Help! My back is in spasm! What do I do?

Help! My back is in spasm! What do I do?

collapsing onto the floor with a back
spasm or finding someone on the floor who has collapsed with a back spasm can be
quite a distressing situation to find yourself in so I’ve just created this
video for you to give you some first aid tips to help you get through that
situation to manage it and just know what to do in that moment so the first
thing to understand about spasm is (if you’ve watched my previous video on what
is a spasm you’ll understand how you get to a spasm) but when you’re actually
in a spasm you’re in what we call a pain- spasm-pain cycle so your muscles have
gone into spasm, that makes them hurt. pain makes the muscle spasm even more,
spasm increases the pain… and you’re in this cycle. So if you want to help
someone or help yourself in a spasm, you need to what we call “break” the spasm.
the way you break the spasm is to either reduce the pain or you reduce the muscle tension. So the very first thing you can do to break that pain-spasm-pain cycle is to give someone some simple painkillers. just a couple of
painkillers. that’s the number one top tip. now the rest of the techniques I’m
going to teach you now to help you reduce the muscular spasm, reduce the
tension so that we can try and break it when you find someone on the floor with
a back spasm you won’t know why they’re in spasm you won’t know if it’s a disc
injury you won’t know if it’s a kidney infection you won’t know if it’s just
stress-related muscular pain so the first and most useful thing you can do
for them in that situation is to get them into a comfortable position so that
they will at least relax the minute you get them to relax the muscle tension
will start to reduce so that’s the best thing you can do so be aware that your
friend is terrified absolutely terrified moving even one millimeter or one
centimeter causes the most excruciating pain so have a lot of patience and just
be prepared to spend about 10 or 15 minutes getting them into a comfortable
position so whatever position you find them in just grab a load of pillows a
load of cushions and just get them to gently crawl forward onto these
cushions that’s it they will scream they will
Yelp and they will they will be very very scared but do by hook or by crook
just get them to come into a lying position the reason being that your
muscles are in spasm because they’re trying to support your body. the minute
you become horizontal the muscles can relax here we go a really nice thing
to do is to pop a couple of cushions under the knee that just brings
the back into a much more balanced position and helps the muscles to relax
now when the muscles start to relax because they’re not holding you up the
pain will start to reduce and you start to address that pain-spasm-pain cycle once your friend is in a comfortable
position the next best thing that you can do for them is to use what we call
hydrotherapy its a naturopathic technique it’s the application of heat and cold
alternately to activate what we call the ‘relaxation response’ in the muscle. when
you put heat on a muscle the blood vessels expand when you put cold on a
muscle the blood vessels contract when you do it alternately hot-cold hot-cold hot-cold for specific time periods you will find the muscles start
to relax. you can use a hot water bottle for the heat and this is an ice
pack which you get from a chemist so you put it in the freezer it goes hard. you
can also use packet of peas in an emergency what you mustn’t do is
put directly on the skin because you will get ice burn
and you’ll get heat burn so you need to either cover your ice back with a tea
towel or a pillow cloth or you can put it over a t-shirt she’s okay here she
has a t-shirt on. so you decide. okay so you start with the heat
three minutes hot and time it. it’s very important that you do it for the right
time. three minutes with heat ONE minute with cold
just over the area of spasm if it’s the whole back then you can just put put the
heat over the whole back so you always start with heat and you always end in
cold that’s your rule of thumb three times three minutes hot one minute cold
three times and end with cold. you can do that as much as you like the more you do it
the more relaxation response you’ll get through the muscles so once you’ve given your friend some
painkillers and you’ve got them into a comfortable position and you’ve done
your hot and cold you should find by now the muscles are starting to soften and
relax they’re not so like concrete and you can start to maybe do a little bit
of massage on them – deep tissue. it’s what we call
‘neuromuscular technique’ where you actually put such a deep pressure
through the muscles that you you inhibit the nerve supply to the muscles and it
causes the muscles to start to relax. that’s a very easy and simple technique
you can do. depending on how much pain your friend is in obviously don’t put
too much pressure through but just gentle massage will improve and continue
your attempts to reduce that spasm so you can use anything you can use oil
or you can use aqueous cream and a lovely one to use is something called arnica
which draws the blood into the muscles and something that will reduce
spasm there’s a lot of essential oils at are very good at reducing spasm myself I
am currently manufacturing a cream for this particular purpose which has pain
relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasm more importantly. So you just find something that works for you. so just
gently while your friend is in their pain-free position you just roll up
their top just expose the area that’s in spasm always very clear to you which
area is in spasm because it will feel like concrete so you just take a little
bit of cream or depending what you’re using… with my cream I slap it on because
the active properties themselves are really important and the more you put on
the more response you’ll get through the muscle so just gently start smothering the cream on and once it’s on this is a really good technique
you can use you get your thumbs either side of the spine NEVER ON the spine…
just either side of the spine and you just start at the base just deep pressure up
either side of the spine your friend may actually be so numb that they can’t feel
it by now is the muscles in a lot of pain
a lot of spasm sometimes it’s just numb and it will feel like you’re not doing
anything but you really really are you starting to relax off the nerves
and relax off the muscle so that’s one technique thumbs either side of the
spine deep pressure in that big erector spinae either side another one I use is
you can use your fists here like this and you can just move that fist up along
the muscle there okay that’s another one very very effective and then another
simple one if your friend actually won’t let you expose their back they won’t let
you put cream on them people can be very very sensitive at these time so don’t
take anything personally just go with whatever they’ll allow you to do so you
can just use the heel of your hand so just do some really gentle or firm
rubbing over the muscles just to start to relax the muscles off there is a
massive massive massive connection between stress (mental stress) and fear
and tension levels so if you can bring someone’s fear down and just by
rubbing their back and making them feel a little bit safe like they’re not on
their own that it is going to be okay just talk to them… that will
trigger a relaxation response in the brain that will also start to release
some muscle spasms last but not least and it’s not a joke…
give them a cup of tea or a drink that they really enjoy not coffee but a cup
of tea or something that will relax them it’s really really important to do
everything you can to make them feel secure to make them feel nurtured to
make them feel safe and to relax them and a cup of tea is the best way I know.
obviously you can’t get them to drink it so just get a straw, get a half a cup of
tea get a straw and just hold it up for them to drink it’s amazing the effect
the right nourishment will have on the relaxation of back muscles so the
majority of back spasms that you will come across the techniques that I’ve
shown you in this video will have a dramatic effect on reducing that spasms
however there are occasions where you may find that it doesn’t have any effect
at all an example of this is a home visit that I did recently to someone… I
walked in they were collapsed on the floor with a back spasm
I did all the techniques I’ve shown you and more osteopathic releases the
minute I tried to get her on her feet she went into complete spasm again
in that situation I realized that its most likely a disc bulge causing her
problems so I called her doctor and we got her some diazepam. diazepam
is an anti spasm medication which can only be prescribed by your GP so we gave
her the diazepam it takes a couple of hours to kick in and take effect and
then I did all these techniques then we were in business and we started to get
somewhere we had her scanned and she had three disc bulges so it’s only really in
those very very extreme situations that you may find these techniques not as
effective but like I said that’s the rare ones that you’ll come across more
likely it’s just a basic fundamental high level of muscle tension in the back
that will respond very well to these techniques

