How Do I Find My Maximum Heart Rate? | Ask GCN Anything

How Do I Find My Maximum Heart Rate? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome back to another Ask GCN-ything This week were talking about why the cyclists shave their legs and not their arms, how to lose weight while cycling, and also how to build your endurance. – And don’t forget if
you’d like to get involved on next weeks show then as always, use the hashtag #TORQUEBACK and if you want the chance
of winning three months of free subscription from Zwift, then to use the hashtag #ASKGCNTRAINING. – Right, get your laptop out let’s get the questions going. – So the first question
comes in from Doug Mason. Looking to replace my handlebar tape. I’ve reviewed your instructional video and get the concept. My question is, adhesive or non-adhesive tape? What are your thoughts on the two options? Right, first off, I’d go for adhesive. It’s got a sticky back tape so you can really get some tension in it, it sticks better, and, yeah, then you don’t take it off, and it stays in place. – Whereas I prefer the nonadhesive because you could take it off, clean it up properly,
– Controversial. – Not so sure, clean it up properly and then re wrap it. And also generally speaking, a bit stretchier, the nonadhesive stuff, because you don’t have like a layer of stickiness that didn’t stretch that well. – So, nonadhesive, adhesive, make your own mind up but have a go and try both. – Yeah, probably best to make your bar tape choice based on the actual
stickiness off the bar tape and not what’s underneath it.
– Yeah, true. Go on Chris tell us who the lucky winner of
this weeks three months free subscription from Zwift is. – This weeks lucky winner
is Todd Vranas with, how does one go about establishing their
actual max heart rate? I am never able to get into zone 5 even including hard finishing sprints. – Good question, there is a calculation you can make which is.. – 220 minus your age, so 220 minus your age, mine’s 31 so it would be 189. But I know for a fact that
doesn’t actually work for me. – Yeah so, to get your actual max heart rate you can actually do a test or you can do an
exercise or a workout, and we’ve put one on Zwift that you can try out and it’s basically a go til you blow. – Yeah, exactly, so set your threshold, your power, no matter what your actual power is to 100 watts in Zwift. Every 2 1/2 minutes you
increase your intensity by, I think it’s, 25 watts. And you maintain that until you explode, basically when you can no longer continue. Make sure you do this when
you’re really really fresh– – That’s super important because the fresher you are then you
can actually get to your max. If you’re fatigued then you won’t really
reach your potential. – Yeah, you also mentioned
in your comment that you’re finding it hard to
get to zone five so that kind of implies that your
heart rate zones currently are not calculating correctly because it should actually be relatively easy to get
your heart rate up there. – Hundred percent, so
give that session a go and please do let us know how you get on in the comment section below. – Next up is a question from Marko Piellc, I started using a fan to keep
cool during indoor cycling. But only a couple of
days later I got sick. I have tried it again after that, but I would get sick every time in the next two or three weeks Could this be a coincidence? Is anyone else having the same problem and what can I do to resolve it? Can your body adapt to riding
with a fan blowing at it? – Right, interesting question, I personally have never had an issue using a fan but, what could be going wrong is that your fan could be
kicking up some sort of dust, or something from your house, and that could be
getting into your system, and you could be having a reaction. – Yep, or it could be that you’re now pushing
yourself that much harder because your body is a little bit cooler, you’re immune system’s a little bit weaker because you’ve pushed harder, and you’re picking something up that way. – Or, you have just got an illness and you haven’t really fully
recovered from that illness so every time you push hard, it’s just putting yourself
that bit over the edge. – Yep, so trying to experiment with– – Maybe going outside, so, just setting up your turbo outside, or setting it up in a garage, and hopefully some of those things won’t happen. – Basically it shouldn’t be
making you ill, should it? – No. Alright we’ve got a question from Dreamer, I like your name there. I do roughly 40 miles
a day four days a week but really struggle with losing my weight. I also love sprinting, seems to turn my fat into muscle. What Zwift training
session would you recommend to help me go down? I’m guessing in weight. – Good question, Dreamer. There are loads of work
outs on Zwift, which, if you type in fat burning
or something like that, will help you. But as it comes to losing
weight you actually just need to be in a
negative calorie deficit, so you need to make
sure you’re eating less than you’re burning. – Yeah, 100%, so make
sure you’re eating clean, you’re not eating too many like, carbohydrates ’cause obviously if you’re eating all
those big carbohydrates that’s gonna put on weight. But, it’s basically a balance really. So making sure you’re putting out enough fitness and enough exercise to burn those calories. – And it may be worth
trying to do a fifth day in the week as well, because actually if you’re
only doing four days that’s only just over half the week. So, you may be missing out, you know, space two rest
days throughout the week so you can have like
a Tuesday and a Friday as a rest for example. – Yeah, and lastly I would say maybe do an hour before breakfast, and a pre breakfast ride. It’s something I used to do a lot. And I did feel it helped me, but then, it’s all
personal preference really. So yeah, try those, and see how you get on, and other than that I would check this video out on losing weight through road cycling, and maybe get out on the ride, do some endurance rides
