Hip Flexor Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hip Flexor Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna
show you some stretches and strengthening exercises for a hip flexor strain. Let’s get
started. So the first stretch is gonna be a combination between you hip flexors and
your quad. You can use something sturdy to hold on to and if you have enough balance
just standing, bring your leg back and grab onto your ankle. Make sure your body is in
an upright vertical position because it you’re leaning forward, you’re taking away from the
stretch. So just make sure this top part is actually going back and not going forward.
So almost push back into your hand so your foot goes out. So you’re getting a stretch
in your quad and your hip flexors. Holding it there for 30 seconds, and repeat that 3
times. So the next stretch, you want to get almost into a lunge position. The hip flexor
that you want to stretch, that leg is gonna be down on the ground. If you only have a
hard surface, you might want to put something under your knee so it doesn’t get a lot of
pressure on it. But usually carpet is ok. Put your other leg out in front of you at
about a 90 degree angle. Keep your whole body in an upright position, and keep your upper
body in a vertical position. So again if you lean forward, then you’re taking the stretch
out of it. So just go forward, keeping your body upright, and you’ll feel the stretch
right through there in that hip flexor. Hold that there for 30 seconds and then come back
and do that 3 times. Now if you want to get a little bit on the inside, you can move your
leg out a little bit and go at a 45 degree angle the other way, and that will still kind
of get the stretch of the hip flexor and a little bit more inside in the groin area.
Holding that for 30 seconds and doing it 3 times. So to start off with the strengthening,
you can do a simple heel slide. Bringing your heel all the way down, and then pulling it
back up. Nice and controlled. Pull it as hard as you can and going back down. Again just
starting off with about 10 of these, working your way up to 15 – 20 doing 2 – 3 sets. This
might be really easy for some people, so if this is easy, then you can put your leg all
the way out, and lock out that knee pulling your toes up, and do a straight leg raise.
Just bring it up to about equal to the other side and control it coming back down. So don’t
let gravity just drop it down, but control it the whole time. Going up and down. Starting
off with 10, working your way up from there. If this becomes too easy, then you can do
some standing exercises with resistive bands. To strengthen your hip flexor muscle, you
can use a resistive band. Make sure you tie it on to something tight so it’s not gonna
snap off and hit you. Just put it around your ankle, and step out to where it’s tight so
you can get some resistance. You want to keep your leg as straight as you can. Lock out
that knee, pull up your toes a little bit to help lock out the knee, and just bring
your leg forward. It doesn’t have to be high, you just have to get that work in there. Some
people might need to hold on to something, if you need to hold on to something, that’s
fine, but eventually you want to be able to do this without holding on. Bailey’s even
so excited to see it. So those were some stretches and strengthening exercises for a hip flexor
strain. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to
check out some other videos, go to AskDoctorJo.com. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and
Twitter, and remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!

57 comments on “Hip Flexor Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. futurealasd Post author

    hey Jo looking too beautiful today,

    in the 2nd stretch u showed, is it wrong if i take a bigger lunge step and try to dive my hips into the floor ?
    also i have chondromalacia on the kneecap (u know krak sounds when going up in stairs etc..), and lately i have noticed that when i am standing up and dorsiflex either the left or the right leg, and try to mimic the standing leg curl movement, i listen some loud krak noises on the back of my knee, that i think affect the patella. I have already gone to a physiatrist, checked me out, told me i had some minor miniscus "injury" ? I was like wtf ? I never had pain elsewhere, other than on the kneecaps.

    thanks !

  2. AskDoctorJo Post author

    New video alert! New video alert! If you have pain or a strain in your hip flexors, then my new video is for you. Check it out!

  3. Mesogreat Post author

    Thanks for the new video. I was going to be bummed if there was no pup in it ?. I've watched your other video so often to help with doing things correct I feel like I know your dog. Now I've seen your other dog and I'm sure I'll watch the video enough to feel the same way. Sorry I'm a pet sitter and if you throw an animal in a video. It's all I notice.

  4. mtsfitness Post author

    Doctor Jo? Could you please do a video on high hamstring tendon injuries or refer me to a video about those injuries? Thanks

  5. pawan patil Post author

    hi doctor this pawan patil remember cerpalsy
    i had an operation of derotation osteotomy 
    doctor in your last part you said the legs should be straight
    but thing is that my leg doesnt get straight forward even i m holding something.
    that is a big promblem plz help me.
    and happy new year may this year bring you lots of happiness nd full of joy nd may god help you in making more good video.

  6. Kerry Kushetsky Post author

    Hello. How many sets and reps should we do? I have had pain in my hips since July. There is slight pain sometimes when walking but if I move legs/hips laterally I have pain. Also if I'm sitting and get up or have legs out ans get up there is pain. Hips also feel very very tight. This pain started after an intense foam rolling session on my lower body. Is it possible to strain hips from that? Went to dr and X rays are clear. Has me doing pt with heat and electrical stimulation.

