Gluteus Maximus (Glute) Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Gluteus Maximus (Glute) Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and Bear, and
today we’re going to show you some stretches and exercises for a glute strain.
So we’re going to start out with the stretches, and then we’ll go into
some exercises lying down, and then at the end we’ll do some harder ones
standing up. You ready? Let’s do it. Let’s do it. The first stretch is gonna be a
single knee the chest stretch. Bend up both knees, and then pull up the one that
you want to stretch. Grab underneath your thigh here. Some people like to grab on
top of the knee and pull up which is fine, but if you haven’t have any knee
issues, this is a much better way to do it. So just pull your knee towards your
chest as far as you comfortably can, and you should feel a stretch here in your
glute muscles. So hold that stretch for about thirty seconds, and after you get
that stretch on that side, I would stretch both sides you give a little
break to that side, and then come up and stretch this side as well just to kind
of keep things even, and if you’ve been working one side compensating, it’s gonna
be a little sore as well even if it’s not the injured side. So thirty seconds
doing three on each side, just pulling up towards you. If you don’t have any knee
issues, some people like this a little bit better because you can get a little
bit more of a stretch. The next one is going to be a glute stretch in the
figure four position, but sitting up, so you can do it lying down, but this one
gets the gluts a little bit better. So take the side that you want to stretch
and cross the ankle just above the knee here so you make that figure four
position. Bring the heel up a little bit that’ll get a little pull, and then lean
forward into the leg and you should feel that stretch right through there. So
again holding that stretch for about 30 seconds and then relaxing. If you’re just
gonna do one side give yourself about a 10 second break in between, but I really
like if you have time to stretch both sides because everything is connected
there, so stretching 30 seconds on each side three times. Then you’re going to
come down and roll over on you’re stomach. Now you’re gonna start
some of those exercises, so this one is pretty simple and it’s kind of silly you
might not want to do it around other people, but it’s just a glute squeeze, and
so basically you’re just squeezing your booty muscles together. Hold that for
about three to five seconds and then relax. You can do it sitting in a chair,
you can do it actually lying on your back, it’s just easier for you to see
what I’m doing if you’re rolled over onto your stomach, and then you have a
little bit more movement in those booty muscles. So it gets squeezing nice and
tight kinda like if you have to go to the bathroom and you’re trying to hold
it three to five seconds, and then relax. So do that about ten times, you should
really feel them squeezing it together if you have a strain in those glutes it
might be uncomfortable, so just squeeze as much as you comfortably can, but you
don’t want it to be painful while you’re doing it. You might want to have some
tension in there and slightly uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be just
plain painful while you’re doing it, and then once you can hold it for about
three to five seconds pretty easily, then you can start holding it a little bit
longer, holding it for ten seconds and then doing five of those. After you get
all of those done, then you’re going to kind of relax down make sure your head
is supported, I’m going to bring it up just so I can talk to you, but while
you’re doing it you want to be nice and relaxed, and so sometimes if you take the
pillow and just place your forehead on it so you have room here to breathe,
that’s the most comfortable way to do it. You can do it propped up on your elbows
as well, but if you have some back issues, this is a little uncomfortable for
people, so make sure you get the upper part of your body nice and relaxed so
you can focus on your legs. So getting those booty muscles going, you’re going
to tighten up the leg that you want to exercise, so lock it out try and keep
that knee as straight as you can. If you pull up your toes, that will help and
then you’re just gonna lift that leg. It doesn’t have to be high and then slowly
come back down, but you don’t want to roll those hips
when you come up, so you don’t want to do this because that’s taking out the glute
work, so just keep it nice and straight a little lift, and come back down. So just start off with about ten of these, you can work
your way up to 15, 20, 25, if you get to 25 and they’re pretty easy, you can add a
small ankle weight on there. Then the next one is in the same position, but
this time you’re going to bend at your knee, and then the bottom of your foot is
going to point up towards the ceiling, and so this time you’re just going to
raise your thigh off the ground. Same thing with this, you don’t want to roll
your hips to get your leg up so it doesn’t have to go high, you really want
to keep those hips down on the floor and just lift that leg up as high as you
comfortably can, and that’s going to activate those glute muscles. So again
just start off with about ten. If you get up to that twenty, twenty-five and it’s
really easy, you’re not super sore the next day, then you can start adding some
small ankle weights to it. Again if you can, I do both sides, but if you’re in a
hurry you don’t have to. So now the final exercises are gonna be standing up. The
next set of exercises are gonna be a four way hip standing, so if you have a
little bit of balance issues make sure you’re holding on to something like a
chair or a countertop. With these exercises, you definitely want to do both
sides because when you’re standing on one side you’re doing stability type
stuff, and then you’re moving the other side doing dynamic type stuff, so you
want to alternate back and forth because if I’m working my left leg, if that’s
where the strain is, I’m doing movement this way. And then I’m switching and now
I’m stabilizing, so you’re working both sides both ways on each side, so make
sure you do both for this one. Keep your leg nice and straight, pull your toes up
that helps lock that leg out, and keep your upper body nice and straight. So try
not to lean when you’re doing these. You want your upper body to basically not
move at all, so again if you need something to hold on to that’s fine,
but once you get to the point where you’re not holding on, you really need to
be doing the move because that’s going to help strengthen
that area there. So toes up, leg locked out, doesn’t have to be a big kick, but
you’re just gonna kick forward and then a little bit to the back. So it’s gonna
be this way and then a little bit of kick that way. So make sure you’re
not leaning forward when you’re kicking back, this part pretty much stays in one
spot just kicking back and forth. So again start off with about ten and then
switch sides, so now my glute muscles have to stabilize so I don’t fall over,
so it’s working the muscles differently, but it’s working both sides.
So keeping that leg nice and straight, doesn’t have to be a big kick, going
front to back. Whew! Then you’re gonna do a side to side kick. Same thing, you want to
pull up your toes to lock out that leg, but try and keep your toes forward the
whole time. A lot of times people want to kick out this way, but that changes the
muscles that you’re moving, so try and keep your toes forward, and when you go
out almost lead with your heel and then come back across your body. So see if
you’re a little bit off balance, make sure you hold on to something and then
kick, and then come back across, but still try and keep the upper body, oh, pretty
stable, and then going back and forth starting off with ten on one side, then
switching. So now this side has to stabilize and kicking out and across if
these get easy doing 20, 25 and it’s no problem, you can add a little ankle
weight. And so the last exercise is probably the hardest one it works the
glutes the most, so you probably don’t want to start off doing this, this is
something that you want to gradually build up to, and then when it doesn’t
hurt anymore, you’re not having any pain this helps strengthen those glute
muscles, and it’s just a simple lunge. So put it in the front, put it in the back,
try and keep your toes in a forward position,
and when you go down try not to let that knee go in front of your toes. So you’re
really just going in a downward position. So straight down, and then back up. You
don’t have to go all the way to the floor, but eventually you want to get
pretty close, so if you need a little box or something under there as a target, you
can use that, but you don’t have to, you can just start here and do a little one
and then eventually go all the way down to where you’re just tapping the floor
very lightly. And again do about ten or so, switch sides,
keep those feet forward, you don’t want that foot out in the back you want it
forward, and then you’re just going down and just working those glutes. Come here, good boy. Sit down. Good boy. Yep, come on back. That’s good, that’s good. So there you have it, those are your stretches and exercises for a glute strain in case you
hurt that booty. If you have any questions, leave in the comment section. If you’d like to
help support our channel click up here, and don’t forget to subscribe by
clicking down here. And remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