and see how you feel. – Good luck. – So here’s a neat little trick for you. When you get in from your ride, drink a really big glass of water, maybe a pint or so, before you have your meal. Let it settle in your stomach, and that way when you do
come to having your meal, you won’t feel quite so hungry, and therefore you’ll be a
little less likely to overeat. And you could also use this trick before your main meals of the day breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even before your mid
morning and mid afternoon snack. Happy days, cheers. – Next up then, Phil Barker Hey chaps, why do cyclists
bother to shave their legs and not their arms? Surely the same, dubious, arguments apply to hairy arms. – Interesting question, but, a lot of cyclists do shave their arms, Oscar Pujol, for example– – He’s just weird. – He does shave his arms but, yeah I guess we don’t. When you get a massage every night, as a pro especially, if you had hairy legs I
think it’d be quite painful. – Yeah, it’d be pulling
on the hairs, wouldn’t it? – Yeah so, we, as cyclists,
tend not to shave our arms, and having shaved legs and shaved arms I don’t think it makes
a massive aerodynamic. – No it’s so negligible, it’s worth like a watt
to two watts or something at certain speeds, isn’t it? – Yeah, but if you’d like
to know what the pros do, then check out this video. Actually, that’s Sam Williams. – He’s a model now, that guy. – He is a model, yeah. Lastly, talking to our ex teammate. – Why do cyclists shave their legs? – When I first started cycling, I didn’t really know either I was a rugby player and, I didn’t really want to shave my legs but, it’s a lot to when you really crash, your hairs can trap bacteria
and stuff and it can lead to complications with, you know, infections and stuff like that. So it just keeps everything clean. – Right, we’ve got a question from Robbe Deweerdt. Is that good pronunciation? – Robbe Deweerdt, yep. – Hello GCN, just like any other Belgian, De Ronde Van Vlaanderen, is that good? – It’s close. – Is one of the highlights of the year. This year, I’ve signed up to ride the amateurs race, 229 kilometers. Now I don’t really mind the
cobbles and the steep… – Hellingen. – What scares me the most is the distance. My longest ride ever is 160
kilometers, mostly flat. Any tricks to train for the distance? I can train on Zwift and outside. Thanks guys, love the
show and the channel. Well, thanks for your question. – Well, Robbe, I would say that if you were comfortable
with 160 kilometers, then you shouldn’t actually
have any issue doing that extra 70 kilometers afterwards. What I would do, though, is build it back up to
that 160 kilometers, somewhere within two to
three weeks before the event, just to remind your body
what it’s all about, you know, activate those energy
systems it would be using for such a long endurance ride, and then make sure you fuel sufficiently. It’s gonna take your
roughly two hours longer than a 160 kilometer ride I would think, and it’s a pretty testing course, especially at the back end. – And I would say, though, is remember on race day, you get a whole ‘nother massive load of energy, because the adrenaline’s going, it’s an event. So, you kind of, your first 50 kilometers doesn’t feel like you’ve even ridden that fast.
– Exactly and you’ll be in a big group, it’ll be a big ride, so you’ll have a load of
draft support as well. – And it’ll be motivating, and exciting, and I think you’ll be fine. So yeah, do some 160 kilometer rides and 100% you’ll be flying through. – It’s gonna be an amazing
atmosphere I’m sure. – Yeah so, good luck with that and let us know how you get on. – Chad Paulin up next, I became a father of
two beautiful children, 13 months apart. Congratulations
– Hard work, there. – Yeah, this has made my
cycling suffer significantly. We are now in a routine and I’m on the bike
roughly five hours a week. I have been pushing myself with high intensity interval
training rides but, cannot get back to where I want to be. I’ve leveled off in my power
output and cannot break it. Would it be more beneficial
doing longer rides just below my threshold, or start cross training
to build new muscles? Thanks. – Good question, and I think, with that five hours a week you’ve got you can actually make some serious gains with that amount of training. – Yeah you can, and also, if you get to a point where you’re feeling like you’re not progressing
then maybe you want to address the intensity of all your rides. You cannot do every single
ride each week flat out, I’ve noticed I’ve two kids, and I don’t ride my bike much more than five hours a week at the moment. I’ve noticed that every time I ride I try to really push it
but that doesn’t work so, one or two rides each week, I’ve to set myself an intensity ceiling, so like 75% of your max heart rate and then ride at that for up to an hour and a half or maybe two hours if you’re lucky
to have the extra time. – But be patient with it, fitness doesn’t just come. I think you have to just, you know, work your way in, and just put the time in and try and string those rides together, and you will see an improvement. Just be patient. – Yep, good luck. Tommy van sante up next, I really like cycling and cycle a lot. But I’m still in high school
and have lots of home work. How do I keep fit? – Right, good question Tommy, but I would say enjoy cycling. Please don’t stress about staying fit, staying at the top of the level, just go out, enjoy it, home work really does come first. You know, because, it does make a difference, making sure you’re doing your home work. And school is important. – Make sure you do loads
of other sports as well, because they will really
help you at your age to develop your body in a well-balanced, all around fashion, and also it’ll keep you
fit to do your cycling. – Yeah, next question is David Shelly. I recently bought a 56
