Headache Trigger Foods | What Food is Giving You Headaches

Headache Trigger Foods | What Food is Giving You Headaches

– We all get headaches from time to time, but I bet you’d be surprised
to learn how much the food you eat can be connected to the headache. Today I’m talkin’ about
headache trigger foods and how you can avoid them. But first, I wanna tell
you about a challenge that has proven to be a success for thousands of our clients, and is gonna change the way you think about the weight loss industry for good. Check it out after the video. Now, let’s get into what
food is giving you headaches. (calm music) Headaches can feel like
they come out of nowhere but they can be directly connected to what you’re feeding your body. So, everybody’s different
and it all depends on your sensitivity, and you
could have a sensitivity to a certain type of food, certainly, but across the board in all
the years I been doing this, pretty much everybody will get a headache from high sugar foods and
chemical processed crap foods. Even additives like MSG and
aspartame cause headaches and a whole range of health problems. Caffeine, alcohol consumption
is also linked to headaches, but I will tell you that if
you wake up with a headache, more than likely you are dehydrated. Also, if you get a headaches
in the middle of the day, you’re probably dehydrated. With the Code Red Lifestyle,
you’re eliminating most of these foods and
substances because they cause a whole slew of health
problems including headaches. As Code Red Rebels, we
focus on feeding your body real food without additives, added sugar, and an overload of crap carbs. When you’ve made the switch
to the Code Red Lifestyle, you’ll not only experience
weight loss, but your mood, and your energy levels, your cravings, and your overall health will dramatically change for the better. If you’re getting a lot of headaches and you aren’t sure why, I want to encourage you to
take a look at your plate and really analyze how
you’re fueling your body, because that just might be the culprit. Before you go, don’t forget to check out the Code Red 10 Pound Takedown challenge and start living the life
that you were meant to live with hope, healing, and energy. If you like this video
give me a thumbs up, and better yet, subscribe to this channel, that way you’re notified
when I release a new video. But I wanna hear from you. Comment below and tell me what foods cause you to
get a raging headache? I wanna hear. I’m sure your headache went away when you switched to Code Red, but let us know in the comment box and I’ll see you in the next video.

6 comments on “Headache Trigger Foods | What Food is Giving You Headaches

  1. Mary Anne Endeman Post author

    I used to wake up with a headache many mornings but since I've started living the Code Red Lifestyle that has gone away. I realize now that I was dehydrated, and all the crap food I was eating didn't help. It's so nice to wake up now to a new day and feel great!

  2. Colleen Johnson Post author

    I have had migraines since my early 20's. They didn't kick in until after I left home where we raised our own meats, had a huge garden and my Mom was/is an herbalist. The change to more processed foods was a big contributor as well as a switch to cow's milk items versus the goat's milk I had been raised on. I have been working on staying away from certain additives like nitrates/nitrites, msg, aspartame, saccharin, etc. and then trying to watch other things that might trigger it. I even had Daith rings put in, an inner ear piercing, trying to get them under control. The Daith rings really did help but I find that an even bigger help is keeping my food cleaner. I was introduced to Keto about a year and a half ago and that made a big difference in cutting out the sugars and most processed food. Cheeses are still an issue for me as I love them but think too much and some specific kinds are triggers. Working with my daughter-in-law on doing the next challenge and both of us getting our lives back. I know exercise isn't pushed but I find that I need to get to the gym or my ATS Dance class at least 4-5 times a week to help reduce stresses from work and family and that helps in reducing the headaches.


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