Hip Bursitis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hip Bursitis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

He everybody, it’s Doctor Jo and Molly. Today
we’re gonna talk about “that bursa” again. This time it’s gonna be hip bursitis or the
technical term “Trochanteric Bursitis.” Can you say that 3 times fast? Doubt it. Let me
show you some stretches and exercises for it, let’s get going. The first exercise is
gonna stretch the IT Band, and that’s what comes over that bursa that irritates it sometimes.
The leg that you want to stretch is actually gonna go back behind the other leg. So it’s
gonna be back at an angle and then you’re just gonna go straight down into a stretch.
If you wanna feel a little bit more of a stretch in that hip, take you hip on the side that’s
hurting and kind of push it out to the side a little bit. So holding that for 30 seconds,
and then relaxing and doing that 3 times. The rest is gonna be down on the ground. Ok
so the next stretch is gonna be for our piriformis and glute muscles. Molly is very excited about
the glute muscles. This is a figure 4 stretch. So take the side that you want stretched,
and cross it over your leg, so you’re making a figure 4 with your body. If you can pull
it a little closer, that stretches it even more. Once you get your leg over here then
you can bend forward – oh Molly doesn’t think that feels very good, but it actually feels
really good and it’s gonna stretch the side over there where that bursa is. So holding
it for about 30 seconds, letting Molly get comfortable nesting, and then relax, and doing
that 3 times. Next we’re gonna do some strengthening exercises. Lying down on your back, we’re
gonna do just a straight leg raise. Bringing your foot all the way down, locking out that
knee keeping it straight. Pull your toes up toward you, that will help lock out your knee.
You just want to lift your leg as high as the other side. So bringing it up there, and
slowly coming back down. So don’t let gravity just drop it down, but make sure you’re controlling
that leg. Keeping those toes pulled up so it locks out the knee so your knee stays straight.
You don’t want that knee bent, you want it nice and straight. Just start with 10, 2 sets
of 10, then work your way up from there. The next one is gonna be on your side to get the
outside muscle. So the leg that you want to work is gonna be on top. You can bend your
bottom leg just to give it some support, but you want to be in a straight line. If your
leg comes forward, try to pull it back just a little bit. Same thing, though, you’re gonna
pull your toes up tight, lock out that leg, make sure the knee is straight and just bring
it up. It doesn’t have to be too high, but make sure you control it going up and down.
Don’t let gravity just drop it down. If you feel like your leg starts coming forward a
little bit, make sure you bring it back cause you want to be in a straight line and you
want your hips to be straight up and down. The last one is actually a clam shell now.
So bend both knees, kind of put them together, and then you’re basically gonna keep the hips
straight up and down again, but just lift it up like a clam shell and slowly come back
down. Don’t let those hips roll back, but pull them forward, so you’re coming out and
then back down. Starting off with 10-15, do 2-3 sets. There you have it! Those were the
stretches for Hip Bursitis. If you have any questions, like Molly, leave them in the comments
section. And if you want to check out some more videos – yeah – got to AskDoctorJo.com,
don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And remember, be safe, have fun,
and I hope you feel better soon.

100 comments on “Hip Bursitis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. benhobe Post author

    I think my issue came from cycling, which is my favorite activity. I've been doing these exercises for a couple of days and they definitely help. I have two questions. Can I continue to cycle? How often should one do these exercises (once a day, twice, more)? BTW – cycling does not bother my hip whatsoever, but it is the only thing I can think of that caused my hip issue. Thanks.

  2. Cristi Bishop Post author

    I have a quick question for you. I started have hip pain about 4 months ago out of the blue and it comes and goes. I didn't do anything to hurt my hip. It just came on not long after I had Gallbladder surgery. It is stiff if I sit for long periods and I will have to limp for a few minutes and it's also sore if I lay on that side. It comes and goes and I can go a few days or a week without any pain and then it's back. I haven't been to the dr yet but plan to go. Does this sound like Bursitis and if so does that just happen? I'm 39 and i haven't done anything that I can remember to bring this on.

  3. Signe Van Slyke Post author

    Thanks for sharing these exercises. In addition to hip bursitis I have a frozen shoulder which makes it hard for me to do the number "4" stretch. It hurts to support myself upright with my injured arm. Is it okay to do this stretch sitting in a chair? Crossing the leg and then leaning forward towards them in a seated position?