centimeter Allez sprint I had a 56 centimeter Raleigh. But for some reason my foot
rubs on my front wheel, whereas it never did on my old bike. Does this mean my Allez just is too small? – No, long answer short is, it just depends on the
geometry of the bike, doesn’t mean it’s too small. So maybe your new bike has
steeper, sharper racing angles which will make it more agile when you’re going quickly, but it will mean that
you’ve got a little bit of toe away for that. – Yeah, or it’s just your cleat set up. Maybe you’ve just got your cleat on the middle of the foot, and on your last bike you had it on your toe. So, it could be either or. – Next up, Nobleazure. Can a one single training
ride become so hard that it is no longer beneficial. If so, how do I know my limit before I should call it quits? – Yes, but, it’s gonna
have to be incredibly hard. And it’s gonna make you
feel exhausted after it– – Something like you did the other day, the 10,000 calorie challenge. – Yeah, that’s probably not the best way to go about training. – No, you’ve literally did
a months training in a day. – Yeah, and I probably
didn’t get much out of it it just probably made me go really slow for a really long time. – Yeah, if it’s taking you more than four to five days to recover from, that’s probably the tipping point of where you’re no longer
getting any benefit. And if you’re past seven days and you’re still feeling
the effects of it, you’ve definitely done
yourself more harm than good. – Yeah, so try that, just think about the training before hand. Next up is dsteed77, as a 110 kilogram rider, I can compete at the high level. I can lose 10 kilograms but my body type, tall, broad, and big-boned, is not suited to be lightweight
as other riders are. Should I train differently
than normal riders? – Well, dsteed, cycling is not just about pathway is it, at all?
– No. – Luckily if you’re riding in a race, then tactics, and drafting,
and all of these other things come into play as well. If it was simply an uphill
30 minute time trail, or a one hour time trail, then pathway is the defining factor, and there’s not a lot
you can do about that. You should aim to structure your training based on the type of rider you are, and what weaknesses you feel you have, not your weight. – 100% and that’s a really good answer so, we’re gonna move straight on from that. – Next up, disgruntledtoons, I may be mistaken about this, but there’s one aspect of cycling that I see little of on this
channel, charity riding. Some of us race, but a lot of us are more
focused on riding for charity. If you could cover at least
the majority of charity rides, ones with multiple thousands of riders, those rides would get
some much needed exposure. – 100% and we here at GCN are massively fond of pushing charities, especially ones that are cycling related. And actually, Emma did do
one for the buffalo bikes. So go and check out that video, where she did some pretty
incredible work for them. – [Emma] 95 pounds or $147 is one bike. 35 pounds or $50 is a tool set. And 450 pounds pays for a training course for a local mechanic to learn to build and
maintain buffalo bikes. In effect, they train one mechanic for every 100 bicycles delivered to their Bicycle for Educational
Empowerment program. – Next up, is Kevin O’Brien. Hi, there, looking to get out cycling but it’s quite wintry here in Ireland. What would you say is too
windy and not worth going out? This weekend winds are our forecast, winds are forecasted, sorry, for around 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. What do you think? – That’s a really good question, and I think it depends
on how confident you are, quite a lot, as a bike rider, because, if it was
40/50 kilometers an hour some parts of the ride might be quite sheltered
and you’ll be okay, you might not even notice the winds–
– It’d be fantastic if you had that for a tail wind. I mean Strava, Koen’s would come toppling down but– – Yeah I always get a
load of emails when it’s windy like that. – Yeah but I would definitely
take Chris’ advice, and if you go outside, and it’s blowing a hooly, then it’s probably worth
not taking your bike, and it might be worth just staying inside. ‘Cause ultimately safety is key, and we don’t want you to hurt yourself. – Stijn Ritzen, I
recently started Zwifting and am absolutely hooked. Also I did my first online race recently, but now my question. When you do such heavy
exercise like a race, where the cool down is not included, what do you have to keep
in mind with the cool down not to have any injuries afterwards and which stretching will simulate muscle growth and recovery? Kind regards, Stijn. – Right, a warm down is so important. Especially after a race, because you do go so hard, and the end of the race is normally a max effort and a max spread. The last thing you want to do
is jump straight off the bike and go and do something else or sit at the table and
have food or whatever, because then you’ll stiffen up, and you will really
feel sore the next day. So, putting in around 10 around 10 minutes after
the ride of easy pedaling, and that way you’ll bring
your heart rate down to around 55% as well, if you max. – Yeah, and then a little
bit of light stretching will also help with the recovery but, the main reason for doing any stretching is injury prevention.
– Yeah, 100%. – And for feeling, you know, it does help you feel better. – Right on that note it’s
the end of this weeks Ask GCN-ything, and you know
what to do to be involved on next weeks’ show. What do you do Chris? – That’s right, use
the hashtag #TORQUEBACK for all your cycling related questions. But, to be in with the
chance of winning a free three month subscription to Zwift, use the hashtag #ASKGCNTRAINING. – And before we go, do go check out the shop, which is located up in that corner. Yeah, the lefthand corner And you can go and buy some of these amazing GCN goodies, so go check that out.

