Hamstring Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Hamstring Stretches For Lower Back Pain

A lot of people have tight hamstrings
and sometimes those hamstrings can contribute to lower back pain. But then it
might hurt to stretch the hamstrings because of the lower back pain, so I’m
going to show you a safe way that you can get it all done. Hey I’m Dr. Sten
Ekberg with Wellness For Life and by subscribing to our channel you will
learn everything that you need to know to master true health. A lot of people
want to stretch their hamstrings but then when they sit down on the floor and
try to stretch them they find that their back hurts. So how can you stretch it
safely without aggravating anything? I’m going to show you something you can
do at home we’re going to talk about the hamstring muscles and show you how to do it. I’m gonna use a couple of boxes here and you could use a kitchen table or
anything that’s appropriate height for you you want to start kind of carefully
and then you can work your way up so a lot of people when they sit down and
they try to stretch then they’re back rounds out they put a lot of strain on
their lower back so you want to do the stretch standing up and let me show you
right here and by doing this now you’re maintaining your normal spinal curves
and then when you lean forward to stretch toward toward the leg you don’t
want to round your back out again you want to keep your chest up maintain your
lumbar curve and then carefully lean forward so it doesn’t look like I’m
stretching a whole lot here but it is a tremendous stretch actually I could
easily round out my back and reach the toe but this is less of a stretch on the
hamstring then this is now there’s two main hamstring groups one runs on the
inside from here up to the pelvis and one runs on the other side from the knee
up to the pelvis so by adjusting your hip position you can emphasize one more
or the so if I want to stretch the outside I’m
gonna turn my hip over toward that direction so I’m gonna close the hip
down and now when I stretch I stretch almost entirely on the outside if I want
to stretch the inside I open up the hip so that my foot is facing about 45
degrees out and now when I lean I’m stretching mostly on the inside so then
of course you want to alternate and do both sides equally you maintain your
posture you carefully lean forward and there you have a wonderful stretch now
step two you want to add a little bit more to this so instead of just holding
the stretch you want to add a contraction this is what’s called a PNF
or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation so now I’m gonna get into
my stretch I’m going to hold it for about ten seconds and then I’m gonna
push the heel down into the support so you’re not going to see any motion
because this is what’s called a static contraction but I’m starting to push
that heel down so there is a pretty strong contraction and I’m maintaining
it and you want to hold that for about ten maybe fifteen seconds then you relax
the muscle and then you lean another couple of inches and you hold that again
for 10-15 seconds so here’s a wonderful way that you can
get a tremendous efficient hamstring stretch and put absolutely no strain on
your low back so let me show you the stretch again straight from the side so
you can see exactly what it looks like and I’m going to start with the hips
facing forward turning the hips forward and then I’m stretching the lateral the
outside part of the hamstring the most and I am keeping my posture upright I’m
maintaining my arch in the back and then I’m leaning forward and the better you
keep that arch in the low back the more the stronger that stretch of the
hamstring is so even though it doesn’t look like much of a stretch I’m getting
a tremendous stretch here so again we would stretch for 10 push down for 10
relax for 10 and go a little further okay now let’s show with your other leg
okay upright lean forward and then if we’re going to do the inside
now I’m turning I’m opening up my hip so that I’m getting a 90 45 to 90 degree
angle on that foot and now you can even stretch sideways like this if you like
and now we’re getting a only a stretch on the inside you could turn a 45 degree
and go a little bit in between and you can do all the angles in between then
you’re really getting to every portion of that hamstring muscle it’s a
perfectly safe stretch even if you have low back pain because you’re taking the
low back out of it completely let me know how that works for you I’d love to
hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions don’t forget to leave
comments down below and hit that subscribe button so we can keep this
material coming your way thanks so much for today

6 comments on “Hamstring Stretches For Lower Back Pain

  1. Dr. Sten Ekberg Post author

    Test to see if you have tight hamstrings: Stand up then bend down to touch your toes. Did you feel a tightness on the top back of your legs? Then you have tight hamstrings and you need to do this stretch.

  2. Susan Brownell Post author

    Thank you for the great video. My father needs to watch this video, but I am going to do them too for prevention.


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