my neck, to be more specific, right above my left clavicle. I can't say for sure if the tight pressure is coming from my scalene muscle or some other muscle above my left clavicle. The weird thing is that, I don't feel any pain at all, just that weird, tight pressure. On top of that, ever since I started experiencing this tight pressure above my left collarbone (or left neck), my left upper chest and left back have started feeling really achy despite not doing any workouts or exercises at all. I thought this was something that would go away with time so I simply rested for a few days in hopes this problem will go away by itself. However, even after a week of rest, not only did the tight pressure not go away, it didn't even become better and I was feeling exactly how I felt prior to the one week rest. I thought since this wasn't causing any pain at all for me, I should just leave it alone. But when I found out that I couldn't sing (I am a vocalist) as well as I could before this problem started, I knew something was wrong. The more I sang, the tighter and more uncomfortable my chest and the left side of my neck becomes. That was when I knew I had to do something about this condition.

    I went to doctors to have them check my heart and blood pressure and everything came back normal. I went for aromatherapy massage and deep tissue massage but to no avail, the tight pressure didn't go away. Although I feel the tightness through out the day, the worst time of the day is probably when I am sitting down. When I am standing, I feel fine and the tightness is usually very minimal, but when I am sitting down, I can feel the tight pressure on my left neck very prominently. I tried neck and back stretches but to no avail, it didn't help. Maybe I was doing the stretches wrongly so I can't say for sure.

    Another thing was that I coincidentally found out while trying to stretch my neck and back was that, I realized when I lean my head back and look at the ceiling, the back of my neck was making grinding, cricking sounds. And also, when I was doing a back stretch, my sternum made a popping (or clicking?) sound. Ever since this problem started, the middle of my back (the thoracic mid back I assume) has been really achy and uncomfortable. I feel like I need to crack my mid back all time time to release the tension. Same goes for the sternum, I feel like I need to stretch widely to let my sternum pop in order to release the tension. When I cracked my mid back, it always made many cracking and popping sounds which actually did give me some relief, same goes for the sternum popping.

    All of these problems didn't exist in me until 3 months ago, right around the time my left neck started having the tight pressure. I went to a few chiropractic sessions but it didn't helped much. I tried to tell the doctor about my left upper body feeling really different from how I felt when I didn't have this problem but he told me my left upper body looks fine. This is my body, I know better than anyone else if there's something wrong with my body. That's why I want to know if this is actually Costochrondritis, or all these problems is started due to the tight pressure of my left neck?

    Just some additional information. Before all these problems started, I used to crack my own neck daily and one night, when I was trying to get a good neck crack, I incidentally made a pretty big neck crack, probably the biggest and most uncomfortable one I made in my life. Right after that big neck crack, my left back started hurting though the pain went away after while. I can literally hear my neck bone moving when I do any neck motions. When I look up to the ceiling to stretch my neck, my sternum area would click. Is this normal at all?

    I am really looking forward to your reply and if the Backpod really does help my current condition, I plan to buy it as soon as possible so I can start on the treatment to get rid of the tight pressure on my neck and back once and for all. I am really very tired of this condition and its affecting my quality of life drastically.

  41. gd Post author

    I have slip rib on the left bottom floating ribs. I'm in terrible pain. Is there any suggestions you could give me?

  42. Chris Post author

    Hi Steve, I'm not sure if you're still monitoring this or not but I have a question. I'm 32 years old, living in Canada, and have no other medical conditions. I'm 160LB, 9% body fat, and in good general health. About 8 months ago in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, I was partnered with someone who put a lot of pressure on my lower right ribs (I'm not sure the exact location, but I believe it's around Rib 7 or 8 on the FRONT side of me). I believe he dug his knee into it for a few seconds. The pain can be described as a dull pain when I poke the rib bone or poke around close to that specific rib bone. I believe I have re-injured it several times over the past 8 months, so now it's a chronic condition. I re-injured it because I would go back to class after a few weeks of the pain being gone, but I guess it wasn't fully healed. Once I realized it was not going away, I stopped going to BJJ classes and limited my activity. After about a month, it healed up to the point where I did not feel any pain/tenderness/twinge in the area from daily activity, sleeping on my ribs, weight lifting, etc. I gave it another 2 months to be safe (so 3 months off from BJJ total) and decided to go back to class last week. During my break I did a lot of stretching and core exercises (sit-ups, planks, side planks, hanging leg raises, hollow body holds, russian twists, etc.) thinking the injury was the result of me not properly bracing my core when I received the knee pressure. Anyways, when I went back to BJJ class after 3 months off, the pain came back, as it does every time I go to BJJ. It then seems to reset my recovery and I'm out for another 1-3 months. I am not aware of any specific thing that I did in class that would have hurt that spot, as classes are quite dynamic and we were working on a bunch of different things. I do know that no one hit my ribs with a lot of force; it was fairly moderate activity with them putting some pressure on my body (and therefore my ribs).

