Get the Smile You Want!

Get the Smile You Want!

(upbeat music)
(audience applauds) – A recent study indicated that more than one
third of American adults are unhappy with having crooked teeth. It can be difficult at any age. Take a look. (upbeat music)
– My name’s Morgan. I’m 16 years old, and I had a snaggletooth
that made me embarrassed, but my mom said we couldn’t afford braces. – Morgan would rarely smile. I felt so bad because his twin brother, we were able to fix his teeth
when the boys were little. Money’s tight now, I’m a single mom. But when I found an affordable option, I gave Morgan the choice, Driver’s Ed or getting his teeth fixed. – It was an easy decision, I was even willing to spend
my own summer job money to get it done. – Well, Morgan and his
mom, Jen, join us today as well as dentist Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer. Welcome. – Thank you.
(audience applauds) – Alright. Morgan, you have a beautiful smile! You can’t keep your mouth shut, can you? (all laugh)
– No. – So, how do you feel now? – I feel so happy with the results, and I’m grateful for my
mom doing this for me. (audience applauds)
– Well, you’re lucky to have a mom. Jen, as the super mom that you are, how does it feel to see your son, Morgan, so happy and smiling? – Well, he does have a twin brother. And, like I said, it’s nice to not have just one smiling boy,
but two smiling boys. (audience applauds)
– There you go. Well, Dr. Sulitzer,
crooked or misaligned teeth can make us self-conscious, but can also affect our health. Can you tell us about that? – Sure. Crooked teeth can cause
generalized head and neck pain, chronic headaches, and it can also affect your digestion, and even affect your speech. – Yeah, it can also be hard to clean in between crooked teeth. This may lead to tooth
decay and gum disease. So, for a healthy mouth, we know you need to brush
your teeth twice a day, make sure you floss, and eat a nutritious diet. Now, let’s talk about why you may have crooked teeth. Baby teeth and permanent
teeth may come in crooked just to a lack of gum space. Genetics may also play a role in this. Injuries causing baby
teeth to fall out too soon are also a factor. Other things that can
cause your teeth to shift are sucking your thumb, a pacifier, or tongue thrusting, so can having an over or under-bite. Braces and oral surgery
can fix misaligned teeth. So tell us what happened with Morgan and his particular case. – I am the Chief Clinical
Officer at SmileDirectClub, and we created an innovative, new way for our patients to improve their smile. And Morgan used our clear
aligner therapy system to create his smile. So tell us exactly how that works. There are two ways you can
begin the smile journey. The first is to go online, and book a free appointment at one of our smile shop locations to obtain a 3D image of your smile. And the second, is to go to (air whooshes)
and order an impression kit. And then after that, all the clinical data is gathered, and a state licensed
dentist or orthodontist located in the state where you reside will create an
individualized treatment plan perfectly designed for you to get that smile you always dreamed of. The doctors prescribe,
manage, and direct the care from the very beginning to the very end. – So, Morgan, what was the
experience like for you in having that beautiful smile created? – It was simple and easy. And it was nice not having to go in for office visits. It was awesome. – So, Jen, what did
Morgan have to do exactly? – He had to follow the
directions provided by the doctor on wearing the aligners. And then we went online to check in on his progress regularly. – Dr. Sulitzer, it looks like
Morgan was a success story. – Yes he is. And SmileDirectClub’s network
of state licensed dentists and orthodontists have
treated over 750,000 patients just like Morgan.
(audience applauds) Yes, it’s great. What’s even better is that because they utilize
the direct to consumer teledentistry platform
that we have available, it costs 60% less than
the traditional setting. – So, Doctor, how long
does a process take? – Well the average treatment
plan is approximately six months to address mild to
moderate spacing and crowding. And, Morgan, because
we want you to be safe, we’re sending you to Drivers Ed. – Yeah! (audience applauds)
– Thank you so much. – So everyone here can
also smile brighter. We’re sending our studio
audience home today with this oral care kit and $100 off the aligner kit. (audience applauds) Dr. Sulitzer, thanks so much. – Thank you. – Morgan, you keep on smiling. And Jen, keep being that
super mom that you are.

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    The Doctors admit that its a health hazard and yet no insurance covers Orthodontic treatment for adults or if they do its minimal. People with more complex cases really have a hard time affording any treatment.


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