How I cured my chronic back pain (part 1, background)

How I cured my chronic back pain (part 1, background)

Hello, so today I decided to make a video
to talk about my experience with back pain and how I was able to solve my back pain problem
which I had had for about seven years. So seven years ago I had this ice skating
accident where I fell really hard on my butt at the time.
And shortly thereafter, whenever I was sitting in a chair, my butt muscle would really start
to hurt. And for example whenever I would sit for an
hour or so, my left butt area would really start to hurt,
and I would have to get up and walk around. And it sort of just became unbearable.
This got worse and worse over the years, to the point where I would avoid sitting for
any amount of time. And so to do work, for example, I would end
up lying on the bed with the pillows propped up against my neck.
And I would also avoid driving, because that would require me to sit.
And sometimes you get stuck in traffic, and it would just be very painful on my butt and
my back area. So the pain started seven years ago, and it
kept progressively getting worse. I had been to all sorts of chiropractors,
doctors, all kinds of specialties, acupuncture, massage therapists, physical therapists.
None of them really worked, and so I sort of learned to live with it for seven years.
Earlier this year though, it just got really bad, because I was living in an area where
it was very humid, and it was also very cold every time it would start raining, I would
just feel like there was something twisting my spine, like the vertebrae in my spine.
it just became very unbearable. basically I was thinking of quitting my job
and selling my house to perhaps get surgery on it.
at that point, the problem was that I didn¡¦t even know if surgery would really help anything.
Because of all the doctors I had seen, all the specialties I had been to, nobody had
really pinpointed, I feel, nobody really had a strong grasp of exactly
what was wrong with the pain. We did x¡¦rays, we did mri¡¦s, and basically
it just showed that yeah there was some kind of a herniated disc that
they thought But the problem was that my pain was not just
that herniated disc area, it was more of the butt area.
the other thing is that when I first had the accident about seven years ago, at that time
there was actually no herniated disc issue. Because once I had the butt pain issue seven
years ago, I immediately went to see a doctor and they took an MRI.
at that point (the doctors found that) there was no issue with my discs.
so seven years later, now there¡¦s an issue with the disc, but the pain from the butt
has just been there all along. so I really suspected whether the doctors
who looked at the mri¡¦s had really pinpointed the real source of my problem.
So to get to the juicy part of the story, earlier this year, as the pain got really
unbearable, I went online and started searching for all kinds of different resources
to see if ¡K to really try to figure this thing out. I basically made it almost like
a full-time job to research and to study. I was also doing yoga exercises every day,
basically, anything that I thought would help with the back pain.
So as I was searching the internet, I came across this book. the book¡¦s title was
healing back pain by Dr John Sarno. I don¡¦t want to give away the whole contents
of the book because I think it¡¦s a really good book, and I think you should go buy it
if you haven¡¦t heard of this. But basically I can say that that book saved
my life, literally. Within one week of reading that book my back
pain was 50% gone. Within two weeks, it was 70% gone.
And after three weeks, 90-95% recovery from the back pain.
It¡¦s basically a miracle is all I can say. To go into a little bit of what the book talks
about is that, basically, it was sort of a psychological process where the pain in my
back arose from certain it was my way of dealing with certain stressful
issues in my life. all along I had thought that it was the skating
injury that happened seven years ago. But when I thought about it again I actually
realized that around that time, it was also the time that I was taking a certain exam.
I was preparing to take a very important exam, and it was right when I was sitting in the
library studying for that exam when this whole episode started and didn¡¦t
go away for the next seven years. And after reading Dr. Sarno¡¦s book I realized
this is¡K he clearly has a very good point about
how your psychological state can really affect certain things that happen in your body.
For example he cites butt pain as one of the most common areas of pain
that are caused by this psychological process. Another area is lower back and upper shoulder
area. Basically, these were all very common symptoms
of a person¡¦s reaction to stress. I won¡¦t say too much about exactly what
he talks about in the book because I think it¡¦s a really good read and
you should really get a copy if you haven¡¦t done so. And by the way I¡¦m not getting
paid to advertise his book or anything like that.
I just thought it would be helpful to other people who might be suffering from
back pain to hear about my story. And so yeah, that¡¦s all I have to say for
now. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them on this page,
and I wish you best of luck.