    I've been to several general doctors, gotten X-Rays (nothing bad shown), have an upcoming Bone Scan, have an upcoming appointment with a Sports Doctor who will use ultrasound/MRI (if needed) to try to see what's going on, but so far no one was able to help me other than telling me to rest, strengthen my core, and stretch often. As it stands right now, I can get to the point where the pain is 90% gone, but it always comes back after 1-3 BJJ classes. Before the injury happened, I never had rib pain. I've also gone to the Chiro multiple times for shockwave therapy and adjustments/graston technique (which didn't seem to do anything for me – the shockwave may have; I don't know).

    However I think I may have gotten the shockwave in the wrong location. The reason I say this is because when the injury first occurred, the pain was around rib 7 or 8, just a little to the right (and below) the bottom of my sternum. After re-injuring myself several times months ago, the pain actually moved and was 100% in my right oblique (so a few inches over to the right from where the pain originated from). Also the pain seemed to come directly from my oblique muscle, whereas the original pain I feel more when I poke the rib bone around rib 7 or 8, although since the X-Ray showed nothing, I'm assuming the bone itself is fine, but the muscle/cartilage/ligament underneath/around the rib is the problem. After that point, I never felt pain in the original location; only in the right oblique. The interesting thing is that since I've taken 3 months off and only gone to one BJJ class a few days ago, the pain is now localized in the same spot as it was when I first injured myself 8 months ago. Meaning, closer to my sternum, and not over my side oblique. I am not sure what would cause this but I do know that the more I went to classes and hurt myself, the more tender/twitchy my muscles would get along my entire right side, so perhaps that compromised my obliques. I don't know. In any case, when I went to the Chiropractor a few months ago, I got 4 sessions of shockwave therapy in my right OBLIQUE because that's the only source of pain I had at the time. The pain went away in my obliques. But since I just re-injured myself this week and it's the first time re-injuring myself in over 3 months, the pain is in the original spot which I did not get shockwave on; to be honest I didn't think about getting shockwave in the original location because it's been months since that location has hurt… it had moved into my obliques. It's only after doing a complete reset (taking 3 months off, then going back), that it now seems to hurt in the original location. So I am wondering if there is any benefit to trying shockwave again (or something else), but focused on the new pain location?

    Since no one has been able to help, I have been trying to self-diagnose and take treatment into my own hands so I can return to the mats. Upon looking up BJJ and lower rib injuries, two things frequently come up. A partial or full costochondral separation (I doubt mine is full because overall the pain is fairly minimal compared to what I would expect a full separation to feel like), or intercostal muscle tear/strain.

    My question for you (sorry for the rant; I wanted to provide as much detail as possible), is it possible for the Backpod to help if the issue is relating to Costochondritis in the LOWER ANTERIOR ribs on my right side? Every video I've seen about the Backpod talks about it opening up the upper back/ribs, but my pain is on my lower right side anterior ribs. Also, if you have any additional insight to share, I would greatly appreciate it. Do you think it could be something different than Costochondritis? I am happy to provide details/pictures of the location/anything that might help; I am desperate here because I haven't been able to do what I love in over 8 months. I can do everything else except for BJJ once it heals up. I need help getting over that last 10% of the recovery process.

