How Pom Klementieff Actually Became Mantis

How Pom Klementieff Actually Became Mantis

Pom Klementieff had to undergo a major transformation
in order to portray the empath Mantis in the MCU and it wasn’t just a physical one. Her character has such a unique background
and power-set that Klementieff had to go through some serious mental effort to become the adorable
alien we know and love. Actors who portray superheroes tend to have
some pretty strict dietary rules in order to achieve the impressive physique they need
that is even more apparent when you factor in the ridiculous body standards that celebrity
women must deal with. But Klementieff’s diet is not as strict as
you might think she just changes it to suit her needs for whatever role she is currently
playing. In an interview with Byrdie, Klementieff discussed
her upbringing and how her diet changes depending on the current role she is playing. She explained: “I grew up eating amazing homemade French
food. Now if I tell myself I can’t eat something,
I’m just going to be obsessed with it. Like bread. I love bread… for me, it’s about quantity. Balance. I eat a little bit of everything…. I’m vegan in L.A., but not in Europe.” Pom Klementieff’s first major Hollywood role
was in Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy. She told Filler that she actually came prepared
to show off her fighting skills during the audition for that film, and that she enjoyed
her boxing and Tae Kwon Do training so much that she continued after filming wrapped. It’s easy to assume that may have had something
to do with her getting cast in the action-heavy world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Superhero Jacked writes that Klementieff does
almost no “traditional” workouts it’s all practical stunt and fight training. This also helps prepare her for the rigors
of long shooting days. She told Filler: “I had to train three hours a day for two
months. You are sore everyday, and you’re working
on your soreness!” Mantis isn’t the heaviest hitter in the Guardians
of the Galaxy or Avengers films, but maybe Klementieff’s training in fighting and stunts
will open her character up to some more action-heavy roles in future MCU films. Several stars of the Guardians of the Galaxy
films need to spend hours in the makeup chair to achieve their alien looks. Karen Gillan knows it’s not easy being blue,
Dave Bautista’s Drax is encased in prosthetics and intricate tattoos, and don’t even get
us started on how much fur they have to glue on Bradley Cooper. “HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH.” “That’s a fake laugh.” “It’s real!” Klementieff’s Mantis is no exception, but
she actually does not require quite as much time in the makeup chair as some of her costars. Klementieff typically spends about two-and-a-half
to three hours in makeup to play Mantis. That might sound crazy, but it’s only about
half the time that Zoe Saldana has to spend getting painted green to play Gamora. That’s because of the combination of practical
makeup effects and CGI that brings Mantis to life her look is created with a few basic
prosthetics and, according to Metro, quote, a “lot of beauty makeup.” Apparently, one of the most difficult makeup
challenges Klemtieff faces is keeping a straight face. She said of costar Chris Pratt, “It’s hard to keep a straight face around
him. I laughed so hard I was crying, and my makeup
artist was kind of mad at me.” Part of the struggle in making an audience
care about alien characters is to make them just human enough to be relatable. “I am Mantis.” “What are you doing?” “Smiling.” Klementieff has recognized the difficulty
and experimentation that went into making sure Mantis was slightly off-putting but still
someone you could empathize with and cheer for. She told Metro: “We tried a lot of stuff, we tried different
wigs; at some point the makeup artists drew veins on my face; contact lenses; at some
point I looked really crazy and then we decided to go for something a little more human black
eyes that make me look like a bug but at the same time something you can still connect
to.” It was extremely important to get Mantis’
eyes just right. People are able to learn a great deal about
another’s emotions and mental state by looking in their eyes. Despite going way out into left field for
their initial shots at Mantis’ makeup, the team eventually anchored her humanity through
her eyes. Mantis has a very fascinating superpower one
that could be difficult to portray on screen. Her ability to feel and manipulate the emotions
of others is pretty passive compared to her butt-kicking companions. But sadly, Klementieff is able to draw on
several experiences from her real life in order to bring genuine pain and emotion to
her character. Her father died when she was only five years
old, while her mother was mentally ill and unable to care for her alone. She went on to live with her aunt and uncle
not long after her father’s death. The uncle who was caring for her died on her
18th birthday, and her brother took his own life on her 25th birthday. She told the Philadelphia Inquirer that acting
has helped her deal with the pain. “It’s life and s—- could be worse. It’s cathartic in a way. Sometimes you relive things and it helps you
to deal with it. You relive it and become accepting of it and
you touch other people’s hearts with your experience and performance. It’s beautiful!” She was able to channel some of the loneliness
and abandonment she felt as a child into how her long-isolated and empathetic character
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