30 comments on “How I cured my chronic back pain (part 1, background)

  1. StylinOut Post author

    Hi Rich. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. I just finished reading Dr. Sarno's book and I find it fascinating. I'm trying to exercise the belief that TMS is the cause of all the pain, but I find that there's very little guidance and steps outlined in the book. If you can, through comment or private message, would you share in further detail on what steps you took in order for this process to work out for you?

  2. richischannel Post author

    Thanks for your comment. I just uploaded another video giving more details – hope it helps!

  3. Keith Post author

    hey. im glad sarno's book worked for you. it's an interesting read but unfortunately it didn't help me. My injury (L4/L5) disc herniation happened when i was playing sport. This is my bone of contention with Sarno – he makes it seem that a disc herniation cannot cause you pain and that whatever activity you were engaged in when the pain manifested was simply a trigger?! yet he states it's absurd to think a disc herniation can cause so much pain for so long. I could not disagree more.

  4. richischannel Post author

    Dr. Sarno does recommend ruling out actual physical injury first. If L4/5 disc herniation is really your culprit then it may not be suitable to deal with the problem as a psychological one. (I also talked a bit about this in my part 2 video.) I sincerely hope you can feel better soon.

  5. Michelle Tremblay Post author

    I to, read the book and I have no problems any more, too bad that most people don't even want to give it a chance

  6. Armando N. Molina Post author

    It is possible to remove your back pain once and for all by change your diet slightly – I've try and now almost relief all the pain. I think you should try it

  7. Sunil Shrestha Post author

    how are you , want to cure your backpain  it's worth considering – Banfan Stunning Back System –  (do a google search)?   Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my sister got excellent results  with it.

  8. Maya Tolkin Post author

    Hi. What you were going through is very similar to what my wife is presently experiencing. She has chronicle upper back pain since she broke her ankle. A few months after that accident she started feeling back pain and it got worst and worst by the day. To make things worse her father passed away during the recovery process which I believe was the final stroke, because things became really bad after that. We tried everything, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathic, etc. without success. Some of these treatments provide her with temporary relief but the pain is always back. She also has a pretty straight diet since she suffered not long ago, from a bacteriologic stomach disease so she can't just eat everything. I've tried everything and busted all my savings trying to put her back on her feet, but it has been hard times for her. So I will give it a go with this book, we've nothing to lose.

  9. Suzannah King Post author

    I have sciatic from slip disc.
    Arthritis through spine & body. I have had injuries from being thrown over by police & they broke my finger / fractured rib. 2 of them standing on back & knees in ribs. I had to get a tumour removed off my back. With anxiety, depression, ptsd I now have chronic pain.
    I walk like I'm 80.
    It's taken 2 years to except this. I was young turning 40, but I'm now feeling twice that age. I have tennis elbow from being dragged by police. I'm suing them, but no amount of money is happiness. I need a cure!

  10. freidYT Post author

    I'm 16 and I've had very bad back pain for about a year now from an unknown reason. The pain get aggravated by sport to the point where it gets unbearable. Had MRI scans but nothing has showed up. Really having a big effect on my life

  11. manoj manipur Post author

    i read that book too.. how is it that while reading your back pain goes? the book has the causes of pain and the proper way to think of it.. but how to treat is not much given in that book

  12. ラルフ Post author

    Thanks for your testemony, I got healed by the book, after 7 years of extreme suffering.
    Thank you very much!

    Dr John E Sarno – Healing Back Pain, free full book:

  13. חן שטרן Post author

    Thank you so much
    I have exactly this pain!
    I read this book 2 month ago, but still the pain is here 🙁
    I must say that I'm having a vert hard time, since my mom is very sick and I'm taking care of her, so maybe I can't hill now?