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  48. StuntpilootStef Post author

    Why would you test for max HR? What's wrong with a threshold session? It says way more about your cardiovascular system and it's way safer! I really struggle to find any reason for an amateur to do a ramp test.
    About the shaving of legs it does make a difference, check Specialized's win tunnel videos.
    On the foot rub. I own an Allez Sprint 52cm and it rubs for me as well. It's the short wheelbase. Another possible reason they guys didn't mention is a different crank length. Long cranks are fasionable, unfortunately.

  49. Stuart McLain Post author

    13:04, An hour ago I watched this clip and it gave me motivation. It is currently windy in Oklahoma — Gusting to 31 mph (50kph). I just hopped on my bike and won a long standing Strava KOM in my neighborhood, thanks GCN!

  50. disgruntledtoons Post author

    I find that the most important place to shave is an area that are ordinarily covered by the shorts, but whose hairs get pulled when I get into an aero position.

  51. Jordan Bickmore Post author

    #torqueback and #AskGCNTraining. A few years ago I weighed 460 lbs. I decided I needed to lose weight and get fit. Over the course of a year I went from 460 pounds to 309 pounds. My goal is to be 220-240 pounds at 6'5". During this time I signed up for a 3 day cycling ride. Previously the longest I rode was about 5 miles. On day 1 I rode over 50 miles out of the 68 of the day. I took day 2 off and on day 3 I rode 105 miles in the rain with a head wind both directions. It was difficult and hard work but I fell in love with cycling. Someone told me I couldn't do it so I did. I became distracted and gained back to 400. I'm down to 380 pounds right now. I am a tenacious person that goes big and hard. My question is how do I get back on track with cycling and to be more consistent. If I miss a scheduled ride or I run out of time to accomplish the designated miles I want get in that day, I become discouraged and then do not ride at all. Thanks! I have a 5 day ride coming up after mother's day and I don't want to have to sag.

