HOME REMEDY FOR MUSCLE PAIN II मांसपेशियों के दर्द का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to Health Care At Home We are here to help you in your problems by Home remedy We received an email from Sajid Khan, Kishanganj Bihar He says his father is 65 years of age He has a joint & Muscle Pain problem For which he has tried Allopathy He got problem in his stomach as well by having pain killers He get temporary relief by pain killer By apply balm also he gets temporary relief He want a home remedy for this problem Yes we do have a home remedy for this problem which is very effective Its very simple and available at home Muscle pain increases most probably in winter Stop having pain killers immediately it can cause many side effects it numbs your brain nerves dont affects your pain I will tell you the simplest way and cheapest way to cure your fathers pain Grate a ginger Extract juice from that grated ginger Apply this juice on affected areas and cover it You will feel a warmth after some time it penetrates inside the skin Your pain will vanish within 5-10 mins Apply this 4-5 times a day you will get rid of joint & Muscle pain You dont have to apply any balm nor you will have to take any pain killer You will be cured completely within 15 days Isn’t it a easy home remedy We always wish our viewers happy and healthy life keep watching us Thank you

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