  43. Ανδρομαχη Γεωργιου Post author

    Have anyone experiences back and neck pain together with costo pain;did anyone of you experiences and lamp thoat tigether with this symptoms;does the blood test and the magnetic resonance showed you the inflammation for the first time;did the imflation drugs help someone for good;it all suddenly with no cause and it's very depressing

  44. Ryan Patterson Post author

    Hey Steve, I have been diagnosed with Tietze Syndrome 2 years and 3 months ago. I have tried therapy in addition to giving my chest time. It started where my chest would be in pain when I would breath or do any forward bending. That has lightened up, but now i get a lot of pain in my chest when I have to pop or crack it. After the sternum and the ribs going into it are popped or cracked the pain is relieved until the next time. I sometimes even wake up at night to pop my chest to relieve the pain. Do you think the backpod can help with this? It would be nice to no longer have this problem anymore.

  45. Thomas Post author

    I would like to thank you for everything you have done for people suffering from costochondritis. I had seen many doctors, osteopaths and so on and none of them could identify the problem. I had even my gallbladder removed as had stones but the pain did not go. I guess I am ' a small sack' lighter now!LOL Getting back to the subject………. I received my Backpod the other day from Germany. It's only two days now but I can already feel the difference. IT HAS BEEN GREAT AND I AM KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED! It is great to know that there are people like you out there who share their knowledge and experience to help others.
    Mat God give you health and happiness for many years to come.

    So, costo's a mystery they say,
    And puts your body astray,
    Steve August's logic is clear
    For costo He has no fear,
    The area is no longer grey.

  46. Thomas Post author

    Also Steve, I forgot to ask if you read my post please. Is the collagen in the spine the same 'material' that is involved in formation of bone spurs or osteophytes? I would really appreciate your answer explaining what kind of material it is around the spine hinges. Thank you once again for what you have done for costo sufferers.

  47. Thomas Post author

    THE E-MAIL FROM STEVE AUGUST (I hope you don't mind Steve as it might help others understand it even more):
    Hi Thomas. Thanks for your enthusiastic post. I agree with all of it. All I'm saying re costo is that there's a specific mechanical problem driving most of it – just like having the hand brake jammed on in the car. I completely agree that looking after the car and using good fuel is the correct way to go, but also you need to free off the handbrake. Sounds like you're getting there on the Backpod. Hang in there – it will take time. Usually a few weeks to free the hinges mostly, though this varies. What you're stretching on the Backpod is the very tough collagen material making up the ligaments, joint capsules and fascia that surround the spinal and rib joints. This stuff will have contracted down around the immobile joints. It's stronger by weight than steel wire, and has to be – it's what holds your skeleton together. Muscles just move it around. You can stretch it, but it takes a long, strong, specific, sustained stretch – exactly what we built the Backpod for. You cannot, repeat cannot, stretch it with a split second manipulation from a chiropractor, say. That's why people go back again and again to get the same joints banged free repeatedly – the tight collagen just stiffens them up again. We think this is expensive folly. It's not the same as bone spurs or osteophytes. Those are essentially areas where the muscle tendons anchoring onto the bone, or the bony surfaces themselves, have been stressed and loaded enough that new bone is laid down to sort of reinforce the area. That extra bone can interfere with the workings, e.g. osteophytes in the neck pressing onto the nerves running out of the neck and causing referred pain down the arm. Cheers, Steve August.

    KIA ORA:)

  48. Thomas Post author

    Hi Steve,
    I am really sorry but forgot to ask about one more thing. Is the sternum more susceptible for more inflammation when using the Back pod? Is it a part of the healing process? Thank you.

  49. Beauty Lover Post author

    Hi! I just purchased the Backpod. My daughter is 13 yr old and was dx with Costo 2 years ago. She was pain free and a few days ago she started complaining about chest pain again. Can costo flair up years later? She also has headaches. Any advice? Thank you in advance. We are in the US.

  50. Liam Coleman Post author

    Well I spent the money on getting the back pod and it’s made my costocondritis worse. The flare ups I get after using it are awful.

  51. Thomas Post author

    Hi Steve,
    Hope you are well. Can I just clarify a few things with you please? My back started clicking after using the back pod and it radiates up to my neck. Is it a good sign of freeing up tight muscles? It is not painful but just 'clicky'. Also, as you have said many times that CC is caused by the 'tight collagen' , should we avoid foods rich in collagen like bone broth etc. or it has no real influence on the worsening the condition? Sorry I asked an MD but he never gave a clear answer, not to mention he smiled at the idea of using the Back pod. Thank you in advance Steve.