100 comments on “Help! My back is in spasm! What do I do?

  1. Laurie Carlson Post author

    Many of us don't have a partner to help us with this. I have a very rare neurological muscle disease called Stiff Person Syndrome that specifically causes muscles spasms, putting up to 6 tons of pressure onto our skeletal systems, thereby causing damage to discs, facet joints, and on and on. My partner is unwilling to touch me to help, he is so tired of this disease? HIM?? Ha!! I'm on my own through ALL of these. I'm hit daily, body-wide. There is a difference between localized muscle spasms and the spasms this disease causes. This disease causes body-wide spasms a person just cannot control without medication. I WISH something like this could work for me. I lost 100 lbs from swimming, as swimming is the only exercise I am able to do, with the support of the water against my body, it allows me to do in the pool what I can't do out of the pool. I DO have one disc that is herniated it has been pushed off to the right, I do get specific spasms in that area, and the only thing that will fix that is surgery. Sadly, due to the disease, it will take double the time for me to heal, and living in hospitals and rehab centers as they try to control the spasms the disease itself causes. I'm not willing to lose one year of my life living like that, at least not at this time. That will also be the beginning of surgery for me as each disc above the level of repair will need to be corrected as it wears down from repeated spasms and more wear. I just say if something doesn't seem right to you, go see a Neurologist like I had to I was so laid up in bed, and diagnosed with so many wrong diagnosis. None of them truly fit what I had. Good luck!

  2. Vera Buen Post author

    Greetings from Texas! Was browsing through YouTube videos searching Videos to treat Spasms. Because sometimes i get them & it causes me pain. So i will use Your Suggestions in Video helpful Video Thanks

  3. women's lower back rx Post author

    This is not my video, any ladies out there that would like a free back rub let me know women are free i have magic hands everyone i massaged said they felt like they had a new back you stay dressed only the lower back is exposed I'll prove myself on the first try you won't be disappointed it's up to you

  4. stevequinny Post author

    Twice I've used this video to get me out of trouble, the second time being today on Christmas Day morning (not the best timing!) my spasm luckily was not too serious but even so I could feel it becoming more gnarly as time ticked by. Instead of the hot water bottle I used a heat pack which is heated by putting in the microwave, I'd recommend one of these, it did the job brilliantly.

    Anyway thanks Coby for this excellent video, a bit of a lifesaver : )

  5. Asim Khan Post author

    Hi Sister,
    I had back spasms 3 days ago, I had one injections and I have taken medicines for last 3 days continuously, now I don’t have anymore pain, but little uncomfortable feelings are there, kindly tell me which excercise should I keep doing to avoid this happen again .

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    5-7 mins spasm stops! – don't rely on it daily (build up your back and neck muscles when you can) but this stops any muscle tares


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