  7. King Aslan Post author

    i carry a football injury badly fall on right shoulder in 2003 and 2008, started playing again recently and quit again in June 2014 having a major numbness the whole right arm and back to fingers, Now feeling much better but Rhomboid area is a major pain what is constant w a burning feeling, I do use computer and also ride a motor bike. 
    What would you recommend?

  8. SpoogeMaster 999 Post author

    Hi AskDoctorJo back in 2011 i fully snapped both my lower 2 leg bones and twisted my ankle. Is there any advice? I'm a drummer which means i need my leg & ankle. A reply would be awesome from anyone! Thanks

  9. Christina Brown Post author

    Hey Dr. Jo, I just watched your video and did the stretches, but I would like some further advice about my hips if you have any time. A couple of months ago I had somehow done something to my left hip during soccer. It just started pinching and it went on for about a week then it went away. Then a month ago track season started, and it's my first year doing it. Anyway I am a sprinter, and on the first day of practice we worked on a few sprinting exercises, and on my first sprint, my hips started to hurt, and they continued to hurt more as i kept running. But, after practice when I rested my legs they started to feel a little better, and the next day it wouldn't hurt so bad. But, when i had my second practice and I did more sprints the pain came back full force, so I visited the local physical trainer at my school, and he had me get in ice baths and he would stretch  me, but I didnt find that to be enough so I went to see a doctor, and all he told me was that I have strained hip flexors and I should keep getting stretched by my trainer everyday before I go to practice. So I have been icing and stretching everyday before practice. Now, at practice, when I walk or jog I feel fine, but when i sprint around 90 percent or full speed, then my hips start to hurt a little better. In the past month they have been progressing but I had been sure to take it easy at practice and not run to my full potential. But when I do try to run as fast as I can, then My hips start to hurt a little but not nearly as bad as they used to be. It's just been this nagging thing that I have to worry about and I was wondering if you had any tips or advice, because I would love to be running in my track meets, but I have been refraining in fear of ruining my hips. If you have any time to read this or even respond I would be grateful! Thank you, and I love your videos btw! 🙂

  10. Christina Brown Post author

    Hey dr jo I got your email, but it was a no reply email so I'm replying here. The doctor that I went to see did a test by moving my legs in different positions and applied pressure to find what the problem is was. He told me that I had strained hip flexors. Then I told the physical trainer at my school and he just said that he could've told me the same exact thing and he just kept stretching me like he was before. And he's been doing the same for about a month now. Thank you for replying btw! 🙂

  11. Ashlee Runyon Post author

    How long should you wait to do any serious physical activity because I have cheer tryouts. Saturday and injured my hip last Saturday and today is Monday and I have tumbling Tuesday and Thursday and I really need to go so I can practice for try outs but in scared to because of my hip
    I'm scared in going to make it worse and then I'm not going to be able to try out at all.
    Any advice to make sure my hip is healed enough to tumble

  12. Carlos Nieto Post author

    Hello I was wondering
    I strained my hip flexor a while back
    The pain went away and when I went hiking it came back
    I feel it more when I'm going downhill
    But when I work out I don't feel it and it feels better when I stretch
    Any ideas what could it be

  13. Mystic Post author

    Im having a problem with my right hip flexor… it keeps locking up. It will lock up in bed if I sleep on that hip… but as soon as i roll on the other side… it unlocks.

    It also locks up if Im on my feet to long… but when I sit down for a few minutes, it unlocks. Im going to try your exercises and see if they help… thanks for having them available.

  14. Alaina Thompson Post author

    I was squatting heavy weight 205 for 5 and its been about 5-6 weeks and my hip isn't getting better everyone I have talked to said that it's my hip flexor. What will help that heal? I've tried stretches, icing massaging

  15. smilesaustin Post author

    Hey Doctor Jo I believe I starined my hip flexor while doing a weighted sqaut due to lack of mobility and am curious if this is something I should see an orthopedic doctor for or just go to a physiotherapist. I have no problems with activity beyond nagging pain and tightness.

  16. Callum Post author

    Hi Doctor Jo, doing these exercises with a minor strain how long would it approximately take to recover? Thanks!

  17. Caitlin Long Post author

    I was pitching (softball) in my yard and it was somewhat muddy. My landing leg (left) kind of slipped and I felt the pain in my top of my leg near my hip and it hurt to walk up stairs and do "frankenstein" kicks (high kicks). I think it's my hip flexor. It doesn't really hurt anymore when I do normal activities (running, walking, steps, lifting my leg), but it still hurts to pitch. I don't know what to do.