  52. Thomas Post author

    Once again many, many thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate it a lot. I have been through so many different websites now regarding CC treatment and your helpful comments and help are basically everywhere. I have never come across a person who would offer so much assistance and professional advice not for financial gain but purely out of kindness.
    I was really sad to read on one of the websites that you are planning to retire. We need you in EUROPE! You are absolutely right when you say that unfortunately in many cases MDs cannot recognise the problem but it's not their fault; it's the way they have been trained to deal with the issue. Nevertheless, for me it has only been 4 days and I can feel the difference already. As an impatient person as I am, I think I have overdone it a bit by using the Back pod more than once a day in the first week. SO GO STEADY EVERYONE. BE PATIENT AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Needless to say I have already told some of my friends about Back pod and they have already checked it out. My brother, who has got a very similar problem, has been told that it is a trapped nerve. Oh well…… He's already ordered the Back pod:).
    I can also confirm that by using the Back pod my spine has 'kind of' started adjusting to the 'original settings'.
    I could be going on and on about how life-saving your invention has been but I think the testimonials below all your videos speak for themselves.

  53. Lesley Moss Post author

    Thank you so much for the video. I have had this for years and was advised by my doctor to manage the pain as it comes. I do not like taking medication so I suffer in silence. I will be trying the back pod for sure. Kind regards Lesley

  54. Cheryl Willingham Post author

    Thank for the information. I have suffered for several years and now my poor 83 yr old dad is suffering about a 100x worse then I have it. He of course has been getting the run around from his primary care doctor but has been going to a massage therapist for about two weeks. After watching your video tho I am wondering if he is getting the right type of treatment. They are working on separating his ribs saying they have essentially wedged together or collapsed in the front due to his curved upper spine and rounded shoulders. I am taking him to a new Dr. that specializes in senior care. I am hoping he is referred to a specialist. But now I see that it is his spine that needs to be addressed and not concentrating so much on his front rib joints. Am I right in this thinking? He is so discouraged and depressed and ready to throw it all in.

  55. Cian Walsh Post author

    Hi Steve, I’ve had costo for 3 years at this point and through using the Backpod for about a month now, I’ve noticed great improvements so far! However I do have a couple questions that I’m unclear on regarding my particular situation if you wouldn’t mind giving me some advice.
    I’m 19 years old and since I’ve had costo (through improper form weightlifting and having a trauma to my chest 3 years ago) I’ve grown 4 inches in height. Do you think this is a factor in not letting the condition heal quicker?

    I seem to experience costo pain a few hours after doing a Backpod session, (which leaves my superior thoracic spine feeling very tender for at least a couple days). Should I wait until my thoracic spine is no longer tender to do another session or continue to stretch daily?

    My final query is that even though I feel most of my costo pain slightly laterally to my sternum on the left side, I find it hard to feel the stretch on my upper left back as I feel the scapula is almost in the way a bit. I feel the best stretch when I put the Backpod directly on my spinous processes from T3-T6 around that region, but as I said this leaves me very tender.
    Thanks for all your help thus far Steve, you have done great things for this particular community with the Backpod!
    Cheers, Cian.

  56. Cheryl Willingham Post author

    Well I still love all your information because I know it pertains to me but I took my Dad to the ER yesterday because of the pain. He was walking thru the house and his back just seized up could barely move his legs with the pain. They did a bone scan and found his T4 and T11 had fractures. Now my frustration is after two months of enduring pain, no official diagnosis except POSSIBLE?? costochondritis, 5 Primary care visits, massage therapy for 3 weeks, and 3 visits to the ER, not one "DOCTOR" suggested getting a bone scan. I didn't even know those existed. He now has to go to rehab which he could have started back in December. Very disappointed in how his Primary Care Dr. had grossly mistreated my Dad.

