Heat Or Ice For Back/Neck Pain? | Chiropractor Mechanicsville & Richmond VA

Hi, I’m dr. Dana Williamson and I’m a
chiropractor here in Mechanicsville Virginia and I’d like to talk to you
today about one of the most common mistakes people make when they self
treat their neck or back pain. I always ask people what they’ve tried before
they come in to see me for their back and neck pain and almost invariably
people say that they use heat because it feels good. Well, the problem with using
heat is that it’s one of the components of inflammation and if you increase any
one of the components of inflammation, like heat, then you’re going to increase
the other components of inflammation as well. Another component is pain, so if you want to make your problem worse use heat. Now, in order to counteract heat you want
to really use ice. Ice is like nature’s aspirin and what it does is it helps to
reduce inflammation and will help to reduce the pain and swelling that comes
along with injuries to your neck and your lower back. If you’d like any
more information about this or any other health condition please feel free to
email me. And if you’d like to receive our daily health updates in your email
box, you can let me know that as well. I hope this was helpful for you and
you feel well soon.

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