  4. GoldenAfrican Post author

    my hip hurts so bad i cant even reach half way down to my toe….its inside the left hip and the pain is radiated only at the back of my hip (dirrectly opposite my left groin) meaning the problem is at the edge of sacrum where it connects to hip. Im effn scared, the pain is severe especially when i sit down at right angles or crouch to open the oven or anything to do with bending or crouching and i hope this pain goes away in 2 days, because i work as a student nurse in hospitals doing longdays.

  5. Ivana Dumančić Post author

    Hi, my right side of hip hurts after running, and i can't stand on that leg. Pain goes away second day and I don't feel it anymore unitl my next run…What do you think, will this exercises help me? Should I do them before or after running, or both? Thank you

  6. Catherine Sandrasagra Post author

    Dr Jo. I have been doing exercises especially those for IT band pain. I came across this video. I have bursitis in the "ischiogluteal bursa region" the pain runs from hip to below my knee making it virtually impossible to walk . The ultrasound report doesnot say I have IT band syndrome although I am getting physio treatments targeting the IT band as well. I like these exercises for bursitis in the hip. Is it ok to do them. Thanks

  7. e g Post author

    Great video, but stop teasing us showing that banjo. Incorporate you playing that bad boy into your videos, that would be the cream on the top!

  8. Sundance Yoga Studio Post author

    My chiropractor says it is my bursa sacks that are inflamed. I am a yoga teacher and do all of these stretches on a regular basis, however with the recent hip (trochanter) pain I am having these things hurt and send alarm signals thru my body.
    [email protected]

  9. Anne Smith Post author

    Fabulous excercises. They have helped me when I thought I would not be able to walk properly. I have just one other question do you have a video for rotator cuff impingement? If so can you please post it? Thanks Dr. Jo.

  10. Vernita Clinton Post author

    oooooo I needed this. please more. ooooooo help me. ooooooo I was saying during the exercises. Thank you. P.S. molly is right it hurts bad.

  11. Tom Thumb Post author

    Thank you so much for the informative videos. I seem to have problems with my hip.

    On the stretches that you say to hold for 30 seconds, 3 times, does it help to hold it for 45 seconds, 4 times? THE MORE THE MERRIER?

    Thank you.

  12. Inspector Steve Post author

    I have severe low back pain and these stretches aren't going to work. any modifications to these or different stretches I can do?

  13. Phyllis Gresky Post author

    Is golfing or bike riding OK after cortisone shot and some rest and stretching and light exercise?

  14. david Post author

    How often should I do these exercises and how long before I notice benefits from it to continuing with it?

  15. Eran Post author

    Hi Doc Jo! I have outer hip pain. I've had this issue for about 4+ months now and it is really irritating. It started while I was doing an "outward hip abductor exercise". After my workout I felt great, but a week later, I felt a pain I've never experienced. Till this day I still feel the pain! I'm 6'3 and play ball. When I jump up for a dunk my left hip hurts upon landing. I think it is bursitis, but I have not been properly diagnosed by a real doc. I can say that I have all the symptoms and the target area is spot on! Other than these exercises, do you have any other stretches that focus on that area? Thank you.

  16. stuart belk Post author

    Thanks so much jo. Having pain for the past 3 months it is so great to be pain free.

  17. Growing a Yogi Post author

    love your stuff! forgive me if you have already covered this but my question is, can I do this program for my hip if I'm having a flare up?

  18. Growing a Yogi Post author

    oops, one more question, can you recommend any cardio that is less aggravating for hip bursitis? thank you?

  19. Hans Delrue Post author

    Thanks doctor. I have done your Exercices and feel now more relaxation in my hip Bursitis

  20. Donna Cendol Post author

    Love the stretches. Thank you. Does it hurt the hip if running on the treadmill? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  21. Lynda Hungerford Post author

    This is it (I hope) I have had chronic hip bursitis for years, always from something I did at the gym, like Zumba, (which I love wish I could get this where I could do it again) also too fast on the tread mill, etc. It then really hurts and NSAIDS and rest and stretching makes finally go away for awhile, Thanks Dr. Jo you're great!

  22. John Ryker Post author

    Dr. Jo,, I developed this bursitis issue about 7 weeks ago, while on a 10 miles run. I have been doing these stretches (and others) for about 6 weeks. I got on a tread mill for a test,, and in just a few minutes I could tell I shouldn't be running. How long is the recovery time for this injury? and When will I know I can get back into my running shoes? (footnote, I've had a cortisone shot and some PT,, and I've been able to rise my bike with no pain.)