  57. Thomas Post author

    Hi Steve. Once again for your prompt reply. I can't thank you more. I might be a bit impatient as it's been only two weeks since I started using the Back pod. I take the Back pod to the gym every day with me and a lot of people ask me what it is. I believe some of them have already spoken to you via e-mails. I can't believe that this collagen is really so tough. Me spine has caused me a lot of trouble starting from pelvic tilt to kyphosis. I am really thankful for your invention which has taken away 70% of the pain from my sternum. As you said many times, it didn't happen it a few weeks so you have to be patient.
    As a piece of advice to others (hope you don't mind), please look at your strong pelvis and muscles around it which is the base for a healthy spine. I can't stress it more how important it is. Plenty on you tube, just learn about how strong, even pelvis helps with your back problems. Thank you Steve.

  58. Izn Sheikh Post author

    Hi I have had Tietze syndrome or Costochondrits for about three months now. When i first felt the pain in my chest i thought it was a heart attack and went to the ER where they told me my heart was fine. I have medium to severe dull pain on the left side of my chest, and the pain sometime radiates to my left arm and right side of my chest. I’ve taken ibuprofen and have even stopped playing soccer. I just want this pain to end, it really makes doing things i took for granted waaaaay more difficult! If the backpod is honestly the answer I’d like to try it but i just need to be sure!

  59. Thomas Post author

    Hello Steve. Hope you are well. Can I please ask you if there is any part of the spine where you should not apply pressure on with the Back pod? Sorry but I can't get a clear answer from MDs or even from some chiropractors. I am thinking about how one should approach fixing thoracic kyphosis, right pelvic til and slight right scoliosis. Also, what do you think about sleeping on the hard surface to realign your spine? Has it got any negative affect on it? And sorry for being so inquisitive but I can only see significant results with your help. My back has been popping even more now and I think it is just a matter of a few weeks when my sternum pain will disappear for good. Kind regards,

  60. Thomas Post author

    Thank you Steve. Sorry but trying to find the way to approach kyphosis, scoliosis and pelvic tilt. My friend said that you know a doctor in London who is really ggod. Might try to get into his practice for advice. Thank you once again. Thomas

  61. Thomas Post author

    Thank you Steve. I really appreciate all your help. Really sorry for asking so many questions but I am just trying to figure out the optimal approach to fix my back. When you ask about the biomechanics of the spine nobody can give you a clear answer. Does fixing your thorasic area mean that your forward head will adjust as well (including some posture exercises). My pain has been moving around my back (now it is between shoulders) and I am trying to find the logic in all that puzzle )not being a professional). My kyphosis is pretty bad but no physio has mentioned it to me at all. And as you said before, 3 weeks and my back is clicking everywhere. I have watched your videos on kyphosis and scoliosis and I know they go together. I know I am a pain but can you please say what would be the best approach and how actually the spine works in regard to re-aligning itself when using the Back pod? Is working on thorasic area enough to to put the spine back on track?
    Thank you Steve.

  62. Thomas Post author

    Thank you Steve. I appreciate it so much. I have learnt so much more from you by watching your videos and emailing you than I have learnt from all the physios and MDs that I have seen within the last two years. Thank you for being so kind and helping me to understand how the spine actually affect the whole muscular system. Kindest regards. Thomas

  63. Augusto Veronesi Post author

    I got my costo almost 3 years ago. Since that day I visited a physio who told me to stretch the back and the pec. After months, I still had costo, so I started to ask myself if this was the correct way to fix it. But that's not enough: 1 year ago I started to suffer ALSO of a really bad upper back pain, really painful, that comes every day when i: sit, wash dishes, walk with a backpack, … This is very frustrating, because my passion is landscape photography and now I can not do it anymore because of this upper back pain. Do you think is a consequence of the costo?

    Then, my physio gave me also some strengthening exercises both to "solve" my kyphosis and lordosis, so he gave me paraspinal strengthening exercises, rows, pull ups for the upper back, and hip raises, glutes strenghtening and squats for the lower back. He also gave me psoas and femoral stretches. If I understood correctly, it's better to avoid any kind of movement who can strain more the already strained rib joint on the breastbone, but can I keep doing the lower back strenghtening and stretching exercises?

    Thanks, Augusto.