  52. limyohwan Post author

    @Marko Pielic A fan has no capability of getting anyone sick so either youre not giving yourself enough time to get well between attempts, there is an agent that causes an allergic reaction as the guys said or your immune system is compromised. This might be a sign of something more serious so try to eliminated all potential sources and if nothing helps definitely see a doctor.

  53. Glywnnis Wells Post author

    Anyone got info on min heart rates while sleeping Ive had 30 is there anyone out there with 30 bpm during sleep often I have 40 but sometimes 30

  54. The Rant Post author

    GUys cmon its 2019 the max heart rate of 220 minus your age has been proven to be nothing but a old wives tail …….and for the guy that 110kg that used the excuse your big boned, that has also been proven a myth a person that is for example my size 170cm and slim build ( and im that way because i eat properly ) has heavier bones than someone your size because when a person is fit theyre bones are a lot stronger and a lot more dense, my advice get on a high carb low fat eating plan and never calorie restrict , eat fruit, salads and plenty of rice especially if you are training carbs are essential for good stable mental health especially when training.

  55. hunterssports Post author

    Intresting. My garmin or my Whaoo and logged on strava, you state….220 minus your age? Im 53 my max is verging on 196- 200 I've seen 206 on a sprint Finnish, I use a Garmin chest strap. I must be a two stoke lol

  56. SuperScotty1974 Post author

    #torqueback #AskGCNTraining. Hi guys and Emma I’ve recently gotten the cycling bug despite being 45, I have a great playground to train in called the Peak District but I’m unsure whether what I’m doing will improve my overall average speed, increase power etc. Are there any key basic training tips that I could work on? Mid week I try and get in two 50k bike rides with a 100k on a weekend, taking just over 2 and 4 hours respectively again with climbing at least 3,500ft. I’m definitely not a sprinter more of an all rounder and my heart rate will average from 145 to 160. Any advice would be great. Keep up the great work ?

  57. Glenn Goysens Post author

    #AskGCNTraining Hi GCN, with the number of hours of daylight steadily increasing again, I am thinking about replacing my indoor trainer sessions during the week by commuting to work. I am preparing for the Tour Transalp (a 7 day stage race) next June and I'm currently entering my second block of base training. So my question is, are two 1 hour rides in zone 2 on a day (the commute) equally beneficial than one 2 hour ride in zone 2 (which would be on the trainer). If not, will the difference be significant? Thanks!

  58. bassmandudge Post author

    #torqueback Hi all…love the GCN channels. Q. My 15year old daughter severely damaged her acl skiing last year. Her specialist is talking about surgery but in the meantime he suggested building quads and calf muscles to support the knee. Cycling was one of the suggestions to help. I have been using Zwift for 18 months with Tacx Neo… I have set up a bike for her but she is new to cycling. Can you recommend a Zwift training programme to help her build up those quads? Obviously I dont want to damage the knee any more.. so if you can point me in the direction of a Zwift workout that will help build strength while not over stressing the ACL any more that would be amazing. Would love to get her into cycling so we can go out together and she seems to like the tech/game angle that the Tacx and Zwift offer so this might be a good starting point. Thanks so much for any help. Carl

  59. Dick Bartz Post author

    #askGCNTraining Your recommendation for calculate the MHR using Zwift sounds good. But there still are some of us out there that are not on Zwift nor have a power meter. Any suggestions for calculating the MHR without Zwift or a power meter. And I am not going to use the rough rule of thumb – 220-age.

  60. OD1 Kone OD Post author

    Why would you guys brandish carbohydrates? The key to life, let alone performance. I agree with the deficit principle, but fat is the worst bang for your buck, then protein, then carbs. Carbs are king and at worst, the third biggest problem in a calorie excess diet.

  61. Raphael Cooper Post author

    #AskGCNTraining Hi, can you suggest any short training sessions that would help me to improve endurance in order to prepare for long rides/events? Thanks!