  23. John Smyth Post author

    Hi, I'm a 71 year old , I train pretty heavy with box squats once or twice a week, using up to 330 lbs. I've had the hip and butt pain while walking for decades, but lately it's troubled me the next day after squats. Can I use your exercises before all the soreness has left the bursa ? I hate missing sessions ! Thanks again .

  24. joanne yates Post author

    I have pain in the front of my left hip as well as the lower back and left side.  When I move certain ways such as bending over to pick something up the  pain in the front is very sharp and like a cramping feeling.  It goes away when I straighten up.  Are there some exercises to help alleviate this.  Thank you, Perry.

  25. stivi xhako Post author

    Hello Dr Jo. I'm 22. I have a hip ache that has began three days ago after my daily running. It is pobabbly a bursits looking at the signs. If so can you please tell me is this probably going to be chronic?

  26. Introvert with a Camera Post author

    I usually run around 3-4 miles a day, but last Monday I ran six. My hip has been hurting ever since— I've done a bunch of research and I believe it's hip bursitis. I've taken a break from running, do you have any idea about how long it will take to cure?

    Thank you!

  27. MR-FLIP Post author

    Im 6 weeks out of back surgery and told not to bend would I be ok to do the others I have right hip bursitis which just showed up after surgery

  28. Nikita K Post author

    Hi Doc Jo! I have benefitted a lot from your videos. Thank you for sharing such great info with us. I have a question for you. Whenever I do clam shell movement and even the side leg raise, after 5 counts I start getting some bad muscle ache down my outer side of my calf till the ankles and as soon as I stop the exercise it goes away. I’ve tried foam rolling it but I always feel it whenever doing these excercises. Can you tell me what is this pain that I’m feeling excatly and what can I do about it?

  29. Priscilla Ridley Post author

    Is it possible to do squats again? I use to love working out till doctor told me this is my life for now :/

  30. PinkRayneDrop Post author

    As someone who tried to continue running with this….. BEFORE finding this… thank you. Running is my life, my 'happy place' and this…. saved me.

  31. Krishnan Unni Post author

    Hello Dr Jo
    How often should I do these exercises. A car knocked me down 2 weeks ago and I have no fractures but hip and lower back bursitis. Thanks.!!

  32. Arsha R Post author

    Thank you so much Dr. I have been suffering from this pain from past 10 months. It robbed away my life my workout regime and everything. I came across your video and just did the stretches after my very light workout. Instantly i feel the relief. I have no words to thank you enough. God bless you.

  33. 4FunnyLady Post author

    Thank You Dr. Jo, I have Hip Bursitis from a fall and will follow these exercises. I LOVE Molly!

  34. Chelsea K Post author

    Thank you so much, I am a 18 year old dancer starting dance season, and I can already feel the difference after one session.

  35. Nilofar Ahmed Post author

    I have knee pain and it is because my hips muscles…please advise me some exercises. I can not put pressure on my knees. it is hard to go up the stairs and down, as well when I sit on a chair I feel I just through my butt on the chair instead of place it on the chair.

  36. Charles Tarr Post author

    Thanks for this. Carried a lot of block, brick, stone, mortar and lumber such that my hips are sore. I deliver 1500 ad bags on foot right now and that combined with some extra weight has my hips sore. This helps.

  37. VIPERMANIA FOREVER Post author

    What happens if the figure for hurts a lot.i run and walk 5k and play Special Olympics

  38. H&H Equestrians Post author

    How long should I do these for? Because I do softball almost every day and that is where this injury came from. So, should I do then before practice and after practice? And when should I start practicing again? The injury is quite fresh and I know what to do.

  39. M K Post author

    Just did these, helped HUGE!! I’m hoping this lasts for most of the day. How often should I do these stretches a week? I weightlift and do cardio 5-6 days a week so this has really screwed me over right now lol

  40. Elvia Tinney Post author

    Thank you Dr. Jo for this video. Has been game changer for me after dealing with pain for so many years. Been doing the stretches faithfully with amazing results. Thank you so much !!!

  41. Jeyps Perez Post author

    Doing the IT band stretch eased the pain from walking already. Got this pain from lifting 40 kgs of load using both arms and travelling 100 meters back and forth. Thank you!