  64. Emma Clark Post author

    I decided to buy the back pod and have been using it for almost about 3 weeks now. At first I was noticing some improvement, but now my symptoms seem like they are back to how they were when I was fist diagnosed (about 5 weeks ago). I do the Backpod everyday for about 15 minutes moving it up and down the spine and then to the left and right. I make sure to not go below my ribs. I was just wondering if there is something I am doing incorrectly that is preventing it from working well? Or if I should be doing it longer? I have now worked down to not using pillows. Sometimes right after doing it my chest feels better but my back feels more stiff in certain areas than before I did it.
    Thanks, Emma.

  65. Totalwoman10 Post author

    Thank you, Doctor, for the information. I was concerned about my heart, but I realize that it's my ribs. Please, fix the audio for the next video.

  66. Ramy Akroush Post author

    Hey doctor. I’ve been dealing with Costochondritis for about a couple months. I first developed it when I was on the bench press and the bar came a little too hard on my chest. Ever since then, I’ve had this stabbing pain in the middle of my sternum, which sometimes radiates to my lower ribs and around my sternum overall. The weird thing is, I really only get this stabbing pain when I pressurize my sternum by sucking my core in. I also get some tenderness/annoying pain when laying on my back, etc sleeping or just relaxing. But other than that, I get no pain while coughing, sneezing, or breathing, just when I squeeze my core and lay on my back. I’ve taken 6 weeks off the gym and still no change. Is this something you would still recommend, given my conditions( I got xrays and everything was normal)? Is there anything else I could do to speed up the healing process? Thanks

  67. Deacon Kim Post author

    I just got the backpod and when I put my hands behind my head, my left arm tingles and gets numb. I’ve had Costochondritis for the past 2 months and hoping this will help! I’ve also been dealing with ulnar nerve entrapment when I sleep at night and was wondering if this feeling in my left arm was ok while using the backpod. If my arm is going numb, should I still keep my hands behind my head or is there another position I can use?

  68. Andrea Crop Post author

    Hi everyone. I write this message to get more information about the costochondrite.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    My name is Andrea, I'm 27 years old, I'm Italian. I have been costochondrite for about 4-5 years, but I have only recently discovered that it was a matter of costochondritis, therefore inflammation of cartilage.

    alternate months when I feel good in months where I feel a lot of pain. For example, in 2018 I was good for the whole year, except for March and December 2018, I do not understand the cause of pain and I do not understand why some months ago and others do not. The pain is strong, sharp, like a knife in the ribs. It's sudden !! Its value goes from 0 to 10 in a second. There are no intermediate stages. Pain is either maximum or not. I feel it sometimes in the breastbone, sometimes in the first ribs below. I can not work out in the gym, I can not have a steady job, I can not live in peace. At Gennario 2019 I have infiltrated cortisone, I will have to do other ones in the future. Now I will ask questions and I hope someone can answer:

    1- Has anyone ever recovered from a chronic constellation of years and years? How can it be healed.

    2- Can the backpod permanently resolve the costochondrite? In this case, what exercises should be done? I don't understand the correct use. I would like to buy it but I want to make sure I do not make my symptoms and my back worse.

    3- What are the best physical exercises (stretching, etc.)?

    4- Is there a diet that can help you?

    5- What to do during strong pain (I can not breathe).

    6- Cortisone infiltration in the ribs can solve the problem?

    Thanks to everyone who will answer. Hello everybody. Andrea

  69. Thomas Post author

    Hello Steve,
    Hope you are well. I have been using the Backpod and the pain under my rib is hardly noticable. I have q question however please. My back has been still tight and and clicking. Is it normal? I know you said it will take a few months for me, however I just want to double check if it is normal. Sorry, but you always get it right. Been to a few physios but each one gave me a different explanation, rotated spine, shorter leg, etc. Could it be facia that keeps my back so tight. I would appreciate your answer.
    Thank you Steve.

  70. Thomas Post author

    Thank you Steve. Everything you said is spot on. I don't need a pillow and it is still tight. Ohhhh…. I wish we had physios like you here. Thank you once again and hope you are well. Thomas

  71. CBR dude Post author

    Hey just seen ur post on the costo page…..awesome info…

    Was wondering if u could take a few mins out of ur time to respond to me..?

