How Much Stress Can Kill You?

How Much Stress Can Kill You?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin. Oooh! Everything’s rounded! Very trendy! There’s always a lot of excitement at the
end of the year – but also a lot of things to worry about: studying for final exams,
getting all of your grades, buying presents for loved ones, traveling to see friends and
family Okay. Wow, I’m starting to get stressed out here
myself. Like really stressed! What if I have a heart attack? Oh no, could you die from stress? Oh, now I’m stressed out about that too! Okay, Blocko, deep breath. It’s gonna be okay! Stress is your body’s response to a demand. When you experience stress, like a major deadline
or a traumatic event, your body releases hormones and chemicals like adrenaline, cortisol and
norepinephrine. These things come in handy during life or
death situations where you have to react quickly or perform a heroic feat of strength, like
this! Is this impressing anybody? No? Alright. I’m putting it down. but chronic or persistent stress can have
negative effects on your health. When you are constantly stressed, your body
is continuously executing the fight or flight response that unleashing the wave of hormones
and chemicals throughout your body. This eventually takes it’s toll. Stress hormones can have a negative effect
on your central nervous system – which is made up of your brain and spinal cord. Studies have found that while some stress
can improve memory, chronic stress can decrease your brain mass and cause structural changes,
resulting in the worsening of your memory, cognition, and ability to learn. Stress hormones also have a big impact on
your heart. They can cause an increase in blood vessel
constriction, leading to a higher risk of heart attacks and other heart conditions. Some researchers even suggest that severe
stress can lead to premature death, or sudden death, especially in those who have a history
of heart disease. Yeah, okay, alright, i need to calm down. Stress can also weaken your immune system,
making you more susceptible to colds and infections., Research also shows that stress can make vaccines
less effective and wounds take longer to heal. Stress can also cause problems in your respiratory,
digestive, and reproductive systems, contribute to mental disorders like depression and anxiety,
and lead to over or under eating – which could put you at risk for malnutrition/ Students reaching adulthood experience particularly
high levels of stress due to demands from school, pressures to succeed, the transition
into college life, and post-graduation plans., A 2017 study by the American College Health
Association found that 87% of students were overwhelmed with all the things they had to
do. Another study of nearly 14,000 college students
found that 45% experienced two or more major stressors in the past year, and 26% were unable
to manage their stress. The good news is that many students are seeking
help. One college counseling center reported a 231%
increase in yearly visits and a 173% increase in total yearly clients. This center offers both individual and group
talk therapy sessions that aim to teach students how to better deal with their issues. In addition to counseling, studies have found
that college students can benefit from coping strategies aimed at changing or adapting to
the stressor, certain meditation techniques are great, exercise can also help, and there
are tons of online educational tools. While good grades are important, so is your
health and well being. It is possible to work yourself to death,
so yeah, it’s important take breaks, relax, and ask for help when you need it. Do you need to get the thing you’re stressed
about off your chest? If you feel comfortable with sharing, let
me know in the comment section below. Let’s all support each other in these very
stressful times. Curious to know the dangerous effects of bullying? Well then you should check out this video
I did with Triangle Bob. They often experience neglect, or are themselves
bullied by parents or siblings. Due to feeling shame from their own experiences,
they might develop defense mechanisms like aggression. Targets of bullying often do worse in school
and are more likely to skip or dropout. As always, my name is Blocko, this has been
Life Noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking.

100 comments on “How Much Stress Can Kill You?

  1. Levi Ackerman Post author

    How about the strese trigger is everywhere
    Since i know a little group of ppl do everything to make the rest population be their milking cows

  2. Dan Arnold Post author

    I'm stressed pretty much constantly, and a lot of the time, I dont even know what im actually stressed about. I have a few mental health conditions, so it could be the stress of dealing with those, but I'm in a state of pretty much permament stress. My doctor said its effecting my heart and body. My family mow knows that if i say "im really stressed out" it means im REALLY stressed, but then i stress about stressing them out with my problems, its a constant cycle. I hope it goes away one day

  3. Kingfluky woot Post author

    Why does school…
    Make me depressed?
    Make me feel anxious?
    Make me stressed?
    Government: “Well that just ain’t my problem!”

  4. ThePlumScrub Post author

    I once got chronic stress for a bit over half a year, I remember NOTHING from that period of my life, even though it was so traumatic.
    What Blocko says about stress ruining brain tissue is true. It didn’t permanently damage me, but if I had kept going without resting I would have gotten worse and worse.