  42. sronak25 Post author

    Thank you for this informative video. My question is, how often should I perform these stretches? Like, how many times a day?

  43. Christina Post author

    I had physical therapy on my shoulder a few years ago that worked wonders, so I'm defiantly a believer in PT. They had me use ice and heat therapy before and after my exercises. Do you re commend this also?

  44. Linda Mancini Post author

    I had 2 hip surgeries on the right side, now I have bursitis in that hip. Now I have left hip bursitis, both hips cramp up.
    Can I do the exercises for both hips? A lot of pain in both ?

  45. shm yoga Post author

    Dr your exercises are excellent,, I want to ask I had spasm before 6 weeks,, I slipped and fell down on my left hip but still I am feeling pain,, kindly suggest me should I go to artopadic or other doctors,, because I am taking treatment from artopadic from last 6 weeks but still I am feeling pain,, what should I do,, kindly recommend,

  46. Nelmar Vincent Obenza Post author

    My right hip makes clicking sound Everytime I moved when I lay down. What kind of stretch and exercise I should do? Tnx

  47. YKBT Post author

    Rooms to go i have the exact same couch. The most comfortable couch ever. If you lie down on this couch you're almost always going to fall asleep.
    P.S. very informative video thanks

  48. Laci Ihasz Post author

    hi i am quiet new to this bursitis malarkey, only started having it 3 days ago.
    i can't do the exercises when i have to bend my leg:( only the ones with straight leg, the 1st, 3rd and 4th. is it enough if i just do these 3 or should i force to try the other 2 as well?

  49. Amanda S Post author

    will the stretches work with a cat instead of a dog? if not, my neighbor said i could borrow her beagle

  50. Marv Redd Post author

    There are only a few PTs on here I support and adhere to their teachings. You are one of them. Very helpful, getting older is a blessing and is particular.

  51. Ingrid Post author

    Help! What medicine do you recommend I take. I am o Advil 200mg and I am taking 3 at a time sometimes 2-3 times a day, I don't feel any different. I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN! I can't sleep, I am in constant pain all day. I am trying your streches and exercice recommendation, I have faith that will help too.

  52. hazen Post author

    Hello any tips for ischial glute bursitus.i got ultrasound and got it found out finally .anytips.

  53. mightymittens Post author

    Thanks for this. The strength exercises felt so good for my whole hip area! The stretching helped too but I was really surprised how good this all felt after I did it.

  54. Carl Post author

    Thank you! Very helpful! Great video and explanation/instruction. Would love to hear you and/or husband play and sing with guitar and banjo! (O:

  55. connie cunningham Post author

    All of these cause more inflammation.. Whats going on? Should I get a cortisone shot and then try again? Im just worried that any and everything I do for PT on the hip inflames it more.

  56. Ben F Post author

    Hi Doctor Jo, thank you for the video.  Are the stretch also good for someone suffering from osteoporosis of the head of the femur?

  57. timber_beast Post author

    did most of these in PT after knee surgery two years ago – still doing them and running ~20 km/wk.
    The figure four if done flat on your back and pushing your knee toward your feet is excellent for lower back.

  58. drouhin Post author

    These are great, effective exercises. I've been doing them for three days, and today, for the first time in weeks, was able to walk without pain. Thank you!!!

  59. Balonky Snacker Post author

    I have osteoarthritis in my hip and knee on my right leg. Hurts worse than …..
    I’m currently doing latex band decompression is this ok?

  60. Maria Wings Fitness Post author

    I liked this set of exercises very much. From now on, I'll alternate it with my other 2 minute routine I do on daily basis.

  61. Anita Hardesty Post author

    I have terrible bursitis in both my hips from heavy cycling when I was younger. Its greater trochanteric pain syndrome. Runs from my hips down to my knees. Thank you for this video. I didnt realize how much this would help!! Molly is adorable!! ??

  62. hattie dunton Post author

    Thank you! I’m currently doing 2 sports in one season and my hip has gone down the drain and I’ve had multiple visits with doctors in my area, and these stretches worked like a charm!! Definitely adding them before any practices or games!

  63. Debi tullier Post author

    I am hoping to get some relief. I can't even sleep now. The pain is intense. I got a shot but it didn't work at all this time. The pain makes me sick.

  64. AskDoctorJo Post author

    Purchase a printable worksheet with the Hip Bursitis stretches & exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-5-hip-bursitis-stretches-exercises-worksheet


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