  18. iTzEp1DeMic_ says Post author

    my problem was from not being warmed up properly a few days ago. When i flex my knee while supinated on my back and i rotate my leg away from my body.. my hip flexor hurts…

    Should I keep stretching it like this or leave it alone

  19. Bilal Rafiq Post author

    I strained my inner right groin a few months ago when kicking a ball and since then I've played occasionally. I played quite an intense game a day ago and I think I might have overstretched both groin adductor muscles in each leg today doing strengthening exercises PLEASE HELP

  20. mal ! Post author

    you may not see this now but , Monday night, i was at dance practice and i was trying to get my left splits which i did until today my right hip flexor hurts like nothing else ive felt, i usually can just push through ingurys, like my shins splints but right now i can't even lift my leg pass 90 degrees, i don't know what to do

  21. Paty Aramburo Post author

    Hi! when I do a low lunge my back leg feels so uncomfortable, I feel pain since my hip flexor until my knee, it is not a stretching feeling it is something weird. I feel also pain in my groin. Do you think this video is for me?

  22. Mike V Post author

    AskDoctorJo idk if I have a hip flexor strain or hip labral tear, is there something I can do to determine between the 2?

  23. Sam kogan Post author

    hey dr. jo, woudl you suggest also massaging the hip flexor area? if so, in which direction?

  24. Christine Robinette Post author

    HI Dr. Jo. I am 55 years old; had two THR about 3 years ago. I did really well after the surgery, (Up and walking same day) and in PT but about 3 months after, i started overdoing it with the "normal" exercising not related to therapy. I strained my left flexor doing some Zumba. It has never been the same and i have never tried to fix it. Is it too late? It hurts like crazy just to do the sitting leg lift…cannot do it. God forbid i stub my foot on anything! Shame on me for waiting so long, but i really need to do something about now. Should i stretch it or strengthen it..or both together? Can i get it back to good working condition or did i wait too long?

  25. malin charisma Post author

    I know you made this a long time ago, but I was just wondering…

    my name is malin and I am 13. so a few months ago I was at a soccer game and all of a sudden I felt excruciating pain coming from my right hip. I fell and the game stopped and I came out because I didn't feel I could play, as I could barely walk. Nobody knew what happened because all I did was kick the ball. Before going to the hospital my family thought it was a groin pull, but we later found out it was a right hip flexor strain. I stopped playing for a few weeks to rest my hip. I iced it and started doing a few stretches, but once it felt good again, I stopped and continued playing soccer. Then the season ended. My family and I went on vacation and played some soccer, just kicking the ball around. All of a sudden, I felt the pain again, not as bad, but still so painful I couldn't walk without help. I'm wondering if it's because I didn't stretch? And I have a season of soccer starting soon, and I'm worried it will happen again. What should I do?

  26. Denise G Post author

    Hi Dr. Jo…Thanks for the videos! I began doing a similar hip flexor stretch as your first in this video…except I ended up doing it laying on my stomach and grabbing my ankle pulling my leg toward my tush ?. Although I have a lot more flexibility now (I could barely lift my leg past a 90 degree angle, now I can just about touch it to my behind), I am now experiencing a lot of knee pain, right in the front of my knee… I am not quite sure what I did or how to alleviate the pain. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  27. Randy Smith Post author

    Thank u doctor jo i do a lot of lifting putting a lot of pressure on my right hip this helped a bit

  28. Tom Thumb Post author

    I will add the standing stretch to my routine that I use from your videos. Thank you for your help.

  29. Harbinder Kaur Post author

    My right leg hurts at the hip when I try to sit cross legged. i. e I can't turn my folded right leg towards right side. But I can turn the same leg towards left with no pain at all…. Please help.

  30. Phyllis Weaver Post author

    Dr Jo I do this same stretch except on the floor and on my back. In the final position my foot lies along side the buttock. Is this stretch a healthy one or do I need to stop doing it? It feels great!

  31. Wayne Blosser Post author

    Hi Dr. Jo, I realize this video is older but hopefully you check for new comments on occasion. My daughter is a high school swimmer and over the last couple of weeks she has strained her hip flexor a couple of times, once doing broad jumps and again on Monday doing burpees. What do you recommend from a stretching/strengthening perspective to help heal the strain? I'm worried that too much stretching will hinder the healing process. Thank you!

  32. Johnny Gillespie Post author

    Just now seeing this video but glad I did. I've been struggling with hip flexor pain for almost a year now. Also because of lower back pain, I need to engage in more core strengthening exercises but am inhibited because many of the moves that I attempt involve use of the hip flexors. It's so intense that I even struggle to get dressed on the left side. I look forward to trying these tips. They look manageable and effective. Thanks again for posting and have a great holiday season.

  33. Christine Robertson Post author

    Hello this is Dr. Travis stony a doctor how are you doing today dear Dr. Joe it's been a sunny day in Vancouver

  34. Kyle Kennard Post author

    I been on this for TWO MONTHS it feels good to jog but I can’t push it I’ll be the best ball player in the nation for football but I need to get rid of this pain PLEASE LET ME KNOW

  35. Mark Potts Post author

    Hi Dr. Jo
    I was told stretching weakens the muscle so strengthening it afterwards is not good as can cause injury, is this correct should you not strengthen first then stretch or is it safe to stretch then strengthen as your video, thanks love your chanel..


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