Hairline Saving Ponytail Hack! No more Thinning or Balding

Hairline Saving Ponytail Hack! No more Thinning or Balding

– Today’s ponytail brought to you by ’90s cheerleader Barbie. Hey everyone, Kayley here. Today I have a hair hack that
will help save your hairline from your ponytail because
ponytail’s put a ton of stress on your hairline, which can
cause it to thin or even bald. So I thought I would show
you guys this quick hack, it just takes one extra hair elastic and like 30 more seconds and
it solves the whole problem, your hairline can stay
and so can your ponytails. So let’s get started. Okay so this starts out
like a normal ponytail day. You just brush your hair into a ponytail wherever the heck you want to. (upbeat instrumental music) Now here’s where the hack comes in. You’re actually going to remove the hair around your hairline from this ponytail. So I’m gonna take my pinky finger and I’m gonna slide it starting here about an inch to a few
inches behind my hairline and then bring all that hair forward. (upbeat instrumental music) So now that you have
your hairline left out, you’re gonna secure everything
else with an elastic. This is gonna be kind
of our base ponytail. So now you have your base
ponytail and all you have to do to finish this is bring your
front hair back to meet it and secure it all together. The reason that this all works
is because this ponytail, which is holding the
majority of your hair, is supported by the hair in your crown. So when you pull the front hair back, no tension on it whatsoever. That way you keep it nice and
safe, no thinning, no balding. So all we’re gonna do
is just sweep it back. Once you have everything arranged
the way that you want it, just take one more hair elastic and secure everything together. (upbeat instrumental music) At this point you should
be just about done but if you feel any tension
whatsoever on your hairline, just go through and gently loosen it up. Because this hair is not
supporting the ponytail at all, you can make it as loose as you want. This should feel so soothing
compared to a normal ponytail. It should be night and day different. And at this point, I’m just gonna wrap a little
hair around the elastic and I’m gonna finish it
off with this accessory. This is by Jen Atkin for Chloe
& Isabel and I am obsessed. It’s likes all my ’90s dream come true. I feel like some of you
guys might like this and some of you might not,
but I am fully on board. I have two final tips. First one is make sure whenever
you part your hair forward, do that in a different place every time. That way you’re not wearing away at like one part of your hair. If you always switch it up, it
kinda equalizes the tension. But tip number two is always
change up your hairstyle. The number one danger to your
hair is always wearing it in the same hairstyle because
you wear at the same areas of your scalp and your hair
over and over and over again, which can cause breakage and thinning. None of us want that. So I’ll give you guys some
videos in the description box with hairstyles that you can mix into your high ponytail
days to keep your hair as healthy as possible. And that’s it, be sure to
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for more hair tutorials for every day. If you’re excited for
more hairstyle tutorials, I will have a great one up next Saturday. I’m excited to show it to you guys, so be sure to check back then
for the next hair tutorial. I’ll see you then, mwah! Bye. (upbeat instrumental music)

100 comments on “Hairline Saving Ponytail Hack! No more Thinning or Balding

  1. M R Post author

    What is the highlighter you have used in this video.. Can you please tell me?? It is looking very beautiful.

  2. cecelia rose Post author

    is it just me or did u already do it?
    i have curly/coily hair and i always do this cuz im scared of losing my hair its like my best feature lol

  3. Rosanne x Post author

    listen , i wear my hair in a pony tail (tight ons) every day ? its cause i have alot of those flakes in my hair and thats really visible when my hair is loose. So like i wnana wear my hair loose but if i do everyone will see it ?

  4. beLIEve uwu Post author

    Jojo siwa entered the chat with her gigantic JoJo bow on her bald fucking head thank you and good night

  5. Elena Roberts Post author

    My hair is thin and it’s naturally thinner on the sides of my hairline on the forehead AND I’m blonde so I look bald no ponytail is gonna help me?

  6. Helane Ruslan Post author

    I needed this because my hairline receded a little bit from wearing a military bun almost every single day in the Air Force

  7. ✿ Unpredictable ✿ ✅ Post author

    I'm trying it right now!!!!!

    Edit: It worked!!! But It took me almost 15 minutes. Guess, I need more practice ?

  8. jamba jackson Post author

    Love the ponytail except i use scrungies i don't like hair ties. I also like it down tucked perfectly behind both ears with a sleek middle part and ill wear hoop earings. I do this a lot. Do u like that hair style its simple and classy

  9. sʜᴀʀᴘɪᴇ ᴛᴀᴋᴇs ᴛʜɪs ᴀs ᴀ ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴛ Post author

    YouTube I don't put my hair up why are you recommending me this (yes I'm a girl with longish hair)

  10. contagiouscuteness Post author

    i am very prone to headaches (sometimes from ponytails, mostly from my shit eye muscles) but i use scrunchies to hold my hair bc it’s cute but furthermore it doesn’t hold my hair too tight. i also wear ponytails almost every day but they aren’t tight

  11. Ciara1211 Post author

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.
    I tend to wear my hair in a high ponytail or bun every day, and now my head is always sore at the spot I wear it. Any tips besides switching/moving it ?

  12. Anisha Rahman Post author

    The most helpful hair hack video, this was for me till date. Thank you 90'sbarbiegirl. ? you've saved a lot of lives.

  13. kay kay Post author

    The elastic ponytail defeats the whole purpose. I can't do a ponytail at all because it pulls and hurts like hell!

  14. Erzs Bathory Post author

    Ok but I DO wanna lose some hair because my forehead is a twohead, it's so small and it makes me feel ugly af.


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