How Stress Rewires Your Brain and What You Can Do About It

How Stress Rewires Your Brain and What You Can Do About It

We’ve all heard the phrase, “get your creative
juices flowing.” Weird as it sounds, there may be some truth
to the term, “creative juices…” which I will stop saying right now,
because it feels weird to say. Meet BDNF, also known as
Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. BDNF isn’t a synthetic creativity juice you
can just grab at Costco. The role of BDNF is stimulating, maintaining,
and supporting neuronal growth in your nervous system, helping make
more connections in your brain. Those increased synaptic connections can help
you get out of that creative rut. And how is it released? Exercise! And I’m not talking Crossfit, Zumba, or
Milly rocking on every block. Lighter exercise like walking
can help you get some BDNF in your system. BDNF is integral to processes of learning
and memory, and if you need more proof that it’s important,
there’s significant evidence that Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and
Huntington’s Disease patients have less BDNF in their brains. So getting those levels up early in life could help
stave off those neurodegenerative diseases. Write a little, walk a little. If you get blocked, take a walk. If the juices ain’t flowing,
get up and get going. Honestly, what am I doing here? I should be writing science mixtapes
and selling them in Times Square. There’s so much scrutiny from so many people
into our lives, increased exponentially by social media, that it could be doing damage to our mental health,
increasing psychosocial stress. All of that in turn affects our depression
and anxiety. But, that damage isn’t irreparable. Changing small things about your mindset and
routine can affect you on a neurological level, a.k.a. “neuroplasticity.” Neuroplasticity is exactly what it sounds
like: neuro, “brain” and plasticity, “flexible.” In this case, it means that our brains have
the ability to change and adapt in response to our environment. We can help alleviate these symptoms of depression,
anxiety, and psychosocial stress by changing small things in our routine. It doesn’t have to be a reboot of your
entire life – #NewYearNewMe; it could be a small change that makes things better… #NewYearSameMeButILikeChangedSomeStuff…? That’s clunky, we gotta fix that in post. Hop off social media for a while.
Take a trip. Change your work environment. Cut that messy friend who talks all kinds
of trash out of your life, or stop being that friend. All of these things will not only positively
affect your physical health, like your heart and immune functions,
but also your psychological health. Finally, I cannot STRESS this enough: GO TO SLEEP. If you gotta cut this video off now and go
to sleep immediately, do it. I’ll be here when you wake up. Welcome back! I realize that there’s extenuating circumstances
to getting enough sleep: work and family stuff, being a college student trying to survive in a capitalist society, et cetera. But important things happen in your brain
when you’re asleep. First, cerebrospinal fluid is cleaning toxins
out of your brain while you sleep. The more time asleep, the more thorough that
cleaning can be. Second, it preserves and encodes our memories
in our hippocampus, in turn helping us keep track of our day,
the next day’s agenda, and who owes us money (Steve, I know you saw the Venmo charge, so text me back). Third, it solidifies new information
we’ve learned over the last day. This especially goes out to all my people still
in school – you’ve learned so much information in your last day of classes; just go to sleep
to help remember it, stop playing FIFA, Fortnite, and 2K all night
(yeah, I was you once, I know what you’re doing). These are small tips that have science to
back them up. Try all of these for a month and track your
progress. Did you finish a project? Did you write that supahotfiyah science mixtape
that went double platinum, no features? If so, keep at it, and let’s make #NewYearSameMeButALittleBitBetterThanBefore trend. One mechanism to deal with stress that I didn’t
mention is mindful meditation, which, if you which, if you have a friend who doesn’t shut up in line
at brunch, you’ve probably heard about. But is there ANY scientific truth to that? Check out this episode right here to find
out and while you’re at it, subscribe to Seeker for all new
stories about science, all the time. You know what you like. You know why you’re here. Thanks for watching.

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    Palinopsia causes very weird distortions in you visual movement perception. For instance if the lighting is right and i wave my hand in front of my face at a brisk pace, i see about 5 trails of my hand following my hand. It gives you visual trails and believe me this is something you want to avoid at all costs.


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