  5. Z -RO Post author

    School bro school it stresses us for a paper that will allow you to do more work by actually working at least that paper sets you free

  6. Ying Yang Studios Inc. Post author

    students: can you please be not so stress making, i heard that stress can kill me

    schools: i know what to do! make a 7867674676868768788509776868496748674356043867458604586475680966054670453963456089567409875967659867984876406974867950436799084579367804763908484703694873607340893 amount of books with 58505823865972385785736558875779685469576870468724969270672096828690679206725672t702672627062020606720720762067 pages in under 1 hour

    students: dies

    school: i guess we need more books and pages…

  7. Renn Abreu Post author

    I just came here to see the edgy kids on how hard 6th grade is and cause depression and anxiety like seriously it’s just high school that’s hard but colleges and universities are much worse yet no one is complaining in this comment section.

  8. Typical Alien Post author

    Have you ever realized that school is virtually useless. Basically all you need it to be able to read and write. School should practice basic life skills but instead you write book reports and do math as if that will help you if you future career is a veterinarian.

  9. Alexrider901111 Post author

    Me: plays video games to cope with stress.

    My family: yoUr sO adDictEd sTop PlayInG anD sIT with uS and TaLK aBoUt schOoL

  10. Vortex Post author

    I have depression ig. I fot in categories ( most of them ) for depression and it all came from the stress school has caused me the past year and its still continuing. Cause I know your 6th grade teacher didnt make you do a page front and back on the first day of 6th. Im now in seventh with another isanely difficult teacher. Our first essay ended up being 3 pages :/. Me and my best friend have thought of suicide. I tell him what keeps me from not doing so. “ Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem “ I just remind myself of that quote to push me forward. It difficult ( mainly since ive never gotten detention yet and the teacher I current have gives detention for leaving behind sticky notes. ) But Im always tired. I laugh only around my friends and so on. Im known as “ the smart kid “ but I feel so stupid for missing things. I stab ( not deep enough to bleed ) myself with a pencil whenI forget homework but im fine. Perseverance am I right? Just wish me luck. Im too lazy to continue writing. Have a nice day and hope you never meet my situation. ???

  11. Ryder Coonen Post author

    It’s funny how now thinking about it, school is on the same stress level as near death experiences…

    I fear for our generation. ?

  12. John_ Animations Post author

    Soo….. Does this mean that schools are killing machines? (for people who have bad stress problems : always and i mean always take deep breathes and try to calm yourself down and ask someone to help you to get back on your feet like me I had to take small stress classes in primary/elementary school to stop being overwhelmed. Im one month into 1st year of secondary school and its coming back to me but taking breaks and deep breathes have helped me an awful lot)

  13. Meow meow Post author

    Oh fantastic so that's why I'm malnourished, depressed, anxious, have memory problems, cognitive problems, and the potential for heart problems :/ I finna die

  14. Linda Fisher Post author

    I wish that's all I had to stress about single mum 1 kid in jail one disabled one makes me a granny 4 funerals in a fortnight one being a baby mum dad n sis died no one to help me work 12hr night shifts and do school run while going to jail and keeping medical appointment oh and I'm behind in my rent my 7 year old is so smart he gets bored easy n I think I may get rid of the cold and not be tired 1 day. I am screwed

  15. _ Alfatross _ Post author

    I don't generally stres, like, at all. Either I have everything under control. "Oh, that homework for tomorrow? Did that 3 days ago. That other homework that's due in one week? Finished it yesterday."
    Or I completely forget things until last minute. Then I'm just angry with myself.

  16. mace spinner cat Post author

    I'm actually getting stressed out by:
    1) the bullies
    2) buying a new device because of your old one
    3) getting depressed

  17. Cedronide Post author

    I have a foreign language test in a few days and i studied for 1 hour with breaks in between and yet i'm still stressed out because i'm afraid i'm still going to fail 🙁

  18. Baconsoup Gaming Post author

    Me: mom pls stop forcing me to do algebra or I’m telling joe
    My mom: who’s-

    Me: you fool. You fell victim to one of the greatest blunders in history.

  19. Jimmy Chen Post author

    You what makes me stressed?

    people in the comments keep talking about how they hate school

    Hey I hate school too but this is too much

  20. Lovelle Ann Post author

    I had depression and everybody ignored me and started saying "I have been there" and "There are tons of people experienced worser than you" like i was not allowed to complain even for one second.

  21. Bundle of Nonsense Post author

    Always knew school was doing terrible by making us waste days upon days of our lives, becoming completely pointless and now KILLING US

  22. The Dimensional Potato Post author

    Welp, I'll die before I could reach my dream of dying at the age of 69 with my last word "Nice"

  23. Tech_ Hammer Post author

    School just gives education

    But they never care if u are ill, depressed, or tired

    Btw YouTube recommendendations brought me Back here


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