    I've been dealing with costo or at least I'm 95% sure that my issue….so for 8 years I've had this on & off…more frequently in the winter months …less noticble in warm months. I get the quick jabs in my sternum… mainly…it does radiate to my upper left ribs over my pec…. occasionally I feel pain in the right side more so left. Certain body movement or esp standing from a stooped position , moving arm to quickly, sitting up outta the bed sometimes, caughing at times, sneezing…
    Only feel it for a few secs. Nothing ever last for mins on end and never get chest pains out of the blue for no reason…ONLY on certain body movements. Also get sternum popping and cracking on the daily…have to stretch them out… not painful but not normal.
    So recently went to a chiropractor..told him my story… first thing bc of chest pains was X-ray…came back clean for no abnormalities on heart or lung areas. However he did find a thoracic kyposis…not extreme but none the less…he says my chest wall pain is more then likely comeing from my kyposis & all around bad posture..also seen rib cage pushing forward a little…
    Well I tried doing calisthenics workouts it was going good for a month….no pains while doing pull ups or push ups….heck I was even doing handstands… feeling great hoping I was helping my back & this chest prob…. ended up with a bad flare one morning… lasted over a week…so here I am now…..maybe the excersises were too much? And finally aggravated the costo? Weakened muscles? …….just wanna get back to normal…..
    I'm 30 yrs old…in shape…active at my job in maintenance… however I do smoke…? …been trying to kick that habbit also to see if that effects the costo… I've recently made a peanut and started with it… hoping it works like the back pod till I can get one…I do stretches but not consitinly I'll admit.

    Any help or recommendation would be greatly appreciated sir!

    Thanks for your time in advance.

  72. Brandon Mathis Post author

    Hi Steve! Thank you so much for all of your videos they are very informative and helpful. I was recently diagnosed with costo but am not sure was an accurate diagnosis. First off I'm 27 and when I was in my mid teens was diagnosed with anklosing spondylitis (basically because I have one specific chromosome or genetic marker) and I have ready that people who have this are more prone to get costo. I also have a slight bit of scoliosis, in between my shoulder blades my spine slightly curves and then straightens back up at the top of my shoulder blades. I have no pain taking deep breaths or breathing. I lifted something a few months ago and felt something pop like a tendon right under my left pectoral muscle. I kept noticing it pop here and there. Then my collar bone started hurting. Throughout these two things occurring I would occasionally swim a few laps (just 3 or 4 laps) every other day and it did help. One day my collar bone starting hurting pretty bad and I took off swimming to rest for a week by the time the week was over my collar bone had a very clear bump/was swollen at the point right before it dips down to connect to the sternum, on the right side. The last thing the doctor did to determine of I had costo was push my ribs together and when I told him that made it hurt right under my left pectoral muscle. Do you think this is costochondritis or tietze syndrome? The bump on my collarbone is very hard and feels like a bone. I have since been swimming every day for 2 weeks only doing 3 or 4 laps and the pain has went completely away under my pectoral muscle and did go away on my collarbone but that has started swelling up again. Do you think the backpod will help me or do you think theres something else I'm missing? In addition I also have had bad allergies and have very bad sneezing fits and feel like that's how I injured whatever it is. I have pulled my back badly before from sneezing. I've since gotten. Some good allergy meds that have helped this. I am constantly having to look down and be slouched at my job. Lastly I did developed a bad habit of popping my neck by jerking my head fast and hard to one side. I've since quit that as well. Thanks so much for the help!

  73. Marmitaa Post author

    My doctor told me 5 years back that i had Syndrome of Tietze, after 2 years the pain on the chest settled down a little but pain in my back was getting unbareble. Still got the pain and feel i lost all hope in getting better. I tried everything people recommended with no avail. I can't even work for 2 hours and i HAVE to take good hour rest. I'm out of options.

  74. Raks Rana Post author

    Hi steve my problem started years ago with pain in the middle and i worked in the gym round it. The pain moved to the lower sides when i slept , on both sides. It now stabs in my left side , which are my lower floating ribs and burns on right lower aswell . I cannot lift anything without feeling the pressure and stabbing now for a year . Mri and ct scan has ruled out things and scans have shown nothing wrong with organs. The pain clinic doctor says costo . Also the pain radiates from all the ribs behind and front which is hell. Would your product be suitable.?? Drs also say costal is a nerve problem.