  62. notmark Post author

    #tourqueback Hi gcn, I weigh 58kg but I always seem to get dropped on climbs even though I am fairly light. On the flats I do fine and I find it easier to put more watts down. Why is this?

  63. Kevin O'Brien Post author

    Please GCN I'm a bit desperate for some help/advice on buying new wheels for my first road bike. I've watched countless videos and read every article I can find on wheel upgrades but I'm still not sure how much to spend. The bike is entry level (Scott Speedster 50) – I don't have the money to upgrade the bike but I could stretch to 450 on new wheels (looking at Fulcrum Racing 3) – is this a solid investment? I plan on cycling quite a bit this year. Your advice would be so much appreciated! #torqueback #askgcnything #gcntraining

  64. Kelvin Bastow Post author

    Hi Guys, Loving this channel at the moment, some great stuff on here, I’ve just bought my first road bike after bending a mountain biker before. I had a gap of about 2 years of not cycling as well. What kind do stuff can I do in the week to build up my fitness and overall strength, I’m looking at joint a cycling club for some community, but so far all I do is just 15 miles rides on my own. #torqueback #AskGCNTraining

  65. Kevin du Manoir Post author

    #torqueback #askGCNTraining I have a question re: returning to cycling after surgery. I tore my PCL in a collision with a car three years ago and got back on the bike three weeks later without having surgery. Since then, I've torn my meniscus and have surgery for that scheduled in two weeks. How long should I expect to be off the bike? I've been Zwifting lots in preparation!

  66. Andrew McAlister Post author

    #torqueback #AskGCNTraining I'm looking to get a smart turbo trainer in the next few weeks to improve the consistency of my riding, and to do some more structured training. But I have some questions about the best fan setup for indoor training. 1 industrial strength unit, or 2 smaller ones? Pedestal fan or floor units? Positioned dead ahead, or to the side?

  67. Paul Moss Post author

    I'm intrigued. How does Dan download his Sufferfest workout to the Wahoo so that he can ride the workout outside? I can't figure out a way to do this other than manually create the workout #torqueback

  68. Rebekah Collins Post author

    Seriously curious to know what has been/is your favorite bike— answers from each of the presenters would be interesting. #torqueback #askGCN

  69. Gogs Post author

    Is there any benefit to training at higher temperatures to simulate more stress on the body or is it best to stay as cool as possible? I train indoors mostly and several GCN presenters (well Si normally) have commented a lot on sweating buckets on an indoor trainer and the need for a fan to keep cool. I’m lucky enough to have my setup in the basement and temperatures are typically around 16 degrees C, I still use a fan but don’t have Si’s perspiration issues! To begin preparing for the spring & summer though should I be switching off the fan and letting my core temperature rise to simulate the outdoors??
    Cheers and great shows.

  70. Stu Rutter Post author

    3:55 "help me go down…………………………………… I'm guessing in weight" – lol

  71. Kaupo Raag Post author

    Please don't cultivate the "220 – age" formula religion. This forumula is so off. I'm currently 39 and my max is at around 170 (should be 181, which it has never ever been) and my clubmate is 53 and his max heart rate goes above 180 bpm (should be less than 170). Instead, as you also pointed out, one should perform a quite simple fitness test with gradually increasing resistance/power (e.g. adding 25W after 2 min and going untill complete exhaustion) – this should show your max HR. And you should do it after a good day or two of rest.

  72. Paul Merryman Post author

    #AskGCNTraining Hi guys, I ride exclusively outdoors, use my Garmin in concert with Strava to track my rides/fitness. I am 56 yrs old, in decent shape and I am currently getting fitter on my local rides. Although I am feeling stronger, Strava shows my recent efforts as "massive" due to heart rate points in the red, yet I do not feel as though I put in a hard effort. I see that Strava allows you to customize your heart rate max rate and zones. Strava has currently set my max at 176 bpm, but I recently hit 181 bpm on a previous hard ride. Should I reset my max to 181 and if so how should I adjust my zones? Thanks!

  73. yasser Alharithi Post author

    #torqueback i have qu ? why some country in the would champion road race jion the race with one or two insted of joining with the full nummber of the team like the others

  74. Chris Bateman Post author

    I want to get a touring bike. Some have bar end shifters. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these.


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