34 comments on “Gluteus Maximus (Glute) Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Mike Tython Post author

    I tore something in my glute. I heard a loud pop and it’s been two weeks. Made progress but still hurts to sit. Is there a way to gauge how severe the injury is by the rate of healing? Awesome video by the way.

  2. lydia0305_2154 Post author

    Thanks for the video. I hurt my hip two days ago and I went to a physio session today. She did some massage and comment that was gluteus muscular strain. Before I went there it was not that painful, it only comes suddenly and then go down to the leg. I barely feel it while sitting or any other position. After I came home, my hip becomes very painful even I just lie down in my bed. In this case, can I do any stretch or exercise from this video? Thank you!

  3. Carl Buchanan Post author

    Hello Doctor. . I was doing side leg raises …my right glute went well but my left feels like it's on fire..Like burning…I could even feel it in my hip…should I continue doing the exercise?

  4. Mystik Official Post author

    I was running at school and my muscle pulled and I couldn't walk because it hurt too bad and now it still hurts and I cant squat low will this help?

  5. Ankita Mukherjee Post author

    I think I have my glute muscles pulled. I cannot sit, walk, bend. It's been more than a week and the doctor prescriptions aren't helping. will this benefit? I apply ice packs everyday but again, it's not showing difference

  6. jtcber Post author

    Hi Dr. Can you figure out what damage I did? I was pushing a big heavy box forward on the floor. Suddenly I heard/feel a pop on the left butt. I felt a bit of pain after. It has been 5 days now. I can walk but with some pain. Have a hard time standing up from a sitted position.

  7. michael curatola Post author

    How soon after a glute strain can I start these? Tried these today. The movement of swinging my leg side to side while standing hurt to where I didn’t want to go past center crossing my left leg.

  8. Wai some Unbound Post author

    I strain my right glute while doing a sumo deadlift and I an snapping sensation followed by an instant sharp pain it has almost been 2 months and the recovery is really how long until I can ecxercise with no pain again?

  9. KuN0 Roberts Post author

    Hey doc, I’m truly at my wits end here. The problem is my right glute can easily active and grow but my left glute max can never seem to activate. Every time I try activating it the side of my glute takes over. I can activate my side muscle but not the main inner glute. My right glute is bigger than my left glute which is really bothering me because I can’t make any more progress until I fix my left glute. Any advice please?

  10. SusanFolorunso Post author

    There a pain in my glutes but it runs down my hamstring but some stretches for hamsting tightness doesn't work but some do same with the glute stretches so some do some don't I wanna know what I can do to help it

  11. Graham W Post author

    Thank you for this video. I'm a powerlifter and I have struggled for about a year with intense glute pain in the 90% deadlift range. It's very frustrating and demoralizing. I just did your routine today and will continue. Hopefully we can get this to go away.

  12. Beata Calvy Post author

    My doctor says I have glute adhesions. I have been watching videos about how to stretch the sciatic nerve because I have pain shooting down the side of my left leg. This might be a better set of exercises. What do you think?

  13. blixasice Post author

    Are the glute medius and quad muscles connected? My quad has been cramped for months and my glute on same leg is sore. If hold the glute while walking, my quad feels normal again.

  14. bigjro010 Post author

    Thanks for this video.
    I squeezed my glutes until I felt a stretch (like a crack).
    It felt satisfying but it still got me worried.

  15. Steve Szejna Post author

    Can tight and/or weak glutes cause back and leg pain & stiffness? My back and legs feel a lot better after doing these stretches, exercises, and using a massage ball on my glutes.


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