  75. Lia Simone Post author

    Hi Steve, My family member is suffering a very acute variation of this condition in which her ribs are continually being disconnected from her sternum. This is thought to be caused by an old sports injury but is now causing her great pain and inability to move in various ways. The doctors here are suggesting to perform a sort of open heart style surgery in which they open up her entire chest and remove portions of her ribs. I would love to contact you personally to possibly get your opinion or find out if she may consult you further about your opinion and possible treatment. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you.

  76. Cassie Millican Post author

    Steve I need your help on something that's scaring me to death. It started out 6 months ago with an inflamed rib. The t3 on the left. But now? I'm having pinching feelings in my upper back in the back by my shoulder blades. I reach my arm around to the back and feel these little marble round squiggly things that hurt when I press them. What are those? I had to force my dr to feel. Xrays are fine. Bone scan was fine. I'm scared about what those inflamed wiggly things are in the back. Also now I'm having arm and neck pain the tendon in the middle of my left arm muscle? Hurt all the way down ? please give me your advice

  77. Thomas Post author

    PLEASE E-MAIL TO [email protected]@t FOR IDEAS!

  78. Avinash V Post author

    Thanks for this wonderful video , I was diagnosed with costroconditis in 2010 , and was clueless , what it was , it has been 9 years now , and i have developed a chronic condition , but i have been seeing chiropractor , physiotherapist and RMT for about 2 years , and things have changed , i also bought backpod in 2017 , and was able to see some good results . it was happening and it was slow , but it was a great help, and the exercises you demonstrated are the boosters for healing . Now my inflammation on the chest has got down , however i see a shift from left side to right side ( Initial costro was on my left side ) , and my hips and upper back of right side are tight too , i can feel the posture of my body is correct , however since my muscles and fascia are used to certain posture, i could feel a discomfort on right, Please advise. 🙂

  79. FANSON CONTRERAS Post author

    I have Costochondritis really bad I had it since 08 but now this year I just discovered I have it but I hear this is a good product to use to help

  80. Preety Ranjan Post author

    Hi i am using backpod from last 2 weeks i can’t see much difference i have costo from 1 year please help am i doing something wrong ?now i am doing it without any pillow i don’t feel any kind of discomfort without pillow doing it regularly 5 to 10 minutes a day please help if i am doing anything wrong or i need to do more often?

  81. Chiefette88 Post author

    Hello Steve. I have had costo symptoms for 2 months now and I'm seeing great results with my backpod that I got a week ago. Most of my chest pain is gone, but my areas of discomfort that remain are in my upper abdomen / lower ribs. Have you seen people with costo complain about painful lumps on the lower ribs / upper abdomen area? I've have multiple scans and doctors don't see anything amiss, but it still makes me worry.

    Thank you for your invention. It has helped me do much and I'm going to continue to use it.

  82. Syaoran Li Post author

    I just purchased this few days ago and I'm hoping this works. I started having my costo for about 3 weeks. Thank you for giving me hope ! I will update in a few weeks

  83. ytrew Post author

    basically the main point is "cracking will break the rust seal (the collagene 4:35) and unlock the hinge". 6:50 "let's get scientific", but no (scientific) studies to backup it. I'm afraid it's basically a theory from someone who need money, and an add for a the Backpod miracle device, and his clinic.

  84. Thomas Post author

    Hi Steve,
    Hope you are well. I have been told l have an anterior pelvic tilt which might be causing my costo. I wanted to ask you as nobody can give me a clear answer. Shall l continue focusing on using the backpod or focus on apt as well? You were right when you said in one of your replies to me that l must have been really frozen at the back. I honestly don't know how you survived with costo for 7 years. There are days when it is so much better but then l still get days when it comes back. But l can see many improvements in my back in general: No pinching or pain in my scapular area or shoulder. It is all being released slowly. TBH l never knew a human body can be so difficult to stretch. Thank you Steve. Greetings from UK.


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