  14. zhawn14 Post author

    I am 24 and have dealt with chronic back pain for 4 years. My father and grandfather also deal with chronic back pain. I think there is something to what Dr. Sarno is pushing. Many people attribute stress and depression to physical pain and muscle spasm in the back. Emotions can have physical manifestations. However, I do feel most people with chronic back pain do actually have something wrong with them and it is not purely emotional. I see Dr. Sarno's TMS as a means for controlling and aiding back pain; I know from my experience, my back spasms and hurts worse when I am in times of great stress. Its hard to understand the mindset and emotional trauma people face who have chronic pain and I believe we as chronic pain patients amplify our own pain. Its funny but if I saw this 2 years ago, I would have been offended and pissed off at anyone who tried to diagnose me with this. Now, I think ignoring the effects of negative emotions on chronic pain is blind.

  15. nvsbl2 Post author

    I am sorry, but my pain isn't from my mind. I have a fusion and two discs with degenerative disease, in my neck, the arthritis has gone clear down my spine. I get real pain down my arms and fingers. I also have three bulging discs in the lumbar region, one right up against the nerve. My legs and feet cramp and get me up several times a night. Hated the opiates route. I get a steroid shot in the hip every three months. Helps a lot. Went thru therapy. I now have gotten epidural shots and they have helped the lumbar area tremendously. But I can't keep taking them. Next will be cauterizing the lumbar nerves. That was done in my neck but I got no relief. I do not want surgery. The neurosurgeon said neck surgery wouldn't be worth the risk for what relief, if any, I'd get from it. I have a high threshold to discomfort, and I don't expect to be pain free, but I have to be able to function. Stress is NOT everyone's issue, sometimes it's real damage. I'm beginning to hate this type of video.

  16. Ben Ben Post author

    where can i get the book here in mbaitoli local government area of imo state nigeria? why chinese ppl are all the same? we are smart here too.

  17. MarcusAurelius Post author

    Had disc replacement 18 months ago and pain is still so brutal I can't concentrate on anything any more.

  18. Tyler Vasquez Post author

    Im 24yrs old, suffering from sciatica, at least a year now. Back pain, butt pain, hamstring pain, foot pain. I am now finally taking time off work (construction jack hammer/pipes) and curious. If I should be jogging like you mentioned in other videos? I want to believe its a psychological pain, but I've given up physical activities besides work due to my pain. If you can give me advice I would appreciate it. Thanks again,

  19. Andrew Bissada Post author


    I have a question to +richischannel or others who have experience with this book:

    The book mentions you should rule out structural problems (at the beginning of the book). But later in the book he says structural problems like herniated discs don't matter. Im a bit confused by this?? Do they matter or not for pain?

  20. Lori Carlile Post author

    My story is almost identical. Debilitating buttock pain daily for 4 years. Sarno's book saved my life. That was 14 years ago. Still get occasional flares in my hip, which I am able to resolve quickly by listening to Sarno on YouTube.

  21. William Franklin Post author

    Do you wish to activate PNF Stretching and suffer from your muscle issue ? [Go Here >>>>> ] This is a technique where a certain muscle to relax the muscles is being activated by you to help you reduce the stiffness around a joint

  22. Michael Thompson Post author

    I wish you would have had more in your description. I didn't watch your video. Everybody has a video but I don't have time to watch all the videos out there. If he had a video saying where your back pain was, whether or not you had herniated discs, what you did to resolve it in the description it would be worth watching.

  23. Garfit Gar Post author

    Before doctors chiropractor were around people learned to heal yourself for thousands of years

  24. Pauline Landry Post author

    My back feels stiff and very painful. I was seeking many alternatives and also attempted all of them however did not find any positive results. Nonetheless, this particular back problems guide called “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) have been an exception. I personally achieved much comfort and ease because of it. You should attempt this guidebook also!.


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