Good Posture While Sitting at a Desk – Yoga For Office People

Good Posture While Sitting at a Desk  – Yoga For Office People

hey guys what’s up my name is Dean
welcome to man flow yoga today I’m going to show you how to sit in a chair so I’m
dressed up like this because I want to show you that you can do this even if
you’re wearing business casual so sitting in a chair is something that we
do all the time but we don’t really pay attention to it so all it really takes
is thinking about sitting down as a squat instead of sitting down like we
normally would and we want to think of keeping this line from the waist to the
sternum engaged and intact throughout the entire process feet are facing
straight forward so not facing out like this but we want to have our feet facing
straight forward we’re gonna bend the knees just a little bit we’re gonna keep
this line from the from the waist to the sternum and then work on slowly sitting
down keeping the chest upright and almost hitting the chair by surprise now
from here I’m gonna work on keeping my thighs slightly active legs lightly
squeezing toward one another gluts slightly engaged so I stay slightly that
doesn’t mean you have to squeeze squeeze your glutes as hard as you possibly can
just being squeezing them just a little bit lightly squeezing your thighs toward
one another pushing down through your feet and standing up or rather sitting
up tall with good posture you should feel some core engagement here you want
to think getting as tall as you can in the chair without actually standing up
you can also turn your palms face forward if you want that will help open
your chest and then from there you can do whatever you want with your hands but
that initial turning the palms to face forward with your arms at your sides
helps to open your chest helps to give you proper shoulder positioning and this
is it so this is how we’re going to sit in a chair now I recognize that you’re
not going to be able to hold this position for very long because you’re
not gonna have the focus to be able to do it so the way that you work on this
is simply by noticing that you don’t have perfect posture and fixing it so
that’s it so there isn’t any trick to it it’s just becoming more mindful and
practicing it so whenever u s– notice oh I’m leaning forward right now all
you’re going to do is give yourself that little
say ooh leaning forward sit up straight bring your hands if you need to from
sternum to waist sit up tall get the core active once
more and then your back and then a few minutes later inevitably you’re probably
going to lean off to one side or lean forward or get back over your keyboard
and you just go back to posture you just think oh let me sit upright again and
that’s it so you’re just gonna work on practicing good posture just always
coming back to it being mindful of it being more and more mindful of it to the
point that you don’t have to think about it and that’s how you develop good
posture habit so thanks for joining me today again I’m making this video
because it’s so important that we work that were mindful about our movement and
if you’re active and you like working out and you want to get better at it you
can’t just be mindful about your movement when you are working out that
one hour per day is not going to offset you sitting at a desk for eight hours a
day so we need to move off and we need to have good posture while we’re sitting
and we also need to be able to apply some of those good movement patterns
that we do either when we’re doing yoga when we’re doing running or whatever it
is that we’re doing active we need to be able to apply those principles to our
seated position so we’ve been here right we’ve got the legs active we’ve got the
toes the feet active the core is active the spine is active so I’m working on
lifting my chest up getting my top of my head toward the ceiling I’m actively
working on opening up my chest by having good posture pulling the shoulder blades
down and back so again it’s a practice and yeah that’s what I’ve got for you
today thanks for being part of this if you are not already following on
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video you

7 comments on “Good Posture While Sitting at a Desk – Yoga For Office People

  1. JonWes N'Stereo Post author

    Halfway through the video I realized I'd corrected my posture more than 4 times. Guess I have some work to do. thx

  2. ThinkVitality Post author

    Good, straight forward advice! I like the idea of using the squat movement to find the right position for sitting. Great work!

  3. Michael McGill-Davis Post author

    Awesome video, this would work out great for people that are meditating in chairs as well, thanks


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